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simple plan payphone

  • A Simple Plan - Pedro The Lion
    "the plants and the factories are perfectly run the workers and bosses are living as one people are equal people are good people are working as hard as they should be it's food for my family and clothes"
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • Payphone - M2M
    "Just cry You don't have to hide it from me Rely on me Just cry Even if you don't know why Rely on me Chorus That's what you said, but I don't know I'm walking here so all alone I wanna hear your voice"
  • Just A Simple Plan - Piebald
    "You got a window in the basement. You got a perfect view, but you don't care. Have you ever seen the things that go on outside? You got a door to your apartment So you can step outside and see the"
  • The Plan - Twoface
    "I am a joke Why don't you laugh I'm the drama in my own chaotic roleplay I am the fool That sings on the roof Without a song to sing Though it sounds all dramatic All I long for is just a simple song With"
  • The Plan - Slaves On Dope
    "I try to assure you That I'm not disillusioned And it's not where you are But that doesn't change the Way that I feel about the plan I know you're talking to I can't be the hand that Pushes them"
  • The Plan - Dominici
    "'''I.''' I went with great reluctance To meet with the strange man He promised to reveal to me A visionary plan Where all the worlds injustice And unfair cruelty Would all at once be wiped away What martyrs"
  • Plan A - The Dandy Warhols
    "All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing"
  • Simple Disobedience - Alice Cooper
    "Looks like all your laws are broken, all your lines are down And all your officers are shook up babbling little clowns Looks like all your power's gone, it's sprayed upon the wall In blood and spit, it"
  • Simple Man - Brandon Heath
    "Keep on keepin' on believin' You've never given me a reason to drop my faith and I won't leave you just for the sake of leavin' Cause I got every reason to stay It's a good little time to settle down"
  • Simple Lives - The Explosion
    "What you got is nothing Don't understand the world You're living in You need to take a walk outside And maybe then you'll open your eyes Livin' a life that you don't plan Never learned to take a stand They"
  • Simple Things - Amy Grant
    "Wake up baby look around Birds sing, ooooh that sound Reminds me of a line From Unchained Melody Feel like I'm a little girl Best thing in the whole wide world Is I can see the makings of a memory I remember"
  • San Francisco Payphone - Catch 22
    "one year ago today i tossed away a quarter that i should have saved i faked a fairwell fantasy and misbehavied i never made an effort my concsience went after all the time a speant dollars that i droped"
  • Bright Neon Payphone - Cut Copy
    "They all stay, But I don't know which way to go, And i've been hanging all the things that I used to know, And that's why it's coming through, I forget I was here with you, now that's all I can do, is"
  • A simple man - Lobo
    "Where do butterflies go when it rains? Who goes around & tucks in the trains? What makes a teddy bear like to sleep? Why do we all make promises that we can't keep? Where do puppy dogs go when their sad?"
  • A Simple Question - Action Action
    "Good morning sunshine: Form this dead letter day. I suppose i should have seen this But blindness prevails An easy game girl Just a simple plan You said you plan to hurt But that just means i'll hurt you I'll"
  • Garden Of Simple - Ani DiFranco
    "some crazy fucker carved a sculpture out of butter and propped it up in the middle of the bonanza breakfast bar and i am stuffing toast and sausage into my pockets under a sign that says grand opening"
  • Simple And Blunt - Insane Clown Posse
    "Check it out... Anther fuckin sampler, I won't even front I'll fuckin tell you all about our shit, simple and blunt And if you take the time to listen as I run this down Maybe you might even dig our shit"
  • Plan - NMR
    "Wymyśliłem w mojej głowie plan Na początku nawet nieźle szło Chciałem zdobyć sławę, szmal i Ją Moim szczęściem z każdym dzielić się Harowałem, szybko płynął czas W pocie czoła mijał każdy dzień Czasem"
  • Plan - Hopkins
    "Tak, to moje życie I mam na niego swój plan Dlaczego ciągle słyszę Co dalej robić mam Tak, to moje życie Więc pozwólcie mi czerpać siłę z jego dni Tak, to moje życie Tak, to moje życie Więc pozwólcie mi"

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