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sixx am scars

  • Scars - Elegeion
    "Every time I see, my eyes, in my reflection... I can't help but be disappointed, at who I am... And everytime I feel, my skin, breaking on metal ... It helps me be quiet, and quiet's where I need to be"
  • Scars - Ray Boltz
    "I heard Him call my name He said I've come to save you But I was so ashamed I turned to walk away But He reached out His hand He said I have something to show you And what I saw changed my life that day I"
  • Scars - Grave
    "Scars from a shattered life Sunk into an emotional abyss Memories of blood Multiple voices inside of me Dismembered personality I'm lost in my sick head I am paranoid (will I ever be the same) Lost in"
  • Scars - Melissa
    "I feel myself changing No regrets about this I hate them all I am them all I want me to see That's what I need To be my own self They come and go But I stay They leave scars"
  • Scars - Close Your Eyes
    "I can hear them say that I'll always be this way, but am I so different that I can never change? Their hearts won't heal all the scars that they have made How can they forget that I am still a man? Go"
  • Scars - Moving Units
    "Scarred in the heart Slashed in the vein Nothing is changing Nothing's the same Lost in the head Batteries dead Crawling inside a stranger instead while you're Waiting for somebody else (Waiting) Somebody"
  • Scars - Hannah Fury
    ""Scars" is based on the traditional English-American folk ballad "Scarborough Fair." Please don't go to Scarborough Fair Violets, roses, thistles and vines Remember me, I am still here He was not a true"
  • Scars - Smith/Kotzen
    "Sometimes i feel like a helpless child Alone in the night Sometimes i feel so far from the light I am alone on And endless road Looking for a sign The crossroad Strerches out head But i don’t know which"
  • Scars remain - Disciple
    "What is all this? The question I am asking Its not what is I feel like I was promised This hurts, this leaves a lasting laceration I cant believe that this is what my faith was for The scars remain, reminds"
  • Leaving Scars - Lapis Lazuli
    "Nothing more than a hollow shadow, nothing left but a fragile being Is this what I am doomed to become, is this all that is left behind for me? This will not take my spirit from me, they will not be the"
  • These Scars - Eleventeen
    "And I want to forget all Ie seen, And all the pain that been placed before me And Il try to think of better days, but Il still scarred from your mistakes And all I want is some sunshine on my life, And"
  • Sixx Minutes - Snoop Dogg
    "Yeah yeah yeah, make some motherfuckin noise Yo Doggy Dogg you're on, live on stage Performin tonight, excuse me Doggy Dogg you're on YOU KNOW! The one and only Don Corleone, the big homey y'know me Well"
  • Sixx Minutes - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Intro: Yeah yeah yeah, make some motherfuckin noise Yo Doggy Dogg you're on, live on stage Performin tonight, excuse me Doggy Dogg you're on YOU KNOW! The one and only Don Corleone, the big homey y'know"
  • Made Of Scars - Stone Sour
    "This one came from looking This one opened twice These two seem as smooth as silk, flush against my eyes This one needed stitches and This one came from rings This one isn't even there, but I feel it more"
  • Scars Of Tomorrow - War Of Ages
    "There's no one left with the strength to save the world from itself Join in the fight Your hands will bear the scars of life Grab your weapons and rise I'd give anything for one more chance to fight"
  • Scars That Save - Kids In The Way
    "Over and over your blood covers me. How many times will it take me to see. I am so dangerous. I am so irresponsible. Here I am, broken again, but then you show me, you're wearing the scars that save. How"
  • Scars Of Your Disease - The Agony Scene
    "I am the ever-forsaken Bastard child of your disease Your dead and abandoned Strung up foe all of you to see Naked and screaming So beautiful, profane The essence of bleeding The scars that bare my name I"
  • Scars Of The Past - Nightrage
    "All my life I've been walking In the shade of your dark world Blinded by fears of this frail world You've created. My mind my senses Are totally numb. Falling deeper Into your reality. A never-ending pain is"
  • Scars - Superheist
    "Scars! Scars! Birth and growth, Lessons learn't and stories told, Abandon all you ever knew, So wake up! It's what you're like you're on, It's what you're getting on, Your heart in pumping, its jumping, That's"
  • scars - Chris Perricelli
    "Chris Perricelli falling in death scars My scars,big,black scars whitch bleed all the time my scars,thick and ugly i cannot commit this crime thick black scars (chorus) the blood from the scars from"

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