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shontelle imposible

  • Impossible (Shontelle cover) - Exit Eden
    "I remember years ago Someone told me I should take Caution when it comes to love I did, I did You were strong and I was not My illusion, my mistake I was careless, I forgot I did And now all is done There"
  • Amor Imposible - Los Acosta
    "Adios, para siempre amor para ya no volver mujer de mi alma y mi ser te deceo en tu vida lo mejor. Debo decirte adios no te guardo reincor tu haz sido imposible para mi se feliz y que encuentres"
  • Amor Imposible - Camela
    "Nunca dejas de seguirle para estar mirando, l ya no te quiere tenemos que marcharnos. Espera Sólo un momento por favor, Quisiera Hablar con l de nuestro amor. Sabes que no quiere hablar, Que ya no hay"
  • Bello imposible - Alejandra Guzman
    "Bello; bello imposiblecon esos ojos negros tan meridionalesbello; bello invenciblecon esa boca peligrosa de besarseDesconozco que razones pueden explicarporque no quiero ya salvarme de la libertaduna fuerza"
  • Mision imposible - Limp Bizkit
    "All attention in the world todayAll the little girls fillin up the world todayWhen good comes to bad the bad comes to goodBut im gonna live a life like I shouldNow all the critics wanna hit itShit can"
  • Imposible (ft. Ozuna) - Luis Fonsi
    "eso que te falta cuando esta con el wue te mire y que te haga sentir mujer no te mientas que el nunca te hara el amor como yo, como yo guarda tu secreto aqui en el Corazon cuando mi boca se perdio en"
  • Nada Es Imposible - Ricky Martin
    "Es tarde ya Pero da igual La noche es fria Las manos ni las sentia Quietos los dos Callandonos Las horas que pasarian O puede que fueran dias No hay violines pero estas tu No hay parolas pero esta"
  • Eres Imposible De Olvidar - Banda Cuisillos
    "que dificil es estar sin ti , cada dia es una eternidad que dificil es vivir sin ti , como duele esta soledad nunca imagine la noche sin tu amor quedarme sin todo lo que ame que dificil eres de olvidar"
  • Shoe And Tell - Shontelle
    "Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh. Baby, show and tell Gladly, baby make me Show and tell it to you. Shontelle! I dance so meticoulous I know that you're jealous Be not, be hot, Like me, like shontelle. On the pretty"
  • Focus Pon Me - Shontelle
    "I've been looking at you wondering if you even got What it takes inna no you take me easy Left right, left right, left right, focus pon me Left right, left right, left right, focus pon me From the most"
  • Drop The Needle - Shontelle
    "Worldwide, hear what me bring Selecta inside, turn up the ting Make we feel all right You have the key so give it to we And make we get hype well All night take it to dem And blaze it up right Show what"
  • Roll - Shontelle
    "(feat. Rihanna & J-Status) Roll, roll it girl, roll it girl Roll, control it girl, roll it girl De way me wine and me rock and me dip so Look 'ow me dance to reggae and calypso Nuff style me ah 'ave Ah"
  • Stuck With Each Other - Shontelle feat Akon
    "Shontelle You can, think you can get free You think you won't need me That you're gonna get you somethin' better, But you know that we're in this forever, And you can, think you can walk out Even with"
  • T-Shirt - Shontelle
    "Trying to decide, trying to decide if I, really wanna go out tonight. I never use to go out without you, I'm not sure I remember how to. I'm gonna be late gonna be late but, all my girls gonna have to"
  • Stuck With Each Other - Shontelle
    "you can - think you can get free, you think you won't need me that you're gonna get you somethin better, but you know that we're in this forever, and you can - think you can walk out, even with your doubts, but"
  • Battle Cry - Shontelle
    "Yeah Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey We've been deep in the trenches Aint that friendship Its not always roses (But) Everybody knows this We stuck in this battle field I know just how you feel Standin"
  • Cold Cold Summer - Shontelle
    "Shiver Oh oh I'm walking through this blizzzard alone Without you I'm so cold (Oh) this summer my heart is frozen It's 98 degrees outside but I can't feel the sun The only thing that keeps me warm are"
  • Flesh And Bone - Shontelle
    "Yeah Listen carefully Listen to these words Baby take a minute let me sit you down Been waiting for the time and the time is now I think you should decide where you wanna be Running in the streets or living"
  • Ghetto Lullabye - Shontelle
    "Hush little shorty don't you cry I'll sing you a ghetto lullaby When things get rough, let me dry your eyes Give you the strength, hold your head up high When this cold world never do you right I'll hold"
  • I Crave You - Shontelle
    "Traveling down this rocky road So hard to do it all alone So I really need you To help me to move along All my sunshine's gone away All my blue skies turning gray It's like the ocean's all dried up and"

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