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sirenia the path to decay

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sirenia the path to decay

  • The Path To Decay - Sirenia
    "Life brings nothing for the same Keep searching new days on the horizon While time just seems to slip away Im leaving no trace along the way Seems like Im falling deeper, deeper inside myself Feels like"
  • Decay - Prong
    "In A State Of Arrested Decay Determined To Repeat The Same Mistake Cross Section Where Our Lives Meet Crumbling Foundation Beneath Our Feet Cross Section Where Our Lives Meet Ghosts In Our Houses Never"
  • Decay - Velvet Acid Christ
    "it's too late now to start the fight it's too late now to get out of sight it's too late now to try and run away it's too late now all our lives are decay we sit alone watch the world explode watch"
  • Decay - Ride
    "We have short time to stay Our night is slipping far away Caught up within bad memories Our growth seems certain to decay Now this feeling's so alive But, as you or anything, we die We die Let's stay"
  • Decay - Amatris
    "Time to withdraw from life Death's calls reached me My work is not complete Yet I can't resist anymore Time has come to reach out for another world Life is a sequence of decay An icy-cold touch"
  • Decay - Rie Fu
    "You could've said a word but you turned away Why do you always act such a passive way? Now don't you ever think that I would suck up to you But I still believe in you hisoyaka ni kurasu kyojintachi todokanai"
  • Angel's Decay - Samael
    "You Know My Friend I've Been Walking On A Really Strange Path Lately I'm So Glad You Were Not There To See My Fall, To See Me Passning On My Wound So Deep My Veins Open Wide Letting Flow My Distress Letting"
  • Path - Apocalyptica
    "I want to live in fire with all the things I desire it's all good if you let me dive with some sharks on the ground You lose your routine You lose your routine 'cause i found my path What the hell are"
  • Path - Thaurorod
    "I run in woods and mountains My home is everywhere My herd is calling my name I hear them howling there I'm listening sound of earth And blessing every birth Every day is new day Nature leads my way I"
  • Path - Bipolar
    "She lies down and cries herself to sleep Every night a battle that never seems to cease Her twisted heart can't heal without a mind To crush the shadow cast when she crossed the line Another day is"
  • Eat-Grow-Decay - EverEve
    "What the hell should i fight for? What the hell should i know? What the hell should i care about? Is there somewhere i should go? I'm the slayer of my brother, It dosent matter much to me. You asked me"
  • Mental Decay - Rage
    "Knight of virtue Men of war Ideals of your time Sense of duty You've done what they expect you to do Missiles'll save us In Video games they do Mental decay I will laugh when you must cry Mental decay Why"
  • Decay Dance - Xe-None
    "Decay Dance Don't fuck up yourself This world not for us All is divided, All is sold out. Hide your tears Deep in your eyes Watch the dawn Of world demise Hide your fear It's not the end But you can't"
  • Orbital Decay - Nocturnus
    "Mist, like vapor Creeping through systems Searching for a host Hungry, for extinction A drifter through stars With no signs of damage Orbital Decay. Objective is infection Invisible to prey. Life is no"
  • Social decay - Death Threat
    "Social decay in our society Living in a world with no humanity Innocent people dying everyday Bloodshed - the American Way And all these people they close their eyes And carry on with their picture perfect"
  • Elemental Decay - Agressor
    "Astral spirits run through the limbos Where no physical laws could govern there The old time is lost when human being Worshipped God, was afraid of him We keep our knowledge Too dangerous for us Our craft"
  • Human Decay - Caedere
    "Burning eyes, a glowing red. Sandblast tortures our faces. Sight reduced to zero. A sinister howling, heaviness of heart. Rays of light blocked by toxic clouds. Dejection by the nutritive strength of"
  • Nuclear decay - Dope Stars Inc.
    "Acid rain fall down the whole day and the sunlight is a distant thought Few survivors. Desperation living in a post-atomic world With a neverending winter and few synthesized pills for food it's the first"
  • Innards Decay - Cannibal Corpse
    "Rotting alive Tearing my way through the meat Driven to kill, my brain twitching for guts Devoted to evil Severed arteries gush Hungry for the blood Life is to decay Victims meet my blade, carving out"
  • Internal Decay - Necrodeath
    "Poisoned souls, exposed by me Death's increase One thousand lies of burning shame In morbid soul Consecrate the chosen one Life of me Carry your hand in my prophecy The blood will flow Morbid oblivious Sickened"

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