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sicilian nights

  • Siciliano - Lucio Dalla
    "La lava in fiamme scende la collina mi lavo i piedi, domenica mattina il sole picchia in testa come un assassino la piazza in festa, la festa del patrono il mare scuote il letto, un collare intorno"
  • Siciliano - Love System
    "Słońce, plaża, ciepły piasek, nagle pada na mnie cień pięknie zbudowany facet mruży oczy śmiejąc się, pręży mięśnie, usta złote, zagaduje, wdzięczy się na kolano rękę kładzie, dobrze wie czego chce o"
  • Neon Nights - Accept
    "When the day is done The night rolls in Lonely lovers come alive Like a heartbeat In a world of sin Cruising around hungry eyes Like a midnight train Going nowhere Fading dreams of the city Penthouse"
  • Late Nights - Zayn Malik
    "So late nights, Red Eyes, I need you!"
  • Boogie Nights - 991
    "(Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) Boogie nights! Boogie nights! Boogie nights! Ain't no doubt we are here to party Boogie nights! Come on now"
  • Boogie nights - 911
    "(Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) (Boogie nights, oh....) Boogie nights! Boogie nights! Boogie nights! Ain't no doubt we are here to party Boogie nights! Come on now"
  • Lovely Nights - Marmalade
    "Lovely nights, quiet nights, golden nights with you Love's a dream, evergreen, never seen you blue Don't let your woman down Pick her up and make her feel she is somebody That's the way to be"
  • Demon Nights - Firewind
    "I want you tonight, I don't feel safe alone. It's sinking my mind, and now it starts to run. I want to run, I want to hide, Burning me inside... Demon nights possess me, demon nights, And I feel paralyzed. I"
  • Sleepless Nights - Little River Band
    "SLEEPLESS NIGHTS WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE I lie in bed and I just can't sleep, my mind's outside chasin' the beat, thinkin' of you and of what went wrong, I wonder how I can carry on with these sleepless"
  • Crazy Nights - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "on shadowed roads we run, for secrets london holds new cross to camden town, with metal force we rage in paradise we clash, you will perish our ambition, live to fight for all the crazy nights crazy nights,"
  • Crazy Nights - Tygers Of Pan Tang
    "The bright lights shine on me I give to give and to receive Enter the promised land Watch my every move Oh, you should know That I'm in your hand Crazy nights fever's on Crazy nights fever's strong Crazy"
  • Cruel Nights - Heart
    "Every night without you is more than I can bear Moonlight can be torture When your love isn't there I see you in the shadows I can hear you in the wind Think of you and I can feel my world closing in I"
  • Brickfield Nights - Die Toten Hosen
    "Remember those dark nights down Brickfield Never a blade in sight - Brickfield Nights No youth club, no coffee bar Saturday was the local cinema night - Brickfield Nights Every night we`d meet at"
  • Light Nights - Paul Weller
    "Come out to play Now the light nights are here We'll swing and sway Now the light nights are here Have a dance Now the light nights are here We'll love Now the light nights are here Over me Come and stay"
  • Voodoo Nights - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Don't turn around, I got you under my spell And never touch a rainbow Don't fool around, life's so bad down in hell Can you feel the wind blow Wild child, you're live for the moment No heading for tomorrow You're"
  • Hollywood Nights - C.C. Catch
    "Daytime friends and nighttime fools All they're breaking golden rules Dreaming all their dreams come true Dreaming like the big guys do From a day in paradise And a life without a lie Little dreams can"
  • Sleepless Nights - Elvis Costello
    "(Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) Through the sleepless nights I cry for you And wonder who Is kissing you Oh, these sleepless nights Will break my heart in two Somehow, through the day I don't give in I"
  • Devil Nights - Electric Six
    "Devil nights, devil nights Nights with the devil Driving around the city Everything is wrong, but you know it feels right Spending all your money on the electric lights Handing over your last dollar just"
  • Boogie nights - Blue
    "Boogie nights ohBoogie nights, boogie nightsBoogie nightsAin't no doubt we are here to partyBoogie nightsCome on now got to get it startedDance with the boogie get down'Cause boogie nights are alwaysThe"
  • Summer Nights - Marianne Faithfull
    "Winter's almost gone, Oh how I've waited so long For summer nights. When there's magic in the air And I don't have a care, All that matters to me Is that you are here On summer nights. There's a little"

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