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show me when

  • Show - Nelly
    "(ali) Yeah, yeah, check, check See I aint about playin, leezy bout cash in advance Cash in on the casual, actual, factual plan Makin a killin man, went from that to makin a livin Rightous willin, the only"
  • Show - Method Man
    ""Wanna see the world, ain't scared to do it Even if, your shocked by it Me and you, lost when you do it By myself, better off bein' you" Smoke cess nigga, smokin' that A.K Norther lights, yeah.. stick"
  • Show Me - Soundgarden
  • Show Me - Bruno Mars
    "Oh yeah, oh yeah baby here we are again I can see it in your eyes, you want a good time You wanna put your body on mine Alright but don't change your mind, don't you change it, oh no Oh yeah you called"
  • Show Me - John Legend
    "I realized as I lay down to sleep We haven't spoke in weeks So many things that I'd like to know Come have a talk with me I need a sign, something I can see Why all the mystery? I try not to fall for make"
  • Show me - Andreas Johnson
    "Ive never seen you shine so bright Little black magic baby dressed in white I never thought I would ever taste your fire And when the sun bleeds in to the sea Yeah when the moon steals the scenery You"
  • Show Me - Ofra Haza
    "Sitting around the table Learning the lesson of years So far away in heaven Someone is shedding a tear Nobody knows,nobody knows Who will pay,who will stay another day Show me ,show me the light Open the"
  • Show Me - Janet
    "You know I've heard every line No baby not this time If you want it like you say you want it Well then you gotta When I'm next to you I get this feeling that maybe I'm willing to stay next to you But the"
  • Show Me - Brettell
    "When I'm sitting so close to you There is only one thing I want to do But I know what your likely to say And I'm going about it the wrong way We can't agree about anything Even when I try to compromise"
  • Show Me - Big Time Rush
    "Guys like me, like girls like you And girls like you, like guys like me I blaze the night in Harbor light You dressin’ light, it’s fittin’ right I hear the waves, i see your wave I’m standin’ put, you"
  • Show Me - Stereomud
    "When will I be homeis what you want to know But all I can say is I don't know when Can't see to find my way... and it's killing me slowly Please don't forget me I am out here trying to find you... Show"
  • Show Me - Janet Jackson
    "You know I've heard every line No baby not this time If you want it like you say you want it Well then you gotta When I'm next to you I get this feeling that maybe I'm willing to stay next to you But"
  • Show me - Amerie
    "Oh yeah Yeah, mmmm We were never suppose to go this far for real Now I see it all so clear My holding back from you Just making me want you with me And now Now were getting all so close And want everyday"
  • Show Me - Howard Jones
    "We got the same beat runnin' round through this crazy town Oh I'm sick and I can't hear it anymore And when we touched as the blood and the rain We'd be shakin' the ground She's sick and there's a way"
  • Show me - Over The Rhine
    "I've lost the wordsIt ain't my wayTakes some a breathWhat takes me twenty-five years to sayBaby you're my favorite rolling stoneElvis left the buildingI have never been so aloneCome on and show me how"
  • Show Me - Yolanda Adams
    "There is a place in me That no one but You can see And in that place I'm really insecure I've been hurt before by that But I'm really sure You understand Every tear I've cried I bet You've cried a million"
  • Show me - Massari
    "Chorus] Why u lookin at me like u want me If she wasnt near me, upon me Damn girl why u acting lonely Didn't you know that she'd be watching closely. Shoulda listened when my hommie told me Heard you're"
  • Show me - Norton
    "Hey Mrs. Smith is your daughter home Is she off the phone, I've been trying to call her Mrs. Smith I can't explain We were at the game And something happened I took her hand and I stole a kiss I guess"
  • Show Me - Supernatural
    "Your not a victim of the world inside (yeah yeah yeah) There's such a better way to live your life (yeah yeah yeah) You know I'm never gonna waste your time (yeah yeah yeah) I know you're thinking that"
  • When The Show Is Over - The Donnas
    "Sometimes you can't remember where you spent the night Sometimes your best friends are smoking me on lights (But I can't get it all) Give me power, get me me up on the stage (Have it all) I see you"

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