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singla sweet lowin

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singla sweet lowin
  • Buju Banton Single Parent
    "Chorus consider, how she make it to the end of the day working so hard just to get paid as a single parent life aint easy playing the role of mom and dad Repeat Chorus Verse 1 woman I thank you, thank"
  • Dir En Grey Embryo (Single Version)
    "Mother Without a Face Without a Face My Sweet Mother Deadly Sweet Mother Mother My Sweet Mother Deadly Sweet Mother My Sweet Mother Deadly Sweet Mother == Roma-ji == Sou kawaranai mono"
  • Fish Charting The Single
    "Yeah! Slow French kissing with the Dauphin's daughter If I fall in love now I'll be floating in Seine Plastered in Paris I've had an Eiffel Gonna make my escape on the midnight train - Choo, choo to you"
  • Me And My Every Single Day
    "My sun don't shine anymore Cause you're not in my life I was so blind but now I know Your love's still playing with my mind Chorus: Every single day you were my sweetheart Every single day you touched"
  • Marillion Charting The Single
    "(Dick/Kelly/Pointer/Rothery/Trewavas) Yeah! Slow French kissing with the Dauphin's daughter If I fall in love now I'll be floating in Seine Plastered in Paris I've had an Eiffel Gonna make my escape on"
  • Youngstown Every Single Thing
    "Verse 1: I can't understand how I took it for granted Your love when I had it meant the world to me But I never told you guess I thought it would show through Should have known you'd grow teary from me So"
  • Roger Daltrey Single Man's Dilemma
    "(Blunstone) Every evening I come down here It's a heaven that I've found here Just looking out at what is going on I drank too much wine and whisky It makes everything go misty Oh I'd love to take you"
  • Skinny Puppy Inquisition (single Mix)
    "blatant manner speak parting bonding cement no longer holds parting too young to grow old addicted romance love tested from substance abuse wicked resenting never faces itself torturer taints animal"
  • Geri Halliwell Desire (Single Version)
    "I'm a sure-fire pussy cat I ain't gonna tell you that I'm giving myself away You're a real catch that's a fact I am gonna tell you that Baby I want you to stay My fever's high your tide is low Just"
  • Squeezer Sweet kisses
    "I want your sweet kissesI like your sweet kisses oh oh oh oh Squeezer pretty baby you drive me crazyevery single dayI love your sweet sweet kissesSweet it's all I want from youI need your sweet sweet kissesKisses"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Mama
    "Here we go... C'mon... I was raised on the west side Shanty Town I didn't get up 'til the sun went down When your backs against the wall you better get tough I learned real quick how to swing and duck I"
  • Ariana Grande Sweet Life
    "The best song wasn’t the single, but you weren’t either Livin’ in Ladera Heights, the black Beverly Hills Domesticated paradise, palm trees and pools The water’s blue, swallow the pill Keepin’ it surreal,"
  • Van Zant Sweet Mama
    "Written by Tom Hambridge, Bob Johnson and Donnie Van Zant I was raised on the west side shanty town. I didn't get up till the sun went down. When your back's against the wall, you better get tough, An'"
  • Train Sweet Rain
    "I remember when every other day was bad You were my brother, so tall was all you had Sireno was dead but we had you instead Now I remember our precious petting zoo Our delicate high school and all the"
  • Tindersticks Sweet Memory
    "Watching the days go by isn't half the fun it used to be When I could reach out from inside the folds of your skin Watching the sun rush by isn't as half as good now it's all silent round here Over"
  • Worlds Apart Sweet Joy
    "Sometimes small things Can change the way you feel about life And it's all so different now You make it so clear Whenever you're near I've opened my eyes Seen the dawn in a deep blue sky We could"
  • Maria Mena So Sweet
    "cool and soothing the wind is in your hair not a single care cigarettes and beer the speed of moving feels like you can fly feeling kinda high beneath the big blue sky you let go and landed on"
  • Sinead O'Connor Sweet violets
    "There once was a farmer, who took a young miss in back of the barn where he gave her a lecture on horses and chickens and eggs and told her that she had such beautiful manners That suited a girl of her"
  • Jamie Cullum Sweet insomnia
    "(Gwyn) I watch the world spin slowly, Through heavy sunken eyes, My head is filled with echos of sleepless lullabys, (Jamie) The ceiling started splitting, The shadow's crossed the light, My mind will"
  • 112 Sweet Love
    "Verse 1 And I want your body close, you on top of me (can you feel me) Im gunna make your body drip all over me, baby me inside of you So take off all your clothes, and through them on the floor ( youwont"

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