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skill special force2

  • Dope Skill - Viktor Vaughn
    "(MF Doom/Viktor Vaughn) It's Vik, known to kick a no joke vocal And givin a chance, yoke ya slow poke local yokel Don't smoke krill, won't need topal If the fluoride don't kill ya then the soap will Dope"
  • Funhouse Skill - Scissorfight
    "Something caught in the headlights Hallucination swell Make like an ocean diver The surging Current wreaking havoc within My head's not right My head's not right The tentacle of the funhouse skull Has"
  • Fire drill skill - Chamillionaire
    "Hustlin the grands, hustle cause I canHustle like my mother was in love with rubber bandsRussia and Japan, Russia pass the fansI am not a sucker, sucker mother was a StanI ain't never ran, I am number"
  • Beauty Is A Skill - Buck 65
    "i say tomato (toh-may-toh) so instead you say (toh-mah-toh), and i say light-skinned but you say mulatto. i don't know, i prefer to go straight off the chest, ya suck certain judges' dicks and then you"
  • Paranoia Is A Skill - The A.K.A.S
    "Is this the place, the place I wake up everyday? Is this the face, the face I fake everyday? Is this the way I comb my hair, is this the way I wear my clothes? Is this the way is this the way? Is this"
  • My lack of skill - The Early November
    "All my life, I waited for something great,Here I am with nothing showing.And all I want, yes it is all I wanted- it's usI lost my chance maybe a month ago.I waited long but I got to thinkingI waste my"
  • Special - Violent Femmes
    ""You smile, because you know. You smile, because you know. You smile, I told you so. Come on give me a smile, I'm gonna let you know. You're something special, You're something special, You're something"
  • Special - Ezspecial
    "My friends are amazing They always keep that smile for me And all those times That I need some support They just listen carefully I feel Special Special I feel Special Special I'm stuck in the traffic The"
  • Special - Vitamin C
    "I been trying for so long To get you where I stand Feel like I been climbing all my life Everybody told me I'd never ever get this far I know I can make it if I try There's the special things that come"
  • Special - Wheatus
    "I been trying for so long To get you where I stand Feel like I been climbing all my life Everybody told me Id never ever get this far I know I can make if I try Theres the special things that come"
  • Special - As Fast As
    "Woman seeking man Who's interested in dating Who enjoys the beach and skating Must have good intentions Please no drunks or smokers Have a job and did I mention? That I am very down to earth in all the"
  • Special - Shamra
    "won't make this sound better Than it really is I'm very hard to read Always leaving you in suspense I feel something special When we are together I feel something special When we are apart For you this"
  • Special - Boris
    "uhuh.. yeahh.. mmmm.. ohhhhh I'd never thought we would be here tonight After the fall, After it all Now could we fly I'd never thought I'd be here to find Sometimes the best can come as the last surprise Shaddered"
  • Special - Stephen Lynch
    "When I was a boy of 10, I had a very best friend Ed was kind, with good intent But just a little different Oh, special Ed Mama dropped him on his head Now he's not so bright instead He's a little bit"
  • Special - Better Than Ezra
    "Are you real? Are you real or just a dream? It's been so long, I don't know. I can feel. I can feel you with me now. Even though you're far away. Some are special. They come back, racing through your mind. You"
  • Special - Shifty
    "(Chorus:) Everything I do, I do for you, And I could never live my life without, And late at night when I dream about you, I've heard of special, nothin special like you, And everything I do, I do"
  • Special - Mew
    "You're special You're like rocket through me Ohh, you're special You're a rocket to me And I cannot this time Agarina You can't say no Agarina This time you will go You're special You're like a rocket"
  • Special - Dickey Lee
    "The only thing I really own is what you see me wearing on my back The only friends I've ever known are the kind you meet along a railroad track The kind you bum tabacco from and see the world through a"
  • Special - Charlie Landsborough
    "There never was anyone quite like me I'm the only me that you'll ever see From the top of my head to the tip of my toe Oh, oh, oh I'm special you know ------- There never was anyone like me or you"
  • Special - Garbage
    "I'm living without you I know all about you I have run you down into the ground Spread disease about you over town I used to adore you I couldn't control you There was nothing that I wouldn't do To keep"

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