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sigrid strainers

  • Burning Bridges - Sigrid
    "I could tell you the truth but you’d call me a liar tried to wave a white flag but you set it on fire and that’s when you start asking yourself why you cry they don’t every single night that’s"
  • Don't Kill My Vibe - Sigrid
    "(Lyric Video)"
  • Strangers - Sigrid
    "just like in the movies it starts to rain we’re the broken beautiuies blindfolded minds collide and we fall when the curtain drops our touch is just a touch not like in the movies our stories after the"
  • Sun - Sigrid
    "The Sun shine’s so bright outside my mind I am left outside one more time one more time I see them smiling it’s nothing wrong I think they bother but they don’t show no they don’t show I feel hopeless"
  • High Five - Sigrid
    "nobody dares to sepak against your word so they just sit quiet do what you want who cares if you’ll get hurt? no, I don’t know why you wonder why wonder why /2x you’re surrounding by the type od people that"
  • Focus (Demo) - Sigrid
    "don’t look at me that way you should know I can take it cause you’re making my face blush bringing back the uselessness in my people are telling me that I need to go through with this bur I’m too scared"
  • Schedules - Sigrid
    "though I saw you in the crowd tonight but I know you’re somewhere else you’re just on my mind I don’t need you but it feels so good to just say it as it is and be understood I don’t care about perfect"
  • Sucker Punch - Sigrid
    "meet me in the hallway for a cup of coffee by the stairs we’re both in a hurry let’s steal a minute when there’s no on ethere both our last hoodless red you’re in my head there’s no pressure at least"
  • Don’t Feel Like Crying - Sigrid
    "i know i should be ordering takeouts sitting on my couch, that’s what you do I know I should be all in my feeling staring at the ceiling but here’s the truth wallowing in it would be such a waste that"
  • Sight Of You - Sigrid
    "it’s a lonely feeling wavin’ you goodbye I don’t know wha ti am leaving until the moment is gone checkin’ in never checkin’ out cdn"
  • Mine Right Now - Sigrid
    "something about the way you and I fit that’s when it hits feels like it’s too good to be true we’re down at the harbor and we danced in the dark don’t know what you said but I know how it felt it’s hard"
  • Mirror - Sigrid
    "There was an emptiness I think you met me at a strange time and you anchored me I felt anonymous And you were someone who reminded me who I used to be It had to break I had to go Cause it took me walking"
  • Don't Get Caught - Young Jeezy
    "Shit man fuck Drivers license and registration pleez Hey whats up sir umm, look umm Sir could you pleez step out tha car Oh not a problem officer its all good im jusy know what im sayin commin"
  • Manifique (Original Rules) - Keith Murray
    "If heads only knew! I Make music of murder and mayhhem for all of them And murder ballads for sweet chariots My second return like a unstoppable bullet With wings my ears ring your name when you speak"
  • Manifique - Keith Murray
    "Intro: If heads only knew! Verse 1: I make music of murder and mayhhem for all of them And murder ballads for sweet chariots My second return like a unstoppable bullet With wings my ears ring your name"
  • Happy Birthday - Gustav
    "Heute also ein Jahr lter - lacht nicht, ihr alle werdet sterben ! - Im freien Fall und ohne Netz Tja , das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert Nein, das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert Alter also fortgeschritten Mut"
  • Live And Let Die - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    ""Late last night, two undercover police officers were found, brutally murdered in a Fort Greene apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. At this time, police have no suspects. Now to the weather, but"

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