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silesian sound system back to the roots

  • Back to the roots - Silesian Sound System
    "Zawsze kochałem lud Szkoda ze nie śląski Gdy poznałem swe korzenie wyciągnąłem wnioski By pielęgnować przekaz -przodków z mojego regionu Nikt mi tego nie odbierze” mej kultury, domu Młodzi jarają się amerykańskim"
  • Sound System - Operation Ivy
    "Sound system gonna bring me back up (yeah) one thing that i can depend on sound system gonna bring be back up (right) one thing that i can depend on try to describe it to the limit of my ability its there"
  • Sound System - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Sound system won't you bring me back up It's the one thing that I can depend on... Try to describe to the limit of my ability It's there a second and then it's given up what it used to be Contained in"
  • Sound System - opm
    "Now wait wait wait Hold on now a minute I'd like to say something I just can't forget Since the day I was brought into this world I was made to bless the boys and girls With the beat from the past I know"
  • Sound System - Steel Pulse
    "Dig the music Mr. DJ Sound system (sound system) Heavy rhythm Disco jive, conquer I no. Sound system (sound system) Juke box jive can't cramp I style. Sock it to me sister Move and mash it mama Feel the"
  • Sound System - Junior Stress
    "Intro: Tak jest, tak jest bracia i siostry W jedności siła, a jakże Love, Sensi, Music, miłość, sensi, muzyka Wibracje z LSM-u Dzisiaj w całym kraju, dzisiaj w całym świecie Wszyscy razem, together znaczy"
  • Sound System - Head Automatica
    "In my home They put so many pictures of me And I live In hopes that I can live up to me And I'm just As grim as I could possibly be In my head Where the saddest king reigns supreme This time I wanna find A"
  • System - Little Brother
    "(feat. Tone Trezure) All I can say isssss... We all got our demons (Ohh, ohhh, OHH, OHH-ohh, ohh) Forgive me... uh! Let's go! I can't get you out of my system - Nooo, nooo, noooo (Turn it up!) Wait"
  • Roots - Imagine Dragons
    "Don’t throw stones at me Don’t tell anybody Trouble finds me, All the noise of this Has made me lose my belief I’m going back to my roots Another day, another door Another high, another low Rock bottom,"
  • Roots - Perkele
    "I remember when i was a kid and all the fun that we had also the days of sorrow also the days of pain it has formed me to the one i am it gave me a lot of strength try to remember look back in time don't"
  • Roots - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick) Living in a world, where everything demands understanding We try and find a way, through the places and spaces in the game We spend a long time running from ourselves Before we can discover"
  • Roots - Spunge
    "Hey!!!! You're the kid from down the street The one we used to greet And we're glad that it turned out good We're pleased that you've done well But maybe you could tell Us, in person, like real"
  • Back To My Roots - Steel Pulse
    "Woe Na Na Na Hey Yeh Yeh Oh Yeh This is to whom it may concern Raggamuffin rastaman return Says we all got a lesson to learn This is the reason that I'm back to my roots Back to my roots I'm back to"
  • Roots Discussion - Nesian Mystik
    "*Verse 1* (Te Awanui) I need some hiphop, if thats quiet alright Can you please define, explain for me why Can't I put hop with the hip Melodies with the rhyme Be myself Keep it true Soul driven through"
  • Roots to Sever - Be'lakor
    "Though wounds were great, and respite scant, Life clung to that wretched plant Its skin was scarred, its leaves were ripped, Damned to wait, as roots were fixed For every hour, in hopeless fear, It felt"
  • Back To The Roots - Grave Digger
    "You've got the feeling, turn on the lights YOu feel the power rising, lightning strikes the sky Siw million people wanna see the band The hit the stage tonight, guitars in our hands Watch out (Chorus:) We're"
  • Back to the roots - X-PERIENCE
    "E-mails from outer space bytes and bits are on the race to the moon and return the light of mankind will burn back to the roots the place where we are born right where the crown of creation comes"
  • Back to the roots - Verlorene Jungs
    "Mein smarter Skinhead Boy,ich seh Dich an der Strae stehn,ich freu mich rufe Oi!Oi!Oi!Komm lass uns einen trinken gehn!Doch Du verziehst nur Dein Gesicht,mit Prolls wie mir, trinkst Du nicht!Back to the"
  • Back to our roots - Culcha Candela
    "JOHNNY STRANGE Everyone got to follow his own way everyone got his own destiny but there is something we all share together its the vision of Culcha Candela weve been searching long time to find it so"
  • Back To My Roots - RuPaul
    "this is a special shot going out to my mama, ms. ernestine charles. mama used to do people hair in the kitchen, press and curl, hot curlers, everything, i love you mama black hair is a revolution cornrows...uh,uh"

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