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skin ragnbone

  • Skin - Sesame Street
    "Skin! Covered all over with beautiful skin Skin! Covered all over from ankle to chin Lovely skin on kneeses and noses and ev'rywhere Skin on tummies and toeses and under your hair it's even there Oh skin! Wonderful"
  • Skin - Silence
    "I read your skin It's like a book of lust It is my bible Yeah, in skin we trust My private landscape Full of lovely sights Sweetest depressions and addictive heights Drawn by your skin Every night I am"
  • Skin - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Mink, seal and ermine smother fat women I have a noble cause for skin -- there's just too many of them The only necessary coat -- carries a brain inside its skull Just a bitch in the manger to the balances"
  • Skin - Maja Hyży (MAYA)
    ""Skin" - to piosenka z którą Maja Hyży zakwalifikowała się na listę 10 wykonawców, którzy będą rywalizowali o prawo reprezentowania Polski podczas 63. Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji."
  • Skin - Sabrina Carpenter
    "Maybe we could have been friends If i met you in another life maybe then we could pretend Theres no gravity in the worfds we write Maybe you dodn’t mea nit Maybe blode was the only rhyme the only rhyme want"
  • Skin - Unheilig
    "I've wished it a thousand times I've been all that you want I've seen things through your eyes Distinguished right from wrong You caress me Tell me that you love me like a storm Words are tender But they'll"
  • Skin - Madonna
    "Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before? Kiss me, I'm dying Put your hand on my skin I close my eyes I"
  • Skin - Assemblage 23
    "Identity sometimes seems fleeting An ever-changing tapestry But at it's heart is the foundation The very essence of our being Shed your skin Cast off your chains Feel the sun upon your face for once And"
  • Skin - Kirsty McGee
    "and with my fingers trace the fine bones of your hand the hollow where your fingers meet at night i hold you to my heart as though your fragile bones might break and with my tongue i taste the salt"
  • Skin - Silver
    "I know you told me not to ask where you have been I know you told me not to try To understand the way you live your life at night But don't you see you make me cry So now I've left you I know it broke"
  • Skin - Adema
    "Days will come that make no sense My present situation makes me think too much (too much) It all revolves around you This life that I'm living means nothing without you I'd shed my skin for you (I'd shed"
  • Skin - Oingo Boingo
    "This is someone else's story Someone that I never knew This is someone else's body Am I getting through to you If you peel away the armor is something underneath If you look below for hidden treasure underneath"
  • Skin - 54 Seconds
    "Did you let me under your skin Did I let you know, I come undone? Did I give you something to think about? Did I wait too long, to come around? Cause I can't live inside this shell And I can't breath I'm"
  • Skin - Sylver
    "I know you told me not to ask where you have been I know you told me not to try To understand the way you live your life at night But don't you see you make me cry So now I have left you I know it broke"
  • Skin - Michael Mewborne
    "You are a part of the wind And you are apart from within And you answer to no one You won't let the truth just come stumbling in You are a part of my skin You once said you wanted Your own little place"
  • Skin - Alex Johnson
    "Alex Johnson Miscellaneous Skin I drift away to a place Another kind of life Take away the pain I create my paradise Everything I felt was against the wall What used to be yours isn't yours at all Falling"
  • Skin - Westworld
    "Once he loved her Once he could See her as a flower The days would rise And set in her eyes A sweetness he'd devour Slowly it took him over Seeds from the darkside Planted when just a boy Grew"
  • Skin - Icehouse
    "The masquerader in the mirror Appears to be a total stranger to me He slips a film of glow through a glove on his hand And puts my features where his face ought to be Young flesh, young frame Slow pulse,"
  • Skin - Breaking Benjamin
    "well i know you dont know the reason and it's cold a sign of the season cause your old and battered and beaten and we'll grow til we hit the ceiling yeah you know we better get away send a letter bombs"
  • Skin - Beth Hart
    "She comes her hair & cleans her face closes the door and kneels to pray It don't matter that she's alone beast or dragon she's going home chorus: If I lay me down bow me head unto the ground would you"

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