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simple minds big sleep

  • Big sleep - Simple Minds
    "So where did you go? Where do you go in the Big Sleep Going out in the Deep Sleep Is where you're wandering now So where did you go When you're in the Big Sleep Drifting in wildlife And still you're wandering"
  • Simple Minds Do Simple Things - Junior Senior
    "Just check Check it out Check it out now Simple minds do simple things Like give away big diamond rings Just give away, give away diamond rings Simple minds do simple things Well it's just another minute"
  • Simple Minds - Dag Nasty
    "all those years wanting to be here all those tragedies I screamed at and laughed at and threw in the trash and still they stand their lives burn so bright they've long since defined what's wrong and what's"
  • Simple Minds, Simple Lives - Spitalfield
    "The marketing kings are at it again They're selling you lies, becoming your friend Until the end Irresistible job, a role-playing game, the target is you And theyre taking aim So step outside We are"
  • Big Sleep - Texas
    "Sing low the baby 'cos we're here tonight Together everyone is here in sight The world and them, no they don't see our sky But no it isn't right Wash all the clothes when he is here in sight I couldn't"
  • Simple - Glen Phillips
    "I'm complication Live wire down I'm agitation distorted sound You're celebration Girl on a swing Passion and patience Unbroken ring You're simple, simple You're simple, Simply all I need I'm jagged rock You,"
  • Simple - Aaron Pritchett
    "Through a taxi window You see her wipe her tears Then drive away As the tail lights fade All at once the struggles seem so small It's not that complicated after all If you can't smile when she's not around If"
  • Simple - Katy Perry
    "You're such a poet I wish I could be Wesley Willis My words would flow like honey Sweet and laid on thick You're so edgy You don't even need a rhyming dictionary I wipe my hands on your jeans Cause they"
  • Simple - Company Flow
    "I'm wild with a dosage character closely cut from a fabric that's ferocious with a misanthropes motive and a quote that drips from a slit throat livid and sickly corroded, fuck it I'm precocious first"
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • Hearts & Minds - Farm
    "-------------- What they promised Will now comes true Don't tell me girl You should've knew Plastic gangsters and two bit hoods Heading for the ninties in their kid gloves Rolly, rolly Heading for the"
  • Jealous Minds - Robert Cray
    "Some people live to ruin a love so fine They know they'll never have what's yours and mine I know things won't get any better while we're apart So stop talking to your friends, and try listening with your"
  • Parallel Minds - Conception
    "The things I know're beyond belief gathered through ages like growing seeds I have absorbed the moment has come to challenge the royalty I'm succumb to a simple law follow the zeroes, follow the ones I"
  • Synchro-Minds - Autumn
    "The fabric of a dream dissolved, or so it seemed in the waking light Exchangeable goodbye Go on, catch your flight It's been a privilege Did we shake hands? Well, mine were shaking still with the passing of"
  • Twisted Minds - Possessed
    "Twisting my mind, Insane ripping out your brain, You're slain Grieving the sunset, Terror and your last breath is nearer Revenge! Draining your soul out, Bloodies awaiting the final sentence Grasping"
  • Empty Minds - Batalion d'Amour
    "Tonight I let the wind lull me to sleep My Night Of Virtue will close my eyes and then Sleep's black curtain will fall down I'll be so safe inside the arms of misery I'll feel your kiss upon my brow "
  • Devious Minds - Freddie Foxxx
    "Uh huh Bring it back baby Feel me on this... I can chop a beat like Funkmaster Flex Challenge any MC's style, so who's next (uh, yeah) I bring it ruff when I be rockin' Even in the south my flow be"
  • Devious Minds - Bumpy Knuckles
    "Uh huh Bring it back baby Feel me on this... I can chop a beat like Funkmaster Flex Challenge any MC's style, so who's next (uh, yeah) I bring it ruff when I be rockin' Even in the south my flow be"
  • Dangerous Minds - Mr. Shadow
    "(Shadow) Mentes peligrosas B.P.G. criminales terminado con pistolas all these putos talkin shit when im all up in it f**k you bitch eat a dick you aint slick when you enter in my block you You ain't"
  • Nasty Minds - D-12
    "Stop! You want me to do what? What are those? You want me to stick those in your what? What is on yo' nasty mind (nasty mind, nasty mind) Don't you wanna get fucked from behind (from behind, from"

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