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sia elastie heart');

  • Sim - Tiziano Ferro
    "They wanted meTo be the dreamBut my mood went southAnd I'm stuck on the couch with bad jeansAnd the couch sucks me down to the floorAnd the floor sucks me down to the earthAnd I'm covered and buried beforeMy"
  • Unbreakable (ft. Sia) - Alan Walker
    "Hello sweet breath I know you will be … of me like a money given ecstasy I’m droning in an endlessly Hello old friend It’s a misery there’s no end so I’m doing everything I can to make .. love again I"
  • Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo) - Sia
    "And another one bites the dust But why can I not conquer love? And I might've thought that we were one Why not fight this war without weapons? And I wanted it and I wanted it bad But there were so many"
  • Elastic Heart (feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler) - Sia
    "And another one bites the dust Oh why can I not conquer love? And I might have thought that we were one Wanted to fight this war without weapons And I wanted it, I wanted it bad But there were so many"
  • Deja Vu (feat. Sia) - Giorgio Moroder
    "Witchcraft, voodoo Love experiments, and paint books Potions, lotion Perfume to find you The man come to those who wait I think I've found my baby The man come to those who wait I think I've found my baby My"
  • Day Too Soon - Sia
    "Pick me up in your arms Carry me away from harm You're never gonna put me down I know you're just one good man You'll tire before we see land You're never gonna put me down Oh I've been running all my"
  • My Arena - Sia
    "Oh no, you broke a heart again Now I can't help but feel foolish and ashamed I am a broken record, a glitch in your iPod But could it be an empty track, a lost melody Baby just burn we'll see I don't"
  • Lentil - Sia
    "Well you were waiting for me, you saw me, adored me As I wish the whole world would You would never hurt me, desert me or work me For all the things you thought you could Yeah you would lick the tears"
  • Electric Bird - Sia
    "Someone plugged you in And sadly they clipped your wings Now you can't fly away electric bird Yeah someone took your tweet One day they fed you that bad seed You can't fly away electric bird Well you're"
  • Kill and Run - Sia
    "Watching the sequence of sounds coming out of your mouth But the snow is too loud Follow the hands as they move Trying to make out your mould But your brain doesn't want to Hi, close the door, silent"
  • Big Girls Cry - Sia
    "Tough girl in the fast lane No time for love No time for hate No drama No time for games Tough girl whos soul's act like poem, On my own, took my phone Nothing more, I build thee You order in pay TV It's"
  • Pictures - Sia
    "You have her pictures You have her pictures You have her pictures Everywhere You're covered in stitches You're covered in stitches You think I can't see them But I know they're there Take her down from"
  • Saved My Life - Sia
    "boom, boom, boom, beats my heart, heart, heart boom, boom, boom, boom, in he dark, dark, dark baby boom, boom, boom, fall apart, part, part baby boom, boom, boom, from the start, start, start but"
  • So Bored - Sia
    "I am so bored Think I'm going to die I'm so empty I cannot even cry Crush my eye in your tender hand The dead romance I'm grief stricken Killing time Amputated broken smile I feel so week I'm dignified I"
  • Santa's Coming for Us - Sia
    "Nights are getting shorter now, hot chocolate flies the air and Christmas cheer does too picking out your Christmas tree, so lovely The joy this time it brings to you Santa’s coming to town /2x Sing it"
  • Salted Wound - Sia
    "Lonely float got in the way You are the feel, and knew it anyway Take a chance, it wasn't what you know Take my hand, and don't let go You can do it, Don't break You'll pull through it, You're safe Yes,"
  • Moon - Sia
    "I watch you spin from afar I drink you in and breathe you out I'm camouflaged by the timeline I'm camouflaged when the sun shines Two ships passing in the night Two lips pressing ground the tides I believe"
  • I'm Not Important To You - Sia
    "You took me for granted You took me, you took me for granted But I landed back on my feet, back on My feet Cos you don't deserve me, deserve me You don't have the time that I need That I want, I deserve But"
  • Little Man - Sia
    "So naive, it helps me to breathe Yor smile I keep on file You tickle me pink I love the way you think So when I'm feeling low I know I'm your greatest fan Little man I'm endlessly proud of you In such"
  • Life Jacket - Sia
    "I haven’t seen better days seek shelter from the storm where it follows ,me your skin follows me like a black cloud we’re running with no cover I fear that I may drown where it follows ,me your skin follows"

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