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sivesta family

  • Family - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton/Carl Perkins) When it's family, you forgive them for they know not what they do When it's family, you accept them, 'cause you have no choice but to When it's family, they're a mirror of"
  • Family - The Chainsmokers with Kygo
    "i know water that’s thicker than blood that’s deeper than love whit my friends people come and some people go and some people ride to the end when I am blind in my mind I swear they be my rescue my lifetime I"
  • Family - Dar Williams
    "Can you fix this? It's a broken heart. It was fine, but it just fell apart. It was mine, but now I give it to you, Cause you can fix it, you know what to do. Let your love cover me, Like a pair of angel"
  • Family - Feist
    "In a dressmaker shop in Greece The pins stick like tongues on pause Or butts in an ashtray Lunchtime packages Waxed and wrapped in hell Down a dusty road Inside an apron ford It's cool it's cool to love"
  • Family - RBD
    "No matter what you need from me You know you got it If I can give you anything You know you got it You can call me any moment If you need some love I'll be there I'll be there I'll be there If something"
  • Family - Rebelde
    "No matter what you need from me You know you've got it If I can give you anything You know you've got it You can call me any moment If you need some love I'll be there I'll be there I'll be"
  • Family - Sesame Street
    "Dad: First was me Mom: Then was we (the son and daughter come out) Mom and Dad: Then was them All: And that made all of us And we're a family! A family! A family! Each loves the other Mother,"
  • Family - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant) Where have you come from Where are you going Tell me what's brought you here now Is your heart singing Then share what you're bringing We all are a part of the show 'Cause we are all going"
  • Family - Podunk
    "I was born under open skies 72 sweet july Blessed with my mama's eyes Blessed with my mama's eyes If you could see my mother's eyes, her eyes Daddy kept our bellies full inside He taught me and brother"
  • Family - Dreamgirls
    "'' '' What about what I need? '' Curtis says it's the best thing for the group.'' '' '' What about whats best for me? '' He feels the Dreams can crossover.'' '' '' What about how I feel? '' But"
  • Family - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "if i am rubber and you are too whatever you say bounces around and around and around from me to you and i know you are and so am i yah i know you are but so am i yah i'm you're mother yah i'm you're"
  • Family - Dreamgirls soundtrack
    "Effie: What about what I need? (Curtis says it's the best thing for the group) What about what's best for me? (He feels the Dreams can cross over) What about how I feel? (But when we're famous, I'll"
  • Family - Mystikal
    "Chorus: Mystikal & Girl Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here) Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here) Tell me where you from round? (I'm from right chere) Where's ya family?, mighty family, Where's"
  • Family - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Verse 1) (Kaine) I had a partner named Courtney, (DEAD!) Pulled by a van, blood gone from his head I had another partner named Terry, (DEAD!) Tried to flee the scene Before they hit'em wit the left My"
  • Family - Bobaflex
    "Mother was a caterpillar You should have seen her cocoon But wait theres much much more She'll be breaking out in time She'll be different too More powerful than before Now she's got dragon wings And she"
  • Family - Ignite
    "Weve wiped out clans and families My species kills off everything Close to me Eradicate all packs of wolfes Shooting trapping poisoning Wasting insanity No more future No real meaning No more murder No"
  • Family - Hinol Polska Wersja
    "Jeśli z nami grasz W górze ręce mas To jesteś dla nas Dla nas jak family Jak się ciągle srasz Do nas problem masz Lepiej słowa wąż Zważ i zamknij ryj Podnieca cię lans Wywożonych gwiazd Na to nie ma szans Naszych"
  • Family - Nas
    "(feat. Mobb Deep) Yo.. Dunn you fam to me, and only family that can get that close to me Keep it type strong Blowin green that's keepin us goin Allah Havoc gettin right, on them 747 Dunn you fam to"
  • Family - Bjork
    "Is there a place Where I can pay respects For the death of my family Show some respect Between the three of us There is the mother and the child Then there is the father and the child But no man and a"
  • Family - New Model Army
    "Joey puts her makeup on really well She looks cool in the flashing lights And all the boys gossip about the shape Of her legs On these muddled up and drunken nights And if it's all got to end up between"

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