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shotgun yellow clow

  • Shotgun - George Ezra
    "homegrown alligator see you later gotta hit the road /2x something change in the atmosphere architecture, unfamiliar I could get used to this time flies by in the yellow and green stick around, and you’ll"
  • Shotgun - Dee D.Jackson
    "Just like the hands of fate I really didn't see you coming You caught me off my guard Within the forest fire I'm burning You got me reaching for the top Till I don't know where I can stop And straight"
  • Shotgun - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Je te lime jusqu'au sang Mais je sens que jamais tu n'ressens Mon Shotgun Non jamais mon Shotgun Te sentir au septime ciel non sens Pour moi pauv'con c'est essen- Tiel Shotgun A mon Shotgun Quand mme"
  • Shotgun - Christina Aguilera
    "("Shotgun" to utwór pochodzący ze ścieżki dźwiękowej serialu "Nashville". Premiera piosenki zapowiadana jest na 21 kwietnia 2015.)"
  • Shotgun - Vanilla Fudge
    "Shotgun 2:58 Trk 1 (DeWalt) I said, shotgun Shoot 'em 'fore he runs, now Do the jerk, baby Do the jerk, now Hey! Put on yo' red dress And then you go downtown, now I said, buy yourself a shotgun, now We"
  • Shotgun - Big Black
    "Got a foot and a half of unregistered steel Shake that sis, we got a street to deal Got an inch and a half of number nine shot Pumped up your ass in the parking lot Sawed-off Shotgun Sawed-off Shotgun Got"
  • Shotgun - Soccer Mommy
    "Fogged up the windows in the back Coffee and menthol on your breath Uppers and my heart never meshed I hated coming down But this feels the same without the bad things So whenever you want me I’ll be"
  • Shotgun - Liberty X
    "Ride shotgun Come on Oh I don't even think I can take no more I know we need a place to go Time to paint the spot We ain't hit the floor You know our money's Running real low So we gotta do what we"
  • Shotgun - Cochise
    "Do you wanna see Do you wanna breath Do you wanna feel Reload your shotgun My mother said: Will be ok That girl is superstition My father said: Don't walk that way That girl is superkiller But only when"
  • Shotgun - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Yeah, can you feel it, it's the Goldie Lookin' Chain with 2 HatsHe's back and this time he's the shotgun surgeon You KnowsShotgun SurgeryMy name's 2 Hats, I'm in the glcShotgun surgeon is my occupationI'll"
  • Shotgun - Marianas Trench
    "Chasing me around again When I'm not sleeping They know I needed more now And I'm losing you, and I'm dying Teach me to follow, show me when to swallow Whats that on my kitchen floor, this is where I'm"
  • Shotgun - Less Than Jake
    "There was a kid so low, he couldn't stand up No money, no respect and too much bad luck Desperation had gotten to him at last It was dark Dark alley and a shot gun blast And I knew a man everyone thought Was"
  • Shotgun - Dudley Saunders
    "riding shotgun on the riverboat watching eddies watching trees in the water something floats turns a drowning face to see puts its rotting stare on me and then he sleeps on by the bough and there's a"
  • Shotgun! - A Static Lullaby
    "We've done our time (we've done what you said) Twitch through the night (I wish I was you violation) So hold on tight I watch her spin out of control (she spins) I watch her spin out of control (she spins) I"
  • Shotgun - Shwayze
    "I don't want you in my passenger seat Not anyone can be my shotgun I don't want you ridin next to me I ride alone I remember all those times I went to pick you up At your mommas house in my pickup truck We"
  • Shotgun - Only Crime
    "The final scene of your production Your destruction Just when the solitude about you Drove your symptoms to an end Did they find you? Try to break through Dissipate you I know it rained the last time"
  • Yellow - YeLLOW Generation
    "Warning atari chirase Breaking out! Breaking out! Kuzureru made Genkai nante mada sou dare mo Shiritsukushite nai naa sou darou? Caution ikari chirase kako mo haji mo shobun sumi sa Arigachi na koto nante"
  • Yellow Dog Song - Shawn Mullins
    "There is a young man Driving an old man's car Down the Pennsylvania Turnpike Where the treetops meet the stars There is a warm wind Blowin' down the lost highway And he don't know where he's goin' It don't"
  • Yellow - Emm Gryner
    "Can you see the yellow on the road Lying there for quite some time Here my hands shaped like your hold explanation Helps nothing, how dare you make me cry I utter vows left and right and east and west How"
  • Yellow Cat / Red Cat - Say Anything
    "I watch my yellow cat invade my red cat in the yard. The feline war has raged for years so I assume itd be to hard for me to drive my foot between them. I would never risk the scratch just to prove"

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