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sister in act

  • Act Five - Peter Hammill
    "CHORUS Late that evening the Lady Madeline again succumbed to the power of her dark afflictions. Her brother and her friend sat by her and Montresor, although familiar with many of the gross and wonderful phenomena"
  • Act One - Peter Hammill
    "'''THE CHORUS''' The chorus has often an unenviable role to play, often a distasteful task to perform; summoned as witness to uncounted crime, she's the silent accomplice of all, then she turns and comments"
  • Act - Blindside
    "I will drive a thousand miles To escape the smog in this town I will drive although I don't have a license To escape the ideal that this city crowns Hide every little scar with so much make-up The skin"
  • Oh Sister - Andrew Bird
    "Oh, sister, when I come to lie in your arms You should not treat me like a stranger. Our Father would not like the way that you act And you must realize the danger. Oh, sister, am I not a brother to you And"
  • Oh, Sister - Bob Dylan
    "Oh sister when I come to lie in your arms You should not treat me like a stranger Our Father would not like the way that you act And you must realize the danger. Oh sister am I not a brother to you And"
  • Sister - Span
    "Sister Sister I asked for the world to stop, life but the living has blown it up. I give my prayer to you. I cast my face in the deepest mud, I killed our mother with the coldest blood. But still I pray"
  • Sister - Creed
    "Caught up in the middle Had no choice, had no choice Birthright forgotten, so silent No voice I see you You know who Little sister, little sister Now realize little sister Overlooked little girl Now realize"
  • Sister - Live
    "see me walking aimlessly about, don't know whether to whisper or to shout, i could be wrong, i could be very, very right. here i stand, innocence in my room she's naked in my bed, wild thoughts inside"
  • Sister - Holly McNarland
    "he's gone miles high is he going miles higher? he's gone miles high isn' t that your sister climbing in the window? tapping on the glass hoping that you'll open easy does it easy are you standing down"
  • Sister - Prince
    "I was only 16 but I guess that's no excuse My sister was 32, lovely, and loose She don't wear no underwear She says it only gets in her hair And it's got a funny way of stoppin' the juice My sister never"
  • Sister - Lenny Kravitz
    "Sister Did you have to fall in love With a man That never was Up to no good He took your soul And he stole your only heart Flipped your wig and left a permanent scar Sister Did you have to go away You"
  • Sister - Sebadoh
    "Damned if I do, and damned if I don't I told you I loved you, I wish that I hadn't You don't seem the same I guess I know you too well I knew I was falling, but I didn't know how low I'd fell Sister, oh"
  • Sister - Kelly Price
    "Sister You Don't Have To Cry Everything Will Be Alright My Sister You Don't Have To Weep Cuz Things Are Getting Better A Mother Worries About The Son She Raised Alone Cuz He Is Fighting With Danger"
  • Sister - No Angels
    "He's a man, he's a wolf And he feels the pain of centuries Tug of war, not to solve, between his heart and mind unfortunately Shut his mouth, long ago, He was too proud and he didn't know It's a fear,"
  • Sister - Nixons
    "Here I am again, Overwhelming feelings A thousand miles away From your ocean home Part of me is near Thoughts of what we were invade The miles that stand between We can't separate You're all I hoped you'd"
  • Sister - Icehouse
    "There's something you ought to know about the latest model she's not the usual kind she's made of mindless metal she's not exactly normal but I don't care she's got to be the one got to be the two got"
  • Sister - Sister2Sister
    "reswick/werfel/muscat/muscat/muscat she won't get off the phone she won't leave me alone when I'm talking to that guy she can be a real nightmare gets me to do her hair then says it never turns out"
  • Sister - Sarah Bettens
    "Sister I know there been times When you didn't think I, Was a very good friend Sister you must think I'm out of my mind It's a struggle sometimes to pretend But I know what I'm doing, I know who I am I"
  • Sister - Trina
    "Not a day goes by that you're not on my mind Never hesitate to come to you when I'm I'm feeling like my world is coming down like rain Just to hear your voice makes it ok 1 - Always let me know that you're"
  • Sister - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "It's been coming for months i got something to sayWe're breaking up and there's no easy wayThis siutation i never anticipatedHow was i supposed to know you was related?She's older, she's fitter and her"

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