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sheyket off
  • Hades Off
    "Utwór "Off” pochodzi z płyty Hadesa ”COMBO”. Wydawnictwo trafi do sklepów 14 listopada 2019 roku."
  • The Bates Off
    "Come on leave me alone now come on set me free Ive got more than enough now why dont you understand me Why dont you leave me alone now I aint got no time Ive got no time to waste Offsure it would be a"
  • Rasmentalism OFF
    "Problemy off, ciuchy off, otwieram butle, zamykam tydzień Telefon off, domofon off, nie ma opcji, że się zawinę OCB, Ciebie zawinę, wypuszczę cie nie wiem za ile Powiedziałbym Ci jak skończy się noc, ale"
  • Reel Big Fish Off
    "Well first of all I'd like to say f**k off (f**k off) If you don't get it why don't you go shove your head back up your ass And don't waste my time, I don't need your opinion No-oh oh oh oh Chorus Cause"
  • Asp Off
    "ber den Ruinen tanzt ein Licht Ein letztes Flimmern ber mir die Steine Schicht um Schicht Ein Meer von Trmmern Zwischen Schutt und Splitterglas Dort wchst das Gras, das schwankt und das Im Abendhauch"
  • Asp Off
    "Komm zu mir ein allerletztes Mal Lass dich berhren Im Fenster dort, die Kerze als Signal Sie wird dich fhren Es geht immer hinein, im schwachen Schein Nur du allein kennst schon manche Wege Doch bitte"
  • Big Business Off Off Broadway
    "Keeping it down on its way This is a one horse town Don't make a job of this feeling Down, on its way Might as well plant it's all gone to seed Wait 'til tomorrow it's grown into weeds Might as well"
  • Foxy Get Off
    "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Yeah Get off Music may ease and end all discretion So we can get off We keep under the sheets with two lovelys So we can get off Said"
  • BoA Dress Off
    "Boy just looking at you Boy I know what you want to do Boy but you can't until the night is through Why don't you whisper it to me me me me How you wanna get freaky ky ky ky And we can get down down down But"
  • Henry Fiat's Open Sore Fuck Off
    "I'm gonna tell you things that I don't like I don't like people and not animals And ugly mums who's dressed like shit Really really f**k me off so F**k off f**k off f**k off f**k off I don't want"
  • Bjork Sod Off
    "I know I've been tolerant 'til now, But here comes a warning, There's a very clear line that i'm drawing, And if you cross it. Sod off Sod off If you think I'll let you pull me down to Your third-class"
  • Jordy Pissed Off
    "Girls? Hey, no problem They're all crazy 'bout me They're all crazy 'bout me Yeah, that's right, yeah Yeah, that's right, yeah They're all crazy 'bout me What's the matter with you? You're pissed off,"
  • Nick Cave Blast Off
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Blast Off This time it's the truth this time nothings goinna fall on through these books are broken up Blast off! Wham! bam! Right off the shelf Right off the shelf Blast off! This"
  • Sugarcult Sign Off
    "Wake up all alone Sending postcards back to home On the road If the medication works Could I be the way I was? In control You painted a picture I'm the worst type of sinner You know You painted a picture Happier"
  • Sugarcult Sing off
    "Wake up all alone sending postcards back to home. on the road if the medication works could i be the way i was? in control you painted a picture im the worst type of sinner. you know you painted a picture happier"
  • Robbie Williams Rocks Off
    "Dealers keep dealin' Thieves keep thievin' Whores keep whorin' Junkies keep scorin' Trade is on the meat rack Strip joints full of hunchbacks Bitches keep bitchin' Clap keeps itchin' Ain't no use in prayin' That's"
  • Nina Sky Clothes Off
    "(feat. Daytona) Yea It's Daytona (Daytona) And Nina Sky (Nina Sky) So take ya clothes off Ill show you why Now If you throw em off in the club (throw em off in the club) Take ya clothes off in the club (clothes"
  • Korn Getting Off
    "Look it buried yourself (go with it) Is it turning you on? (go with it) I'll be sitting right here (go with it) When the time is right (I'll stick it) Licking your own skin, so trippy Squeezing your own"
  • Nick Cave Blast off
    "This time it's the truth this time nothings goinna fall on through these books are broken up Blast off! Wham! bam! Right off the shelf Right off the shelf Blast off! This is it- the last one This ine's"
  • Fiddler's Green Bugger Off
    "Bugger off you bastards bugger off FUCK YOU! Bugger off you bastards bugger off Like a herd of bloody swine who refuse to leave the trough You'll get no more this evening so you bastards bugger off You've"

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