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sin shake sin can't go to hell

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sin shake sin can't go to hell

  • Sin - Organized Konfusion
    "*Sounds of a baby crying* *Pharaohe Monch whining* Pharoahe: God why is it so difficult to get it through these niggas heads They can't fuck with me, I try to explain to the name won't misses Please"
  • Sin - Circus Maximus
    "All my life I have been a drifter Going down the paths that had no ending With Satan on my shoulder, I was an angel of the underground Nothing could ever stop me You're losing all, Losing all of control In"
  • Sin After Sin - Twisted Sister
    "------------------------------ so, you don't realize exactly what you do and though you never compromise it's all been up to you the lie you've been leading has you up to here in sin now you just can't"
  • Child Of Sin - Dr. Sin
    "Born on my back By the side of the tracks I was a scrappy little kid I sat at the knees of beggars and thieves I knew exactly what they did, shame Really kinda sad I never knew how bad it was I came"
  • Sin - Stone Temple Pilots
    "Holywater clouds my thinking Sinking low now Keep on drinking Down you go, suffer long Down you go, sin make me strong Down you go, suffer long Down you go, sin make me strong You control me, soul you"
  • Sin - Project Pitchfork
    "A star for you Velvet night Now count to eight Everything falls apart You form the wax In my hand Now count to one Blood on the blossom Be yourself No one else Now count to twenty We fall like kings"
  • Sin - Closterkeller
    "Now my time has come I am all alone No one wants me here anymore Gone are golden days Vanished in the haze I shall never dance like before Dark unrealistic spell Did my blood right in Stained me with"
  • Sin - Headplate
    "Sin I'm stuck in this lie, can't breathe; I can die I'm stuck with this fear, can't see, I cannot hear See the lie always on me, so scared I cannot see Please turn around from me, JUST SEE THAT ALL YOU"
  • Sin - Android Lust
    "You taught me to lie I taught you to fake it You asked me to take it with no explanation Red red wine makes a stain on your shirt and i pretend there's no stain at all You ask me to dance I turn you down You"
  • Sin - Nine Inch Nails
    "You give me the reason. You give me control. I gave you my Purity. My Purity you stole. Did you think I wouldn't recognize this compromise. Am I just too stupid to realize. Stale incense old sweat and"
  • Sin - Nuclear Assault
    "I wander through the streets at night Lost and cold, alone Bloody visions fill my dreams My heart is like a stone A stranger comes out of the mist Backons to call me near He leads me down the path of hate Down"
  • Dr. Sin - Dr. Sin
    "(Dr. Sin) Nothing is true but money talks Better believe that bullshit walks All the things for which we plead Are our desires but not our needs The road we're on leads straight to hell When we'll arrive"
  • God's Sin - Decoded Feedback
    "Everyday of our lives someone lives someone dies what is wrong what is fair what the hell nobody cares its god's sin its god's sin how cant you see its god's sin who will live who will die we are all"
  • Cardinal Sin - Black Sabbath
    "Where Do You Go When Your Conscience Takes Over Do You Crawl To Your Corner And Cry. Did You Imagine, That No One Would Notice Just A Secret To Take When You Die. All The World Is Watching You, Every"
  • Sin City - Seraphim Shock
    "You the dolls and a '57 chevy Lookin sick on the strip gettin sexy Murder spree 9 dead and 9 to go Bring on the nightmare rock n roll And when it all goes down down down And when there's nothing left"
  • Sin Wagon - Carrie Underwood
    "He pushed me 'round Now I'm drawin' the line He lived his life Now I'm gonna go live mine I'm sick of wastin' my time Well now I've been good for way too long Found my red dress and I'm gonna throw it"
  • Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks
    "He pushed me 'round now I'm drawin' the line He lived his life now I'm gonna go live mine I'm sick on wastin' my time Well now I've been good for way too long Found my red dress and I'm gonna throw it"
  • Original Sin - Meat Loaf
    "I've been looking for an original sin One with a twist and a bit of a spin And since I've done all the old ones 'till they've all been done in Now I'm just looking, then I'm gone with the wind Endlessly"
  • First Sin - Eternal Decision
    "Feeling low, drowning in this pain Reaping what I've sown And I feel I'm dying Should of known not to dive right in Tried to look away but now I am crying And I lost myself in a love that kills And now"
  • Company Sin - John Butler Trio
    "Ben got a job, at the mine along the way He said eveything was fine until that fateful day That's when his life started to change, The day he went to help and go blow up that mountain range He been moved"

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