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  • Asian Dub Foundation 1000 Mirrors (feat. Sinead O'Connor)
    "A scream, a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor And curtains colour in the windows Never seen behind closed doors A silent sage behind the lightness Domestic harmony for sure Now"
  • Eskobar Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O'Connor Cover)
    "Margareth Thatcher on TV Shocked by the deaths that took place in Beijing It seems strange that she should be offended The same orders are given by her I've said this before now You said I was childish"
  • Hazel O'Connor Dawn Chorus
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} Here I sit so silently, I wait by your opening door May flit, may fly, may not understand why, I fear, when I hear you are near me But did they listen, listen to you"
  • Hazel O'Connor Never Thought
    "Hazel O`Connor - Neil O'Connor See the flames they glow over the sky line See how far they shine Feel this heat it grows Feel this heat it shows Never thought that this could happen here Never never"
  • Hazel O'Connor D-Days
    "Hazel O'Connor Put on your face, put on your clothes Going out dancing, pose, pose Wind our bodies round and round Move to the rhythm of the fare rave sounds These are the decadent days These are the"
  • Hazel O'Connor Time After Time
    "Hazel O'Connor - Major Black Time after time, I will follow you, I lay myself on the line, I'll always try for you Because you, you are my inspiration you, you are my destination That's why time after"
  • Hazel O'Connor Those Eyes
    "Hazel O'Connor - A. Karner There have been eyes, have mystified me, have blinded me, those eyes and there have been arms, have held me tight all through some crazy nights, those arms Nobody was holding"
  • Hazel O'Connor Hold On
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} Hello old friend long time no see Except the sea between you and me And that's physical and that's impenetrable Left you laughing at the dreams that I told you Now I'm"
  • Hazel O'Connor Runaway
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} You hate yourself, so you hate everybody else People can make you feel small Small is a size when age just won't rise fast enough So you wait for the day, to be up get"
  • Hazel O'Connor Animal Farm
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} The cock it crowed "It's morning" the donkey said "Ee-aw" The pigs they grunted expectantly for the farmer to open the door The chickens started clucking, they could not"
  • Hazel O'Connor Mystifies
    "Hazel O`Connor - Neil O'Connor I want to see inside the situation I want to paint some backdrop for my own inspiration I want to seen to have been to have dreamed to my highest aspiration and I'm going"
  • Hazel O'Connor Smile
    "Hazel O`Connor - Neil O'Connor I swim across A sea of broken dreams I know that scene drownin's as easy as it seems Yeah I know, I smile and let it go I smile and let it go I smile across I try and dance"
  • Hazel O'Connor (Cover Plus) We're All Grown Up
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} Ah come on Let's go Let's all play mums and dads, come on Where do babies come from, mum? Shut up you naughty boy And put your clothes back on (CHORUS:) Mucky pup, cover"
  • Hazel O'Connor So You're Born
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} So you're born, so you're torn From a place that's safe and warm I took a journey to see a world And you're born And you're torn So you're pulled from pillar to post And"
  • Hazel O'Connor That's Life
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} Sometimes I find it so hard to understand We had some laughs together Together we tried to change hand in hand But now it's come to this, for now goodbye And I must"
  • Hazel O'Connor Tell Me Why
    "Hazel O'Connor - Major Black Tell me why, why, why when a man wants a woman does he give her his best, does he try to impress all the things he will do for her, why, when that man gets that woman, does"
  • Hazel O'Connor This Could Be
    "Hazel O'Connor - A. Karner There you go, make like the world owes you a living again what do you know, I have done for you the best that anyone could do... times have been hard, yeah I know, and the knocks destroy"
  • Hazel O'Connor To Be Freed
    "Hazel O'Connor - A. Karner I was drowning in my anger and my mystery, someone once told me it's a diver you must learn to be so I dived to the bottom of the ocean I made friends with the things that I"
  • Hazel O'Connor Still Breathing
    "Hazel O'Connor - Cormac De Barra Well did you ever get the feeling you've been here before Well I do! You see a face, you know a place Maybe it's deja-vu You better believe in the freedom You know the"
  • Hazel O'Connor Not For You
    "{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor} Don't promise you'll never leave me Cos, that would be a lie We don't perceive the change of time Tomorrow's the throw of the dice Believe me I have tried for you As much"

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