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skunk anasie without you

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skunk anasie without you

  • Skunk - Choclair
    "Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk Floatin' like a mile high Yeah, smoking trees Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk See, while you niggas flop ya gums I hop on the the Doogotty, pull"
  • Skunk - Oxymoron
    "Join the ranks and gang up rather That's the only way it works Cos there's no need for struggle We've got to overcome discords Just spare some time to think about What their politics have done They've"
  • Skunk One - Kottonmouth Kings
    "D-Loc: We gettin smoke out fo real! Daddy X (Chorus): OOooh Skunk One's in the chamber It's the mind re-arranger Its the make a friend a stranger Spin me changer Me record changer Daddy X: Ooh, Ah, Achika Pakelika's"
  • Skunk Hour - Ebony Tears
    "We all try to catch the beauty, in a world that's mouldering And we dream of tomorrow, anything to ease this pain Can you deal with the truth, can you deal with life itself Or will you hide behind, retouch"
  • Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) - Mc5
    "A punch to get it , tryin' to get it To do what I wanted to do I cried and scream when I saw my dream It was dancin' all around the room Hold me, save my soul I just couldn't wait for you Energy,"
  • Brazen (Weep) - Skunk Anasie
    "I called you brazen, called you whore right to your face and watched you silently, and publicity disgraced. I didnt notice when you strenghted like a vice that you were trembeling, and burned beneath the"
  • Hedonism - Skunk Anasie
    "Hedonism I hope you're feeling happy now I see you feel no pain at all it seems I wonder what you're doin' now I wonder if you think of me at all do you still play the same moves now or are those special"
  • Doe Doe And A Skunk - Suga Free
    "Chorus: Smokin' on that doe doe and a skunk As I bump with the humps in the trunk I'm sippin' on that Hennesey because it's all good As I bounce to a party in the hood (x2) Verse 1: (Suga Free) Slide,"
  • Skunk song - Skunk Anansie
    "I'm living in a funny neighbourhood The blackies and the whities try to get along But here comes Johnny with divide and rule He's always fucking up But what do we do we go and vote them in We give them"
  • Without - Bill Anderson
    "[ Bill ] Well baby now that you've got your freedom how you're doin' (without) [ Mary Lou ] And honey I'm a subject you've got your freedom too how you're doin' (without) [ Bill ] Without your arms around"
  • Without - Sweet Noise
    "learn to live down here without you learn to live without my friend learned to love you learned to hate you I learned to live here on my own head against man I found guilty of taking you away from me here"
  • Without - Godhead
    "Under here There's no light Take from me my sight I don't need it anymore You came here With your fire Burned out my desire Took the whisper from the flame I never wanted I never knew It was you I stood"
  • Without - Jack Savoretti
    "I've Been Walking In This Road Time Passing Me By Letting Go Of What I Couldn't Hold Finding Places To Hide I've Been Watching You Closely Every Move That You Make And All The Things You've Showed"
  • Without - The Exies
    "O shove it Wait I didn't see it coming I took one last look around The machines were out of order The machines are out of order Wait I never paid attention daydreamin' 'til the end I need a second dose"
  • Without You - Bruce Springsteen
    "Monday, I go to work Tuesday, can't find my shirt Wednesday, I'm feelin' blue I'm helpless, darlin' Without you, without you Without you, without you Thursdays, everything's fine Friday, I'm out"
  • Without You - Kem
    "Where would I be without you Where would I go to let it all out Where would I be Without you Where did the song of love go Where did you find someone new What do I do Without you Without you Baby Where"
  • Without You - Dolly Parton
    "Without you The days come and go they mean nothing to me Nothing means nothing without you My eyes overflow till all I can see Is a future I can't face without you Without you without you it's not like"
  • Without You - Ten Years After
    "(Alvin Lee) Without you, could-n't start the day, babe; Without you - I would-n't stand a chance, Without you - the sky would be so grey, babe. I just want to be within you, close enough to feel within"
  • Without you - US5
    "I like when you wisper softlythings that i should hear that lead me ongo home.I like the way that you're smiling at memake me feel like nothing can go wronggo home.Tell me this will last for everdon't"
  • Without You - Runga Bic
    "Walk around the bathroom Fill the sink Wander round the kitchen Make a drink To occupy my times My only wish I've rearranged the magnets On my fridge Without you now Without you now Without you now Without"

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