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side the lines

  • 89 Lines - Berlin
    "As a dog with a bone is always In danger, so's a woman with a Bag when meeting dark strangers She holds it just a little bit tighter Which she wouldn't do if my skin were lighter It's not in my mind, I've"
  • 89 Lines - Terri Nunn
    "As a dog with a bone is always In danger, so's a woman with a Bag when meeting dark strangers She holds it just a little bit tighter Which she wouldn't do if my skin were lighter It's not in my mind, I've"
  • Lines - Sprung Monkey
    "To the left you have A young man whose never really cared about nothing To the right you have A man who spilt his blood to make a difference I said a difference Well these are the lines by which we play"
  • Lines - Kendall Payne
    "Gather along the lines Gather along the lines You'll be safe inside Just gather along the lines No one has to know as long as you dont smoke those cigarettes You can keep your heart of stone and say"
  • Lines - Archive
    "High, sunlight, drown, high, sunlight, goodbye. As I re-submerge I can barely breathe, lung capacity withering away, hyperventilate, all disintegrating bodies turn to dust, sudden rush of blood, snap"
  • Lines - J Church
    "You told me that you hated lines, Hate being told what to do, You can bitch and you can whine, But whose idea was the cue? And I know it's just my opinion, The lines are in my mind, They lead me to my"
  • Lines - Tapes 'N Tapes
    "Talking about family Talking about trees Driving through the tracks and cones Brings a bitter boy to his knees Wrap him up in coattails Water soaked in pine Each time we come back around He's wandering"
  • Lines - From Zero
    "I used to think that we were just like so tight Wants some company Always finding the time Always finding the time Always making the time for us And all the time that we spent laughing, loving Always comforting Always"
  • Lines - Pete Murray
    "Passin' time You've come so far but you're still behind, Lose you mind, If you cut this line It's just the way it's been, All your friends and all their sins, Just passin' time, (Don't fall behind) I"
  • Lines - Lucy Rose
    "If you can't see through it all If you can't see that I'm here Did that moment life pass you by Atherels i'll try __ you thought I knew I followed you ___ ___ take the time Tell me if you love someone She"
  • Behind The Lines - Genesis
    "(Tony Banks/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford) I held the book so tightly in my hands, I saw your picture, heard you call my name There was something strange, I could not look away I wanted to be there, I"
  • Two Pink Lines - Eric Church
    "She was pacing back and forth on her front porch I pulled up slinging gravel in my Daddy's Ford She cried all the way to Johnson's store I kept the motor running and parked by the door Yeah I was foolish"
  • White Lines 23 - Jailbird
    "Your evil side is taking over again Your torments and your fears are revolving around your actions The dark side of your mind is nowhere to be found You are looking for answers, looking for a sign of life in"
  • Lines In The Sand - Dream Theater
    "Sometimes, for a moment of bliss And the passion, we're craving There's a message we miss Sometimes when the spirits left alone We must believe in something To find if we've grown Tragic reflex, shattered"
  • Read Between The Lines - Carole King
    "I wrote you a letter the other day And I told you I was happy for you And your new love Now there was much more I wanted to say But it's hard for me to get over My last bit of pride But if you read between"
  • Read Between The Lines - Teen Idols
    "I know some true lies about you and I can't believe it when you do the things you do and think it's a secret what will you do when they find out and there's no denyin' all of your stories are filled with"
  • Side By Side - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "A fear of falling a fear that I could From a place high above my stars well I would Be a liar to say I'm not scared anymore With a fear of falling on down to the floor To the floor these have-nots And"
  • Side By Side - Will Young
    "Mmmm I don't know about this situation It's got me down, it's brought me to my knees If I find perfect inspiration Just set me free, I'm begging darling please I got to say This is my time I feel"
  • Behind Enemy Lines - Behind Enemy Lines
    "Not interested in politics or don't want to f**king face it But if we don't stand against oppression we might as well embrace it When we act as if it doesn't affect us we do nothing but pretend Because"
  • Parallel Lines Never Separate - Spirogyra
    "Lights were where I'm burning The room was filled with men Some playing cards for higher stakes Some looking into telescopes pointed within them Here with me, it's you and me I feel you're on my side Here"

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