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skillet moster

  • Skillet - The Time
    "Uaah! We don't need no microwave. Skillet. Ha haa! Dance, now we're sizzlin'. Yeah, uh. Shock effect straight out the box. Whenever I want to rock and roll the groove a bit. Sexy shake from the heat I"
  • Moster hospital - Metric
    "Monster hospital, can you please release me?You hold my hands down, I've been badYou hold my arms down, I've been badI've been bad, I've been badI fought the war but the war wonMonster movie, Daddy Warbucks"
  • Das gelbe Moster - Rosenstolz
    "Warum hat er es Und warum hab ichs nicht Warum bin ich hier Und nicht anderswo Da wo alle sind Da wo alle sind Und warum kann ich nicht Warum lass ich es Immer wieder zu mir rein Dieser Neid zerfrisst"
  • My Big Iron Skillet - Wanda Jackson
    "You are doing wrong again it's plain for all to see And you think here at home is where I ought to be There's gonna be some changes made when you get in tonight Cause I'm gonna teach you wrong from right With"
  • Always The Same - Skillet
    "You never change Always the same x3 You never change Always the same x3 Strange how everyting Seems to rearrange Apart from who You are Nations rise and fall Build, rebuild the walls They all fall down But"
  • Live Free Or Let Me Die - Skillet
    "Death until the dust, and we're waiting Ruined in the rust, of our craving It feels like, it feels like Don't you know the cost, of your betrayal? You're the one that's lost, you're gonna fail It feels"
  • Jesus, Jesus - Skillet
    "Jesus, Jesus Holy and anointed One, Jesus Jesus, Jesus Risen and exalted One, Jesus Chorus: Your name is like honey on my lips Your spirit's like water to my soul Your word is a lamp unto my feet Jesus"
  • Boundries - Skillet
    "I stand here closed and open Praying for the summer rains Reaching in to pull back the curtains Ruling in this desolate land I will let me go my walls melt away You have no boundries You cross my borders You"
  • Looking For A - Skillet
    "Walk this world alone try to stay on my feet Sometimes crawl, fall, but I stand up cause I'm afraid to sleep And open my eyes to a new day, with all new problems 4. and all new pain All the faces are"
  • Whispers - Skillet
    "despite the lies that you're making your love is mine for the taking my love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses i will be the one that's gonna hold you i will be the one that you run to my love"
  • Who Is Like Our God? - Skillet
    "Great is the Lord King Jesus See how His majesty is lifted high Great is the One who saves us Who is like our God, Lord I lift you up(x2) Lord I lift you up Lord I lift you up Age to age, always the"
  • Will You Be There (Falling Down) - Skillet
    "As I fall to sleep Will you comfort me When my heart is weak Will you rescue me Will you be there As I grow cold Will you be there when I'm falling down Will you be there When I'm in retreat Can I run"
  • Your Love Is Better Than Life - Skillet
    "I walk through the desert, hide from the sun All that I desire is you Occasional water cools my thirst All that I desire is you I dont want to live dying on the inside I preach so softly, dont feel"
  • Rippin' Me Off - Skillet
    "They say Jesus is doing nothing They say evolution took His place There's no God that created the world and No Savior for the human race They say God is powerless He laughs aloud as we cry in pain"
  • Last Day Of Summer - Skillet
    "Storm clouds rush the shore Ocean fills with tears Life speeds up, time rolls by Minutes measure up to years The sun breaks through the clouds Blinking briefly on the bay Casting diamonds here and there Just"
  • Your Name Is Holy - Skillet
    "You are the Sovereign I AM Your name is holy You are the pure spotless lamb Your name is holy (x2) You are the Almighty One Your name is holy You are the Christ God's own son Your name is holy You are"
  • How Deep The Fathers Love For Us - Skillet
    "How deep the Father's love for us, How vast beyond all measure That He should give His only Son To make a wretch His treasure How great the pain of searing loss, The Father turns His face away As wounds"
  • Jesus Be Glorified - Skillet
    "Come and fear the Lord And quake at his might Come and bow your knee And lift His banner high Jesus be glorified Jesus be glorified Jesus be glorified Jesus be glorified Come and fear the Lord And quake"
  • Sing To The Lord - Skillet
    "Sing to the Lord you His people Sing to the lord you His saints With strength and might He rules the nations Leading captives in His train Sing to the Lord you His people Sing to the Lord you His saints He"
  • Shout To The Lord - Skillet
    "My Jesus, my Savior Lord there is none like You All of my days I want to praise The wonders of Your mighty love My comfort, my shelter Tower of refuge and strength So let every breath and all that I am Never"

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