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skyline lifestyle

  • Lifestyle - Rufuz
    "Pup pu pu O jest DESIGN Mój DESIGN Moje praca to nie robota Jak mam kaca, się pisze zwrota Lubię przewrót zrobić w tył Nie stać w miejscu, się głowić My – mamy styl, to z betonu róża Drugie solo – sprawdź"
  • Lifestyle - YOUNG MULTI
    "Ciągle plotki lecą na mnie i na squad od typów co proszą o sos Z klubu do klubu ja skaczę, jak z lewej do prawej na długiej A4 co noc Przestałem już dawno ufać tym sukom, co tylko by chciały się wozić"
  • Lifestyle - Joe Satriani
    "You wake up in the morning and you're smokin' like a house on fire.'Cause you've been out all night, and you're burnt down to the wire.I really love you baby, but you put me through the fire.Whoa.Your"
  • Lifestyle - Elektric Music
    "Life-Style just another headline Life-Style stealing your time (?) are you ready? are you ready? Life-Style just another headline Life-Style stealing your time (?) get a new hairstyle and buy a new dress check"
  • Lifestyle - Rasheeda
    "Lifestyle by Rasheeda Chorus(x2) i'm checkin out yo lifestyle o you a trojan i know you hopin that you get chosen i like em frozen icy with tha platinum i need a nigga with a gold package magnum (Gangsta"
  • Lifestyle - Fifty Nutz
    "No one is gonna sit here and wait for your lies you think you break all my laws but after all you cannot turn me upside down so down that you can't remember what's wrong And it's the way you're living You"
  • Skyline - Audioshock
    "We can fly up to the sky We would tryin’ till we die No more wrongs and rights To getting ours lives Are To signal __ To __ to the storm Rebourn Fly with me with Skyline Skyline"
  • Skyline - Richard Fleeshman
    "A million pin stripes gracing A thousand suites But they carry on working that way Continued existence don't mean A thing to you So many shadows living in the grey So tell me what you see Or does the wood"
  • Skyline - Yui
    "chotto dake kangaesugichau mitai nemurenai heya no naka issomou yoru wo tobidashite mitai madobe ni tameiki ga ochiru tsuki akari wo nukete tooku made habataite mitai no ni doushitara ii no darou? I want"
  • Skyline - Choclair
    "check one well y'all can move if ya want picture me just a kid once again innocent in this world full of sin a time took a pull pop's head took a spin hand came crashin up the side of my chin a lesson"
  • Skyline - Rez Band
    "I've seen the skyline of this tired town, We look well worn now, we've all been around, The world is crazy, it's all gone wild. I'm seeing the starvation of this population, Their faces speak of no place"
  • Skyline - Tea For Two
    "(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup) maybe, one step away, though my eyes stick to the silhouettes and I wish I could stay all the while in perfect time night after night a smart pretty man with a courageous"
  • Skyline - Amaranthe
    "Resurrect me from enlightened circles Crawling, I am undisguised Disconnect me from this human circus Searching for the undefined Every morning is a new beginning Burning in a sea of cries Lift em up"
  • The Lifestyle - Metric
    "JIMMY: (Never the lifestyle baby, for you and me) (Never the lifestyle baby, for you and me) (Never the lifestyle baby, for you and me) (Never the lifestyle baby, for you and me) EMILY: I wish you were"
  • Eternal Lifestyle - All Together Separate
    "Eternal lifestyle Eternal lifestyle I see you punks with your spikes, your hair dyed Or maybe it's all shaved off I see you preppies with your V-neck vests Over button downs I see you jocks, you captain"
  • Modern Lifestyle - The Twins
    "Slow down, slow down, there's no need to run around Here's a new craze, a better mode of living Think it over, make the most of your time here Let me tell you, this is my own solution. Don't care"
  • Eternal Lifestyle - All Together Seperate
    "All Together Seperate All Together Seperate Eternal Lifestyle I see you punks with your spikes, your hair dyed, or maybe it's all shaved off I see you preppies with your v-neck vests over button downs I"
  • American Lifestyle - Secret Discovery
    "When I see you dancing now, when I hear your smile, there's a feeling I detest, what could be behind this and I open you the door just to let it in, this feeling that I mean, to come over me just a feeling,"
  • Supreme Lifestyle - Alien Ant Farm
    "Supreme lifestyle The one I used to hate The one I used to drive away My dream stay awhile I can't concentrate I pray you never relate I see your wicked smile Haunt me all night long For that I'll dance And"
  • My lifestyle - Fat Joe
    "(Ya'll wanna live my lifestyle Never seen a brick, never seen a crackhouse Wanna a war with the Don have your techs out Bring it on, and I'ma show you gangsta) Yeah...ughh...right back at you motherfuckers....ughh...yeah.."

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