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  • Too Phat - Skoo The Nonsense - Too Phat
    "(verse 1) (Mista Rem) huh, would i just be comin at you wit this brand new millenium track uh, hangin out wit the homies from this clique called too phat, just... chillin wit the homies all the way, at"
  • Skoo An Intro/Boogie Down - Too Phat
    "BOOGIE DOWN Verse 1 ( Joe Flizzow ) aiyo here goes the phatso wit' mad flows turn you into wackos at packed shows macho, afro playin' in retro Joe keep it ghetto in the metro ( Mallique ) now"
  • Raydiation Intro - Ray J
    "Yea welcome to my life (raydiation) city of carson thats where i grew up (yea) thats where i knew of (the view) thats all i knew of (yea) in kindegarten until i got out of skoo i started to hang with"
  • Hidden Track - Mono Puff
    "Your call is very very very very important to us. Please hold, and your call will be answered by the next available operator. This message will not be repeated. Hidden track, hidden track, I'm under house"
  • I'm Hip - Bette Midler
    ""Oh man, do you believe that chick? She has got no idea what's happening, no idea. I am the one who's plugged in around here. That's why they call me The High Priestess of Cool! Ha ha! See, I'm hip."
  • Railing pt.1 - Roni Size
    "Yes, something of a different pace.Fresh, Hits from 97' make haste.Now, I believe the time is right.How, stepping from the left to the right.So get, ready for the rhythm in check.Direct, believe me you"
  • Get Stoopid - Too Phat
    "two crazy kekoz slique lique is the nick...3x yaw yaw yaw Verse 1(Malique) slique lique is the nick more tricks than jackie flicks kid who quick to rip the script and make it sicker people gave"
  • Promise - Unplugged & Lil' Wayne
    "damn she bad damn she thick & i may not know perfect but damn she it & she thick & she right damn she nice u can be my judge baby yeah i'll do life gimme life & i know dat u'll be dancin till yo toes"
  • Purple Drink - Gorilla Zoe ft. Jody Breeze & OJ
    "You can't change hommie dats why you niggas fallin off all you rap niggas fallin off I'm still hood nigga I'm still on da block JOOG MUSIC Purple drank n my sprite purp n my blunt got me high as a kite"
  • My Life - Memphis Bleek
    "yeah, MADE, no mob shit, money additude direction and education, on some real shit think about my hood one time, my hood this is a trip, Change and cross niggaz, where did we go wrong I'm from that"
  • We Hit Em' Up Too - Ammo Poetic
    "Break 1 *Ronin* 2x It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why (It's about that time, I'm gonna tell em why?) It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why, why *Yogi B* First up waxed your"

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