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shining diamond

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shining diamond

  • Diamond - Julian Austin
    "he's been playing these small town bars forever and a day it ain't no nine to five livin' but it keeps the bills paid his love for what he does keeps him going living for the people at his shows but he"
  • The Diamond - My Brightest Diamond
    "you are the brightest diamond i can see you shining for miles and miles and miles and miles everybody heres wearing long faces but you and mary wants to hold your face and kiss you for her birthday are"
  • Shining Star - Super Junior
    "ALL/RYEOWOOK Shining Star! like a little diamond, makes me love Naegen kkoomgyeolgateun dalkomhan misoro nal barabomyeo soksagyeojweo ALL/KYUHYUN Hangsang hamkke halgeora till the end of time EUNHYUK Oh!"
  • Shining star - Pierre
    "Baby...I aint no casanova girl...I aint no ballerI dont have moneyI dont have no diamond ringsor anything for youAll I can say is thatI just sing for you babeCommon common girlChours:Baby you areLike a"
  • Desert Diamond - Alcatrazz
    "Alcatrazz Disturbing The Peace Desert Diamond Lie in Egyptian sands, Ethiopian overlord Royal mountains stand Guardian of the Kings Sleep in your dusty sea Silent shining desert diamond, sleep eternally. Eyes"
  • Oriental Diamond - Puffy AmiYumi
    "We are We are ()()()() Beauty Hong Kong Blue ? Boo? We are We are ? SPARKLINGFLYING ? SPARKLINGFLYING ==Romaji== We are sansuu kazoe te funky We are chai nizu wine noma sete"
  • Shes A Diamond - Opal
    "there's a diamond in her eye it's a shining up above and the moon in the sky says you won't tell her why we're gamblers we'll tell you lies she'll take a tumble and never lose and in the morning"
  • Shining - Dee Dee
    "Some people tell me I'm a player But I don't play when it comes true Ain't no doubt about that baby Guess I'm fall in love with you I'll be a shelter from the storm I'll be a blanket to keep you warm You"
  • Shining - Steel Pulse
    "Night time is growing old New breezes kinda cool So raise up raise up This could be your time yeah yeah yeah Raise up you head Raise up and live A new day again right on time So open your eyes Lift up"
  • Shining - Phil Wickham
    "You guide me through the dark You calm my fearful heart I will rest in You You give me perfect peace You fill my deepest need I will rest in You God, shining like the sun Let Your kingdom come I want"
  • Shining - Crystal Kay
    "illumination movie your dreams * my shining day heartbeat to your love shining day ...for you * repeat {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== "
  • Shining - Vanessa S.
    "Shining like the rainbow in the sky like the stars just coming out at night shin so bright flying like an angel so in high like a summerwind on the summernight How was so many times since secure did I"
  • Shining - EMF
    "I met you on a rollercoaster Drive by shooting In a big black roadster - It felt so good We danced in clubs In ballroom gowns Lined them up and all fell down - It felt so good We played our cards for the"
  • Shining - Misfits
    "Control the urge to spit up vile worms... soul Monsters seduced by her attention Try draining the infection Locked in a world of bile soaked skin... Heaven Monsters seduced by her attention She's draining"
  • Shining - Crematory
    "You are so fixed with yourself That you can't behold your life passing you by Wake up brisk before you vanity breaks you Open your eyes while you still can When you need me - just before the memory you Hear"
  • Shining - Amorphis
    "My soul is bleeding I feel so small Afraid that this will never end I can't understand the pain in my bones I sleep through another trance Climb over the rainbow From here you can see so much I need someone"
  • Shining ! - Chieko Kawabe
    "Someday Good day Lets Have a Party konna fuu ni samui yoru wa tomodachi doushi koe kakete PARTY NIGHT shiroi iki kuridasu machi furitsumoru hanashi de shin made attamarou Good day YES I Will be There dakara"
  • Shining - BeForU
    "Daijina nanika Wakatta ano Sunny Day! Honto no yasashisa tanoshisa oboeteta hi Days nani yori mo muchuu ni natteta jikan nante dou datte Yokutte tooi hibi ga natsukashii Mou saikouchou ni tanoshikute kienai"
  • Diamond In The Rough - Shawn Colvin
    "Shawn Colvin - John Leventhal As a little girl I came down to the water With a little stone in my hand It would shimmer and sing And we knew everything As a little girl I came down But in a little while"
  • Diamond - Pushmonkey
    "I will be different this time I won't save any part of you One dishonor I can deliver I ate up a diamond I changed me for the better But I'm an elevator watch you wonder will I deliver I ate up a diamond I"

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