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six vidoes girl 19

  • 19 - Paul Hardcastle
    "In 1965, Vietnam seemed like Just another foreign war But it wasn't, it was Different in many ways As so were those Who did the fighting In World War II The average age of the Combat soldier was twenty-six In"
  • 19 Years Old - Muddy Waters
    "I'm gonna say somethin' to you I don't care how you feel You just don't realize You got yourself a good deal She's nineteen years old And got ways just like a baby child Nothin' I can do to please her To"
  • Six Minutes - Dungeon Family
    "(big rube) 360 seconds it's on Unlimited firsts, from calibers unknown Come wit it in ya verse, or take a job and stay gone I don't care if it's rehearsed or off the top of your dome With this specified"
  • Six Queens - Larrikin Love
    "I'm the sixth queen I'm the wrong queen I've got mascara running through my bloodstream I'm on the hot step I've got a broken heart I want to be a cherry lipped little cheap tart There's a boy with"
  • Deep Six - Big Black
    "Yeah! He was a plug-ugly son of a bitch With a fist where most folks get their face He was a plug-ugly son of a bitch With a fist where most folks get their face Me and a half dozen of us would've done"
  • Six Minutes - Joe Budden
    "Its your motherf**kin boy Yeah Jump Off Joe Budden here Clinton Sparks We gonna get familiar with it We gonna get familiar together matter fact Boston stand up Jerz stand up Sparks, solid its your boy It'ssssss... It'ssssss... THAT"
  • Monday Morning 5:19 - Rialto
    "At eight o'clock we said goodbye That's when I left her house for mine She said that she'd be staying in Well she had to be at work by nine So I get home and have a bath And let an hour or two pass Drifting"
  • I Was Only 19 - The Herd
    "(yep, check) Mum, Dad and Denny were some amongst many who turned up to see the passing out parade at Puckapunyal Seemed every man and his mongrel watched cadets stumble on the long march to the Viet jungle "Oh"
  • The Collector 19:01 - Twelfth Night
    "Kingdom come come kingdom go That you may carve upon my grave stone When confined in a six walled box I will no longer hear the clocks Indifferenty ticking in cold deserted mansion halls Kingdom come come"
  • 19 - Pencey Prep
    "I wear myself too thin Can't help myself this time I'm on the outside looking in Can't see my self this time Don't wanna go Don't wanna drive back home There's nothing left for me It's 1 AM It's 2 AM It's"
  • 19 - Myslovitz
    "Wokół tylko strach Nie wiem co się może stać Co otacza mnie Czy teraz przyszłość jest Byś w ciekawych czasach żył Ja legendą, nie ten film Nie chcę, mam to gdzieś Możesz ułożyć się do snu Ja właśnie"
  • Officer I Swear She's 19 - Ten Foot Pole
    "just another night, another bar, another town, i was talking to myself though the guys were all around, then she walked up started dancing on the bar, i showed her to my car, all her high school friends"
  • Six o'clock news - Hall Tom T
    "She's been climbin' up in the world I've been slidin' on downHer life is like a french poodle mine's like an old fox houndYou wouldn't believe that I know her it hurts me through and throughHere I am worried"
  • Kicks After Six - Scorpions
    "(Francis Buchholz, Jim Vallance, Herman Rarebell, Klaus Meine, Jim Vallance) Another morning, such as ordinary day She's doin' time from nine to five The hours waste away There's no escape, She's a part"
  • Every Six Seconds - O-Town
    "Every six seconds Every six seconds Baby I can't stop My mind from slipping Every Six seconds or less Preoccupation with the opposite sex And you're the one I blame For making me go missing I think of"
  • Six 12's - Webbie ft. Mouse
    "I ride down ya street u can hear me in ya den. Shakin niggas walls when I put it past 10 G- S**t, I ain't even gotta rap in em I Like to play tha songs with alotta slap in em The amp turned up so it sound"
  • Six Strings Away - Waylon Jennings
    "(Waylon Jennings) In days gone by but not forgotten I plowed in the fields and I pulled in the cotton Things you'd never think I've done when you see me now I pick and sing and they think I'm a star But"
  • Six Years Gone - The Georgia Satellites
    "It's been forever and a day since I felt like this want a fifth of wild turkey and one little kiss and I don't miss that girl if I did I wouldn't let it show I might go to the moon might wind up dead wake"
  • Six feet under - Neurotic Outsiders
    "Huh! I wanna swim the world I'm gonna get that girl i wanna be your dog i can see too far I got no time to waste I'm gonna blow this place I got an nasty itch My life's so rich Now you know I'm here to"
  • Six Forty Five - Firewater
    "Six Forty five. And the sun has cut the sky. And the clouds are still bleeding. As mean while I. I drink alone outside the bar at the end of the world. So this is how it feels. Ten Twenty five And"

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