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silver Band szczecin

  • Szczecin - The Analogs
    "Szczecin-miasto portów, marzycieli miasto rozbójników i drobnych złodziei miasto stoczniowców i taksówkarzy miasto narkomanów i żon marynarzy Jest Brama Portowa jak Plac Pigalle wyrywasz co chcesz jeżeli"
  • Szczecin-Pozna - Peja
    "Tak, właśnie tak, tak! Rychu Peja! Rychu Pe SoLUfka, tak! Właśnie tak! Specjalnie dla chłopaków ze Spółdzielni P-ń Szczecin, tak! Ajjj! Kiedy sprawdzasz moje wersy, na tym bicie, tekst w zeszycie Te"
  • Silver Spoon - Jughead's Revenge
    "You think that you're so fucking cool Made some mistakes Got some breaks Broke some rules Everything you have was just handed to you You lived your life being fed from silver spoons You played so"
  • Szczecin w grze - Sobota
    "SAGE: Sage w środku, Szczecin w grze. Tutaj zasypiam i tu budzę się,tutaj śnie, tutaj rozkminiam co i gdzie, tu każdy wie kto to SAGE. Szczecin, Szczecin niesie mnie na rękach, tu z braćmi wychodzę dobrze"
  • Radio Szczecin 1 - Jerzy Por
    "Słowa: Jerzy Porębski Muzyka: Andrzej Korycki Wolno ciągnie łajba stara, w biodrach się kołysze, A muzyka z odbiornika wplątuje się w ciszę. Z papierosa dym, ot zatoczył kółko, Wyczytane kryminały przytulone"
  • Raven marching band - Laura Veirs
    "The sky's a raven marching band black blizzard blowing across the landCome darling take my hand i'm whiskey poured into the sand Star blossoms bloom the night falling now burning fire brightCome darling"
  • Uncle John's Band - The Grateful Dead
    "Well the first days are the hardest days don't you worry any more. 'cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door. Think this through with me; let me know your mind Whoa, oh, what"
  • Uncle John's Band - Jimmy Buffett
    "Well the first days are the hardest days Don't you worry any more Cause when life looks like easy street There is danger at the door Think this through with me, let me know your mind Oh oh all I want to"
  • Uncle John's band - Grateful Dead
    "Well the first days are the hardest daysdon't you worry any more.'cause when life looks like easy street,there is danger at your door.Think this through with me;let me know your mineWhoa, oh, what I want"
  • Flying Silver Eagle - Jamey Johnson
    "Standing at that pawn shop counter Trying on the wedding rings She said she needed silver 'Cause gold just turns her green I counted out the twenties And I laid the money down And we went straight to the"
  • Let's Start A Band - Amy Macdonald
    "Put a ribbon round my neck and call me a libertine I will sing you songs of dreams I used to dream I will sail away on seas of silver and gold Until I reach my home Give me a guitar and I'll be your troubadour Your"
  • Let's start a band - Amy McDonald
    "Put a ribbon round my neck and call me a libertine I will sing you songs of dreams I used to dream I will sail away on seas of silver and gold until I reach my home. Give me a guitar and Ill be your troubadour Your"
  • Come Follow The Band - Jim Dale
    "Come follow the band, wherever it's at let both of your feet beat time to the drum and Let your heart go rat a tat tat A flag in your hand a plume in your hat Battalions of brass pass and catch the"
  • Silver - Georg Baker Selection
    "There's a village by the seaside lt's the village I was born Lives a lovely girl named Silver By the colour of her hair. Yes we used to play together By the harbour an the beach. Yes we used to sing"
  • Silver - Kris Kristofferson
    "Silver was a rounder with a wicked reputation Music was his magic and his madness rolled in one It's said he charmed the fairest hearts of this world's fairest maidens Quick as silver mercury and slippery"
  • Silver - Ride
    "Who said 'time heals all wounds' I think it was me before I met you Your silver chains have slit my wrists When I fell in love, I never asked for this All this time, and I still can't see How your"
  • Silver - Peter Hammill
    "You lay your plans, I take them as they come, I understand: we dance to different drums. It's not in any schoolbook, you're here to teach a lesson to us all... we play by different rule-books. What you"
  • Silver - Hearts Of Black Science
    "You break away And you fall down Spin around Crash into the ground Black winter night Colored in blue Silver moonlight On the edge of morning sunshine You walk with me Killing your dream The wind is"
  • Silver - David Cook
    "When writing your history, I will always be a footnote A distant memory A warning sign of mistakes made The kind that you learn from This song is the best of me Taking pills for solemn motive A better"
  • Silver - Machine Head
    "Yes I hold some keys of gold With cigarettes and silver bullets Angels cry and devils lie The world is our stage Look inside and try and find The part of me that's whole I wish I knew But I got threw behind Take"

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