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slade - still the same

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slade - still the same

  • Still The Same - Slade
    "Oh we ain't goin' nowhere We're just looking for somewhere Whatever pulled us apart Is still the same - It's still the same Oh we're all one day older Your hands are gradually colder What made me"
  • FRANK SLADE - White 2115
    "Racja, trochę zmęczyły noce do późna Ale znowu siedzę, i nie mogę pójść spać Chciałem mieć samotność, i kurwa już mam Paradoks, bo naprawdę nie chcę być tu znów sam bo Na stole JB nie wódka, gdzie moja"
  • Still The Same - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Adrian Perkins) They say that some people never grow up Lost in time shackled to the past for ever, stung by love Still weaving, still believing yesterday's dreams If life"
  • Still The Same - Joseph Arthur
    "No religion is going to cure you of your pain Life is a terminal condition And we almost repeat it's aura frame You're still the same Oh how much have you changed? Now you're still the same Ohhh"
  • Still the Same - Lanfscape of souls
    "Forgotten world left in the background Me still the same and not change Although somebody always wants to change something Wasting his time, precious time Me still the same The same Still the same The"
  • Still The Same - Bob Seger
    "You always won every time you placed a bet You're still damn good, no one's gotten to you yet Every time they were sure they had you caught You were quicker than they thought You'd just turn your back"
  • Still The Same - Rod Stewart
    "You always won, everytime you placed a bet You're still damn good, no one's gotten to you yet Everytime they were sure they had you caught You were quicker than they thought You'd just turn your back and"
  • Still The Same - Viper
    "See the fools as they run away Crawling the stars again Blinding season seems OK To leave is just another game. Reasons to live my time Reasons to live I feel like having to hold inside All the questions"
  • Still The Same - Spark
    "It was a long time ago There was a man I've come to know He was born from God's own hand To die for all those who stand His love is yet unfailing His grace ever prevailing He promises eternity All you"
  • Merry Christmas (Slade Cover) - Oasis
    "Merry Christmas (Slade Cover) are you hanging up your stocking on your wall it's the time that every santa has a ball does he ride a red nosed reindeer does he turn up on his sleigh do the farries keep"
  • Still Feel The Same - Detour 180
    "I jumped in again Was thrown a life line but swam away I can't help myself I don't want to feel alone But i still feel the same I still love the way you hold me in the rain I still feel the same I should've"
  • We're Still The Same - Glasseater
    ""i remember it like it was yesterday: meeting you, going to shows, writing the story of our lives together, seeing snow for the first time, and just making the same new friends. it seems like it was just"
  • Still Amazed - Same Difference
    "Now we are here at the end of the road I guess that it's time to just let it go We could have tried this We could have tried that We could try to resist But there's no turning back I guess we grew apart Neither"
  • Same - Beverley Knight
    "Still got my fire, I'm never cold It burns within me, it's taken hold Still finding mountains , I've yet to climb I still get lonely, but never mind I'm the same Same As i As I ever was The same As i As"
  • Same - Farmakon
    "I may seem strange to your eyes But I'm still the same deeper down Under the surface nothing has changed You can still recognize me My body is torn into the thing that bit me It has scarred my skin but"
  • Still - Vivid
    "what's up brother don't you hear the churches fall won't you run and watch it all hear the others hear the bells so blue their sound and if you're fast you'll be around it won't be the same again feel"
  • Still - Chiasm
    "Still I can hear your voice Still I await the choice To find Your peace of mind Still I awake so cold Still hear your breath unfold Your hand On solid land Lost, I await your call Lost, I can hear you"
  • Still - Katy B
    "We chose this simple life My love was way too much for you to bear It left our world to end right there But I still hear you whispering my name Surely there's a part avenged How could you be so far away? When"
  • Still - Ben Folds Five
    "I must give the impression that I have the answers for everythingyou were so disappointed to see me unravel so easilyIt slowly changed only everything I knoweven the thing that same still are still changing"
  • Still - Ana Johnsson
    "Seven years ago we first fell in love Seven years since my heart came undone Oh the memory still makes me warm Cos I love you still And I will learn to go on I'll smile when I'm expected to I know I will Yeah"

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