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simply twist of faith

  • Simply worship - Hillsong
    "I come to You in humble sacrificeHear my heart I worshipThe cares of life I lay them at Your throneWith childlike faith I simply worship YouVerse 2:No greater love has my heart ever knownIn awe of You"
  • Simply - Pillar
    "I've made it so hard on myself, turning my back on how You felt Seeing a lie that led me on, leaving a love that did no wrong That's what it took for me to say That You simply love Despite all the stupid"
  • Simply - De La Soul
    "Fear through time, is left behind, when we simply, havin A wonderful time, a beautiful time, leave the troubles you find at home Take some time, and ease your mind, when we simply, havin A wonderful time,"
  • Twist Of Fate - Emilia
    "Twist Of Fate This is my free will This is my song I'm telling you boy This is so wrong You can't go on like this Playing this game 'Cause all it will bring Is hurt and pain Give me strength God Give"
  • Twist of Fate - Theocracy
    "I. Descent Into The Valley Of The Shadow Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear Yea, though I breathe heavy struggle in every breath I will draw near II. Passage Through"
  • Simply Trusting Every Day - Hymns
    "Simply trusting every day;Trusting through a stormy way;Even when my faith is small,Trusting Jesus, that is all. Trusting as the moments fly,Trusting as the days go by,Trusting Him, whate'er befall,Trusting"
  • Twist - Nine Inch Nails
    "Well you've got me working so hard lately Working my hands until they bleed If I was twice the man I could be I'd still be half of what you need Still you lead me and I follow The small of your back up"
  • Twist - Phish
    "I spoke your name for many daysPronouncing it in several waysAnd moving letters all aroundAnd substituting every soundAnd when you heard the end result,I told you it was not my fault,If you were here more"
  • Twist - Holly Valance
    "Ice and a twistAnd a cigaretteStarts a night I won't forgetDrinks and a dance and a word or twoShare the time with someone newTwistTwistYou're locked in your landOn a private jetThe devil is at work out"
  • Twist - Xavier Rudd
    "Everybody gonna paddle out together Any kind of weather, 'cause everybody's OK Everybody gonna kick back together Speak about each other, 'cause everybody's OK Some people gonna twist up together Have"
  • Twist - Steel Pole Bath Tub
    "A two headed angel had falled from the sky It was living in a abandoned subdivision With a knocked out juvenile delinquent child He was never sorry for being a criminal in their eyes How could he be twisted Ever"
  • Hope (Twista) - Faith Evans
    "I wish the way I was livin' could stop Servin' rocks, knowin' the cops is hot when I'm on the block And I - wish my brother would've made bail So I won't have to travel six hours to see him in jail"
  • Simply Because - Rooney
    "Can you guess Why I haven't called you back? Well, I said I'm screening calls Even your calls Why am I Such a bad guy? I'm just doing other things Like you do other things I could never really love"
  • Simply Complicated - Sarah Sadler
    "We read like a magic book Everyday a different look Nothing here is black and white It's simply complicated You've been stumbling through my heart Should we stop or should we start/ I don't think I understand It's"
  • Simply Amazing - Trey Songz
    "Her head is on my chest, The sun comes rolling in We’re lost in these covers And all I feel is skin I slowly kiss your face Beautiful in every way You are, you are See I’m a man, that don’t believe in"
  • Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland
    "Is anybody home in there? I unexpectedly dropped by your heart I simply wanted you to hear The cry of my love's never ending start Impossible escaping you And circumstances never stand a chance So intrigued"
  • Simply Complicated - Jimmy Buffett
    "When you find out things about yourself That you hadn't ought to know When your grandma calls and books you on the Jerry Springer Show And you find out you and your wife of 10 years Just might be related Brother,"
  • Simply Deep - Solange
  • Simply Irresistable - Ginuwine
    "oooooooh oh yeah baby oooooooh yeeaaaah oh oh oh oh Hotter than New Orleans In summer time your so fine You walk by Now i wish i could press rewind yeeeeeahhhhh U sounding like a disco ball I can't say"
  • Simply Beautiful - Nouveaux
    "Cling to your feeble understanding Searching the confines of your mind You find no reason for believing Sinking in the ocean of your pride So you stand on a mountain and close your eyes Blind to all of"

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