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sinead o'connor the chiftens

  • 1000 Mirrors (feat. Sinead O'Connor) - Asian Dub Foundation
    "A scream, a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor And curtains colour in the windows Never seen behind closed doors A silent sage behind the lightness Domestic harmony for sure Now"
  • Black Boys On Mopeds (Sinead O'Connor Cover) - Eskobar
    "Margareth Thatcher on TV Shocked by the deaths that took place in Beijing It seems strange that she should be offended The same orders are given by her I've said this before now You said I was childish"
  • Troy (Sinead O'Conner) - Rob Searle
    "I remember it Jumping in a rain storm Sitting in the long grass in the summer, keeping warm... I remember it That restless night We were so young then that we thought everything we could possibly do was"
  • After the fire - Sinead O'Connor
    "I heard a voice asking what happens after the fire And then a sound of breaking window and the scream of a tyre And then the sound of a distant gun and the cry of a hungry child The night is hot But nothing?s"
  • After the time - Sinead O'Connor
    "I heard a voice asking what happens after the fire And then a sound of breaking window and the scream of a tyre And then the sound of a distant gun and the cry of a hungry child The night is hot But nothing?s"
  • The Moorlough Shore - Sinead O'Connor
    "Your hills and dales and flowery vales That lie near the Moorlough Shore. Your vines that blow by borden's grove. Will I ever see you more Where the primrose blows And the violet grows. Where the trout"
  • The Singing Bird - Sinead O'Connor
    "I have seen the lark soar high at morn Heard his song up in the blue I have heard the songbird pipe his note The thrush and the linnet too But there's none of them can sing so sweet My singing bird"
  • The Parting Glass - Sinead O'Connor
    "Oh, all the money e'er I had, I spent it in good company. And All the harm that ever I've done, alas it was to none but me. And all I've done for want of wit to mem'ry now I can't recall; So Fill to me"
  • The Healing Room - Sinead O'Connor
    "I have a universe inside me Where I can go and spirit guides me There I can ask oh any question I get the answers if I listen I have a healing room inside me The loving healers there they feed me They"
  • The Butcher Boy - Sinead O'Connor
    "The Butcher Boy in Dublin town where I did dwell a butcher boy I loved so well he courted me my life away and now with me he will not stay I wish I wish but I wish in vain I wish I was a maid again but"
  • The Glory Of Jah - Sinead O'Connor
    "There is no holy one like U U install kings and take them down Truly there is no one beside U U made all of creation with wisdom May the glory of Jah endure forever The boughs of the mighty are broken And"
  • The tide is turning - Sinead O'Connor
    "I used to think the world was flat Rarely threw my hat into the crowd I felt I had used up my quota of yearning Used to look in on the children at night In the glow of their Donald Duck light And I frighten"
  • Tears From The Moon - Sinead O'Connor
    "Couldn't sleep so I went out walking Thinking about you and hearing us talking And all the things I should have said Echo now, inside my head I feel something falling from the sky I'm so sad I made the"
  • Jump In The River - Sinead O'Connor
    "The phone calls Always left me unsure They'd never say things of their own accord I am preoccupied I can't get them out of my mind They are terrified And if you said jump in the river I would Because"
  • The State I'm In - Sinead O'Connor
    "I'm circling around the Sun Hoping for a chance to see You above everyone To rescue me from this heat I'm waiting for night to fall And it's been days Are you sorry yet? You took our one and final"
  • Hold Back The Night - Sinead O'Connor
    "I want to walk Into the light Day has turned cold So hold back the night What will become Of you and I We had a dream Don't let it die Do you want to be Do you want to be My dying day My darkest"
  • Drink Before The War - Sinead O'Connor
    "Well, you tell us that we're wrong And you tell us not to sing our song Nothing we can say will make you see You got a heart of stone You can never feel You say "oh I'm not afraid - it can't happen to"
  • Empire Bob the bass - Sinead O'Connor
    "I'm looking at your soul, your soul, your soul, your soul I'm looking at your future, your future, future, future As I look into your eyes, these eyes, these eyes, these eyes I see another side, side,"
  • The Value Of Ignorance - Sinead O'Connor
    "You smile And there's blood on your lips Your hands show again What your mouth has kissed Now I know something I did not know before The thing that you've destroyed Is a thing you liked me for All those"
  • The Women Of Ireland - Sinead O'Connor
    "There's a woman in Erin who'd give me shelter and my fill of ale; There's a woman in Ireland who'd prefer my strains to strings being played; There's a woman in Eirinn and nothing would please her more Than"

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