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silouette alyosha

  • Alyosha - Ramses Shaffy
    "Ik heb je op het nieuws gezien In de Moskouse metro Je fluisterde dwingend: Een kopeke En de mensen lieten je maar zo Je ogen waren groot en rond Je had een kleine jongensmond Je bontmuts kon ertegen Ik"
  • Running For Cover - Ivan & Alyosha
    "If I could wake my crooked heart If I was there right from the start To feel what it was like to be turned on If you could fly the battling wind To miss the mark correct within If your wish came true"
  • The Silhouette - Winter's Bane
    "Hey Cohegan - this is the end of your worthless life A shocking reality - it's a struggle within your mind It's a tug-of-war between innocent and guilt A question of your inner truth, a definition of yourself! The"
  • Magic Fever - Plastilina Mosh
    "Put your headphones And remember what you've got Turn the TV Off And play Bertrand Burgarat Shut the lights to see your silouette at night Unplug the phone and free your mind Surrender! Let's give a"
  • I Do - Edie Brickell
    "People pointing finger painting the world Leaving me their silouette on my life And I'm filling in the negative space with positively everything I do, I do And it's all because of you I do, I do And it's"
  • Cavalry - Flybanger
    "Dusk night settles on this desert world Been traveling 45 day's now My goal's to strip souls who thought they broke my peace Nobody's gonna push this future drifter back yeah Cut my hourse loose from"
  • You - Heartland
    "An old guitar with brand new strings, your favorite faded pair of jeans, That first apartment away from home, a newborn sleeping all night long... CNN with no bad news, Stevie Ray playing the blues, Robert"
  • Soulshadow - Hot Water Music
    "I see a shadow on the street tonight, A silouette under the light, You won't see it on the road. You wake up in a different place, There's blood all over your face, You know it can't be your own, You can't"
  • Still Surfin' - The Beach Boys
    "He used to ride the sidewalks in a landlocked town A solitary surfer still he got around He had his favorite spots now Where the best rides could be found With posters on his wall from "Surfer" magazine His"
  • Still Surfin' - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Summer In Paradise Still Surfin' He used to ride the sidewalks in a landlocked town A solitary surfer still he got around He had his favorite spots now Where the best rides could be found With"
  • Horse Called Music - Randy Travis
    "High on a mountain in western Montana A silouette moves across a cinammon sky Riding along on a horse he calls Music With a song on his lips, and a tear in his eye He dreams of a time, and a lady that"
  • One For The Road - Pat Green
    "Tree blows against my window There's a storm brewin' in my heart Watchin' credits roll on a late night TV show Lonely street light peekin' Through the cracks in the window shade After all that he's seen"
  • Les Morts Dansant - Magnum
    "Cannons roared in the valley they thundered While the guns lit up the night Then it rained and both sides wondered Who is wrong and who is right On the wire like a ragged old scarecrow Bloody hands and"
  • Studies In Love - Jewel
    "The doorway frames You a perfect picture silouette Blue sky of regret Enough to hang out Your legs seemed to tremble At least I imagine that they do Then again, it's probly easy for you Please don't"
  • Beautiful - Matt Darey & Marcella Woods
    "Your shining light will be my guide Leads me to a place where I dont need to hide The heavens open up the door With dreams so innocent and pure You are beautiful Within the rays of light You are beautiful Without"
  • Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter - Elvis Costello
    "She says what has her daddy done That you want him to be punished When she woke up one day to find That he was starting to vanish But _if you hope_ (?) to hear voices You know you should not be listening Push"
  • One Good Turn - Rich Mullins
    ""From dirt I was made, to dirt I will return And all I might seem to be is not who I am For the Father above has given me life and breath And all that I have is His From dirt I was made, to dirt I"

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