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sky four

  • Four Winds - Forgive-Me-Not
    "The sky of destiny's still raining Your eyes are open wide they don't lie The sky is covered with the clouds Brought here finally by four wind Four winds play some strange game with me They play unfairly"
  • Fifty Four - The Go Set
    "It's a tale of the Fifty Four, a tale of a time gone by. Of a Merchant's declaration, and the blood red run setting in the sky. It's the tale of a people's war, of how things came to be. The dividing"
  • Four Minutes - Roger Waters
    "Billy: Four minutes and counting. Jim: O.K. Billy: They pressed the button, Jim. Jim: They pressed the button Billy, what button? Billy: The big red one. Jim: You mean THE button? Billy: Goodbye, Jim. Jim:"
  • Group Four - Massive Attack
    "[3d] A flask I drink of sober tea While relay cameras monitor me And the buzz surrounds it does Buzz surrounds Buzz surrounds Closed eyed sky wide open Unlimited girl unlimited sigh Elsewhere Indefinitely Far"
  • Four Of Two - They Might Be Giants
    "Underneath a big clock at the corner of 5th Avenue and 22nd Street I stood and waited for a girl I knew at the spot where we agreed to meet It was four minutes of two At four of two, I stood waiting for"
  • Four Letter Fool - Moe Bandy
    "I had everything in my favor under God's blue sky Your good love and a baby girl homemade apple pie A dog a cat two cars and a boat a home and a piece of land And plain old ordinary everyday ends I had"
  • All Four Seasons - Sting
    "With her smile as sweet as a warm wind in summer She's got me flying like a bird in a bright June sky And then just when she thinks that I've got her number Brings me down to the ground with her wintry"
  • These four walls - Templars
    "I'm paralyzed by my own venom Trapped inside my inner prison Don't know who holds the key Guess I'm too blind to see that it's me CHORUS Looking out at the grey sky Pondering the reasons why Am I ready"
  • Four Little Songs - Rheostatics
    "Dave Bidini Four little songs... (One, two, three?) Four little songs... It would make us happy if you sang along. ONE: Do you like it? I like it. You were good, you were shrapnel, quick. But your knife"
  • Scars, Four Eyes - Sebadoh
    "Trailing on next to sick Only broken magic sticks Evil pins never snare Figured out how to get nowhere Flying lead-filled flapping gills Phantom God in frozen time Comfort crawls into flight Wait for men"
  • Dinner For Four - Scapegoat
    "Pull the curtain, Bring wall paper, down Like the burn of the oven A note which knows no sound One gram short of a pound And all that jazz On sky beams, or on cat walks, its all green to me In short your"
  • Four Horsemen Of 2012 - Klaxons
    "Theres a half-man, half-horse, who still pollutes my thoughts as he rides on a flame in the sky He comes through the centuries with me on his engines. The kids and the cats watch him fly. Please catch"
  • House Of Four Doors - The Moody Blues
    "Mystery spead it's cloak Across the sky We'd lost our way Shadows fell from trees They knew why Then thru the leaves a light broke thru A path lost for years lead us thru House of four doors I could live"
  • House of four doors - Moody Blues
    "Mystery spread it's cloak across the sky, we'd lost our way. Shadows fell from trees, they knew why. Then through the leaves a light broke through, A path lost for years led us through. House of four doors,"
  • Four - Moe.
    "Did you see it? It was so easy Did you see it? It was so easy It's been so long that it's all been forgotten It's been so long that I would not know Would'ja b'lieve it? It was so easy Would'ja b'lieve"
  • Fantastic Four Pt. 2 - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Cam'Ron, Fabolous, The LOX, Nature) Peronas the crib sicker than Madonna's gettin more press then Elien Gonzalez Some niggas tell me I'm the hottest I never cool off Criticize the shit I write"
  • Carmella (Four Tet Remix) - Beth Orton
    "There's nothing very funny About a man making money Off a blonde haired blue eyed girl He's got a child at home Who he loves to leave alone For his blonde haired blue eyed girl Well, Carmell Where you"
  • Four - Lit
    "She wakes up lonely She wakes up lonely She hangs a picture by the phone She hangs a picture by the phone Yeah, she doesn't think we're gonna make it But when I'm home we're sleeping naked And we pretend"
  • Four - Hope Of The States
    "I've had enough Of loyalty oaths And religious revivals The gambler's debts Security checks And the fight for survival I'm getting out of this town It's making me nervous If this is the world where do"
  • Dark Sky - Four Star Mary
    "fall out fall out days call out call out my name far down far down low our sound our sound implodes i wanna feel you just a little when you throw me to the floor but don't you leave me in the middle until"

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