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skankin sweet

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skankin sweet
  • Stuck Lucky Skankin' With A Handgun
    "Write these words down baby time and time again But the feeling doesn't come without focusing within Break the backbeat down to that first and free sound Add it all up girl keep it underground Say you'll"
  • Sweet Sweet Fa
    "Connolly/Priest/Scott/Tucker Well it's friday night And I need a fight And if she don't spread I'm gonna bust her head The guy's gone mad 'Cause his chicks been had But what can we do When there's"
  • Lamb Sweet
    "Sunshine takes me To a place where I living free Something in your eyes Is telling me This is where I want to be But I never thought it would be So Sweet, sweet, sweet The way you make me feel Funny How"
  • Bonnie Pink Sweet
    "It's so sweet that you keep them on the sidelines It's so sweet that you cannot say good-bye to any one of them It's so sweet that you like my wound with mustard You're so sweet But is it sweet? Is it"
  • Trace Adkins Sweet
    "Back as far as I remember Mama always worried about me Ya See Mama knew my taste in women She'd say whatever you do, boy find you one that's sweet Mama I finally found one that I'd like you to meet"
  • Dreams Come True Sweet Sweet Sweet
    "* * Repeat x2 {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== Chiisana mune no fukurami mo KISS de nureta kuchibiru mo Tada anata no tame ni dake Shizuka ni yureru kata-goshi Hosoku"
  • Ryan Kulla Sweet
    "Shes super sweet Shes the kinda girl that makes you think Before you open your mouth to speak Cuz her ears deserve only the best The kinda girl thats not easy to impress So different from all the rest You"
  • Toby Keith Sweet
    "She came through the front door lookin' fast as a big train Bookin' down the line And she was lookin' fine Long and lean and dressed to kill Stacked up high with perfect wheels and there ain't no chance,"
  • Killing Heidi Sweet
    "*Chorus* Sweet home let them go Let them free Sweet home let them go And let them free Now sweet home give me be Too many here right now It'll never be a happy home With it's people crying out Gotta listen"
  • Howie Day Sweet
    "bittersweet your too complete ask me why you're over there and you're shy to stare you catch her eye when you do she looks at you with silent signs and i know that you glow like the sky you've got nowhere"
  • Annie Sweet
    "(*Annie, B. Higgins, M. Cooper, N. Coler, T. Powell {Produced by Xenomania}) [** All Night EP (Special Edition Bonus Disc):] There's a place that's strange Where everybody knows my name And they dance"
  • T-Pain Sweet
    "['''Verse 1'''] Yeah Weve been in this situation Like once or twice Before now And I liked it cause you liked it Yeah Sweet anticipation So very nice But how? Do we fight it? No fighting What we feel is"
  • 311 Sweet
    "Take a chance on something, star You've got all the live-long day If I had to name one thing you think Would ya be hard pressed to say? You can say that I'm gushy At least you know what I think I know"
  • Jay-Z Sweet
    "Sweet! And Still There's Pain If I Would Have Grew Up To Be A Doctor, My Nephew Would Have Grew Up To Do The Same But Since I Grew Up Through The Game, And My Influence Is The Same And My Therapy Is Music,"
  • Lily Frost Sweet!
    "Call me, beep me, love me more! You saved my butt today and for that i want to thank you. And for that you are so sweet Sweeter then sugar, baby. Honey, honey you're no match for my guy! My guy is sweeter"
  • Burton Cummings Sweet Sweet
    "Sweet sweet The memories she's makin' you Sweet sweet The memories she's makin' you to keep Sweet sweet Don't understand how her head got tricky Don't understand what it is she's tryin' to do But it's"
  • Wild Strawberries Sweet
    "Did I tell you she's not good for you Did I mention she's not free Can I tell you can I show you I've been waiting on my knees I will be your movie star I will be your movie queen I will touch you in the"
  • Switchblade Symphony Sweet
    "Broken people, hollow and feeble. They're rolling, rolling up the hill. Rotten ingrates, stupid mistakes. They're rolling, rolling up the hill. Wishing wells and cockel shells, they swim throughout my"
  • Oingo Boingo Sweet
    "Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! Born for trouble, poised for action Ready to spring at a moment's notice Nerves like a trigger, waiting to be pulled Covered with sweat, it ain't nice Sweat! Help me please I'm burning"
  • SID Sweet?
    "Akogare senkou kata sugari tsuita JINX yotei chou wa kirei ni donichi kuuhaku Yumemi ga china matsuge mo itsukara ka nekoze gimi ne Hachi kara juu nana nan to naku Kutabireteru PUMPS wo nugisuteta kanojo"

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