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sigma - nobady to love

  • Sigma Enigma - God Dethroned
    "Sigma Enigma I am the leader of the local mob I live by the rules of crime I have never felt any remorse When I oppressed the weak I need you to satisfy my need for greed To reach my goal I became a politician I"
  • Nobody To Love - Sigma
    "I know you're tired of loving, of loving With nobody to love, nobody, nobody So just grab somebody, no leaving this party With nobody to love, nobody, nobody"
  • Stay - Sigma
    "Possible we break apart Always been this way from the start This energy is like crashing stars Blame it on our magnetic hearts Gimme all of your love I need all your love Gimme all of your love Stay"
  • Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson) - SIGMA
    "Standing here in the music hall With my microphone and a glitterball And you walk right in blowing through the doors Like a force of nature, a force of nature I can't look up cause my head's a mess But"
  • Higher (ft. Labrinth) - Sigma
    "I have given all myself All that I had left to give All the reasons I confront No more reason left to live If that ain't enough, No, No, no Tell me why it's not enough Even when you let me down I forgive"
  • Forever (Ft Sebastian Kole & Quavo) - Sigma
    "but this time I won’t Forever /4x but this time I won’t Forever /4x but this time we’ll last forever /3x Promise I will stay I will never leave you forever and a day that’s how long we’ll be together forever"
  • Cry (ft. Take That) - Sigma
    "I've been drowning in the river Try to soothe my soul Take me under, take me deeper Than I choose to go I can't see it any clearer I said: Long ago! Down here underneath the surface You're my only hope If"
  • Find Me (ft. Birdy) - Sigma
    "We said goodbye, that's what you told me once So many times we've made our peace But this is love, I'll never give you up I know your love has come home to me Like a river, always running I keep losing"
  • Can't Get Enough (ft. Taet) - Sigma
    "Na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na na-na Na-na, na-na-na-na, na-na na-na Lately, oh baby, we ain't been the same Sleeping without you, I call out your name Try but I can't seem to cut you out of the picture, oh We're"
  • Dilemma - Sigma
    "I love you and I need you Nelly, I love you, I do, Need you No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo Boy, you know I'm crazy over you No matter what I do All I think about"
  • Anywhere - Sigma
    "i’ll go Anywhere with you Anywhere with you Anywhere with you i’ll ride, i’ll ride away with you we were following the Cambridge signs tryna get the music right in my shitty old car with the scratched"
  • Pi i Sigma - Bruno Schulz
    "Gdzieś jest jeszcze miejsce gdzie noc nie wyblakła zapomniane poza czasem obok nas ogień kroczy lecz nie parzy ktoś się śmieje bo w środku zimy wyrósł kwiat Już nie w tym wymiarze ale ciągle dalej zawsze"
  • The sweetheart of sigma chi - Dean Martin
    "The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl Of all the girls I know Each sweet co-ed like a rainbow trail Fades in the afterglow The blue of her eye and the gold of her hair Are a blend of the western sky"
  • The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi - Gene Austin
    "The girl of my dreams is the sweetest girl Of all the girls I know Each sweet co-ed like a rainbow trail Fades in the afterglow The blue of her eye and the gold of her hair Are a blend of the western"
  • Redemption (ft. Jacob Banks) - Sigma & Diztortion
    "This ain't about your love This is about the life that we've been told This ain't about your freedom This is about the future that's unknown This ain't about your forgiveness This is about the life between"
  • Guardians - Sigma
    "I feel the power surrounding the sound of my heart, in the night I'm looking afraid in your eyes I can hear the voice of the doom Guardians Of SIGMA We're saving Our stone, but Nothing is sure until"
  • Toksycznie (Prod. Teoni) - SIGMA
    "Często myślę, że nic nie ma kiedy zdychasz Cały ten syf Pieniądz i władza Cały ten syf Paranoja trzyma w szponach ”Uświadom to sobie” Żyje szybko, niezdrowo jem I tak dzień w dzień Nie mam hajsu na ruchy"
  • Mighty Sword - Sigma
    "The people wait afraid The arrival of the "cruel knight" "cruel knight" The silence winds the night And they are ready to the fight oh no! ...and like in a nightmare, you are ready to die There's no time"
  • King Of The Nightmares - Sigma
    "Darkness... Holy visions in this night of Sadness I can hear my heartbeat in this Silence Day by day I try to find my way Madness... When all you can see bring you to Sadness I shut os up inside this prison Every"
  • Bitwa (feat. Vally, Perła) - SIGMA
    "labele pragną hitów ja potrzebuje siana myślę ze w tej kwestii ciężko będzie się dogadać ruszam dupę z rana chociaż nie chce musze tu zarobić jeśli masz tak samo dobrze wiesz o co mi chodzi słońce wstaje"

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