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shoot animation

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shoot animation
  • Skids Animation
    "Animation caused the game to close How we hurried to survive Animation caused the hanging fire How we hurried to retire Disengage time and the body`s on its own Feel the stagnation and this is where we"
  • Sammy Hagar Animation
    "When there is no animation, we slowly lose control I feel all caught up in this situation, it turns diamonds into coal (yeow) I feels just like our love is paralyzed, we've gotten used to being coal"
  • Channel Zero Animation
    "I walk alone My feelings have grown cold It's beginning of the end leaving this world behind...behind Big walls surround a world I build up for myself My minds perception of the inside segregates into"
  • Anderson Jon Animation
    "Anderson Jon Animation Animation When I was young I had thoughts of a kind that still linger entwined with realities reasoning I'd sit on the hill side and look out far yonder, imagine I'd easily "
  • Joy Electric Rudimentary Animation
    "Sealed with age by a brush stroke Stream of colors Choirs in full voices, whole notes Ears dumbfounded Animation Rudimentary, forged by anicent sons Animation Infantile attempts, explanations Reasonings"
  • Dynamite Boy Suspended Animation
    "I smash my hands against the wall, you're surprised it doesnt fall i cant believe i trusted you true colours shining through but those times i guess theyre changing (but those times i guess theyre changing) i"
  • Pestilence Suspended Animation
    "Music:Mameli,Uterwijk Lyrics:v. Drunen Suffering from a disaese The morbid symptoms aren`t identifiable Physicians; they disagree Fighting is the thus impossible Vainly you wait for a cure But there's"
  • Sacrifice Re animation
    "Brain dead, descending to flameNo way to survive or have life regainedRe-animation to bring back the deadRevive the soul, resurrectSynthetically revived to regain controlThe spirit world sends back my"
  • Pungent Stench Suspended Animation
    "(by Wank) I should be more than dead in my new bed but something happened with me, I'm not dead I want be free come on let me out I start to scream and shout but only the worms can hear my painful dying"
  • Funker Vogt Suspended Animation
    "Snapping at air, I woke up I couldn't see where I was A smell of mold and nothing was seen Groping for a hold, I realized my fate They laid me down in a box And threw it down into a grave They just said"

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