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silent witness

  • Silent witness - UB40
    "The neon haze of city lights The tribal sound of marching feet Cuts through the gloom on cold dark nights The tired and homeless roam the streets The sirens wail th eengines roar A shadowed man just glances"
  • The Silent Witness - Officium Triste
    "I cannot think of a Reason A Question without an Answer An Answer I can't give I am the silent Witness To all Misery Created by Lies and Deceit I can't find The missing Pieces of this Puzzle Puzzle"
  • Silent Witness (Remix) - UB40
    "The neon haze of city lights The tribal sound of marching feet Cuts through the gloom on cold dark nights The tired and homeless roam the streets The sirens wail the engines roar A shadowed man just glances"
  • Witness - KMFDM
    "Inter-planetary frequency Alteration of destiny Surrendering to my ultimate destiny The spaceship will come to take us away Out of the orbit and into the light We're going to be picked up and sent on"
  • Mute Witness - Morrissey
    "Your poor witness Crying so loudly on the floor Oh, well, she's only trying to tell you What it was that she saw She is only trying to tell you What it was that she saw Now see her standing on the"
  • The Witness - Kicked In The Head
    "She was a witness, a silent player The missing link that they never found Lose a best friend...Watch a life end... Two shots went off and they both hit the ground From out of nowhere...In like a nightmare... Why"
  • Witness - Electric Light Orchestra
    "I saw an ant devour Sherman mountain.Slip across the floor in the river of honey.I saw the locust drinking from a fountain.It smiled at me as I paid my money.CHORUSCaus' I'm a witness, witness, see the"
  • Witness - Cyndi Lauper
    "You're sorry now And you'll change some how - And I am what you need to get out, but - I don't wanna be I don't wanna be I don't wanna be a witness Cause I'm crawling back I'm searchin the right track"
  • Witness - Bo Bice
    "Everyday I find another way something more To get me through this life life life You don't believe in what you see Tell me baby does it make you blind blind blind That ain't the way it is I need a witness"
  • Witness - Katy Perry
    "If I lost it all today would you stay? Could my love be enough to stimulate? If shit hit the fan, grenades get thrown Would you still show? Could you go down with me to the mat? Could we get back up And"
  • Witness - Tori Amos
    "Thought I had a witness to this crime Thought I had a witness Thought we were on the same side of becoming Then the judges called in a witness C'mon... So then when did you then begin your cravin for"
  • Witness - Joan As Police Woman
    "There’s a story that’s been in my life And I’ve taken it as gospel sure as the day But now I’m starting to see that it’s just an invention That really wasn’t about me And I’d like to kick it to the corner But"
  • Witness - Arcwelder
    "(music: r. graber/s.macdonald lyrics: s.macdonald) Can I get a witness To your constant pain Hear you're spinning downwards Thought you were the same Take some pride in who you are Stop the tide"
  • Witness - Brian Kirk And The Jirks
    "Hey my brother are you free? Shaking up the pages of my history The waking hours before my eyes Are shattered by illusions creeping, into lies I walk along with ageless songs like something I could be Can"
  • Witness - Benjamin Booker
    "Am I gonna be a witness? Right now we could use a little pick-me-up Seems like the whole damn nation’s trying to take us down When your brother’s dying Mother’s crying TV’s lying All the reason’s in the"
  • Witness - Nonpoint
    "No more secrets No more games Not another day of living this way Cigarette smoke filled room concealing Everything your heart is feeling You took away the only thing left worth fighting for The lock is"
  • Witness - Split Shift
    "You were a part of me And I can feel All the things you do to me You've done to me You threw it back on me You broke my trust I wanna scream back at you Back at you And as god as my witness I push so"
  • Witness - Screaming Trees
    "It's taken everything Everything I got and it's hung me on the line Water rising up over me And I think I'm gonna die Think I'm gonna die I told a lie That's what I said I told the one you know I'll always"
  • Witness - The Wallflowers
    "I'm standing outside your window, baby And there you are Another year, another candle's burning for the party girl No one even knows that you're there Happy Birthday, no one cares You come around here, You'd"
  • Witness - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Can I get a witness? ah- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Can you get with this? ah- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah(5x) Lookin' for some ladies and some young men To run the race and endure it to the"

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