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slade my on my

  • My Oh My - Slade
    "(Holder & Lea:) I beleive in woman, my oh my I beleive in lovin', my oh my Don' a women need a man Try and catch one if you can I beleive in woman, my oh my We all need someone to talk to my oh my We"
  • My Town - Slade
    "Gotta find some way outta this town tonight There's a hot shootin' mama gonna crack your skull on sight She keeps hanging onto your tail, makes it hurt and makes you wail You been hidin', you been achin',"
  • Merry Christmas (Slade Cover) - Oasis
    "Merry Christmas (Slade Cover) are you hanging up your stocking on your wall it's the time that every santa has a ball does he ride a red nosed reindeer does he turn up on his sleigh do the farries keep"
  • Scratch My Back - Slade
    "Whoa-a-oh oh oh - how long can you go? Oh can you go a dozen times? How long can you smile or can you smile a dozen smiles? 'Cos every way holds something that's nice Try it once and then you'll try"
  • Raining In My Champagne - Slade
    "Yeah! I got a hole burnin' in my pocket, I got a geetar that wants to rock I got a tune an' I wanna sock it with electrical shock, yeah hey hey hey hey I got some ants in my pants an' they're a-jumpin'"
  • My War - My Ruin
    "You're one of them You say that you're my friend But you're one of them You don't want to see me live You don't want me to give Cos you're one of them My war You're one of them You say that you're my"
  • My Indigo - My Indigo
    "I call what we have indigo Unclear what we are but what we know And though you never take my hand even when I rais your shiprack from the sand. And though you never count the cost, of the innocence you've"
  • I'm On My Way - Me And My
    "I'm on my way Why shoud I stay? Chorus: I'm on my way A wanna live my life today Why shoud I stay When you don't even look my way? Baby where were you when I called you last night? Baby tell the truth"
  • My Delight - Fear My Thoughts
    "By now it's been a long time Awaiting to separate you from your kind Not knowing why I made you mine All your fate is now in my hand No! I won't miss out on you now Await your certain end I totally adore"
  • My Beautiful Flower - My Ruin
    "your mouth blooms like a cut sweet and full of sin i prick myself on your thorns and i bleed within your leaves fade to brown and i watch you die in my torture garden under black sunshine my beautiful"
  • That Was No Lady That Was My Wife - Slade
    "Uh huh, Jack the Lad with his three-pieced suit on Likes to keep his three-piece clean At the bar with his whistle an' flute on Chats to broads with his old routine They say, who was the lady I saw"
  • Beggars & Hangers-On - Slade
    "Well I know you couldn't love me Cause you're promised To a wealthy man Take a look what are you seein'? Should I go to see a healer Nervous twitchin' in my hands Nervous twitchin' in my head God help"
  • Walking On Water, Running On Alcohol - Slade
    "Well, I been walking on water (I walk the water) I been walking on water (I feel the beat) I been running on alcohol (Oh now I'm rolling on home) Now I'm running on home again Yeah, I'm running on"
  • Sleeping My Day Away - Me & My
    "Mumbling goodmorning & raising my head A bad breath kiss to my pillow pet I take a look at the day turns & stay in bed Open my eyes when the day have died I turned the world and I slept allright Now"
  • Cum On Feel The Noize - Slade
    "(Lea/Holder) Baby baby baby! Ee-ow... So you think I got an evil mind, well I'll tell you honey And I don't know why And I don't know why So you think my singing's out of time, well it makes me money And"
  • Horrible Pain (Within My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke Him, and He comes to me, in my dreams Dressed in black He speaks in a language only I can understand His hands are warm, His breath is hot He is the horrible pain, within my heart My religion,"
  • Horrible Pain (In My Heart) - My Ruin
    "I invoke him... And he comes to me in my dreams dressed in black. He speak in a language only I can understand. His hands are warm, his breath is hot He is the horrible pain within my heart My religion,"
  • My Last Journey - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "Without noticing the pouring rain I sliced my wrist with my knife I couldn't ignore the endless pain The last thing in my dreary life "Dark clouds filled the open sky My heart was filled with hate I bent"
  • Outta My System - My Morning Jacket
    "Told me not to smoke drugs, but I wouldn't listen Never thought I'd get caught and wind up in prison Chalk it up to youth, but young age I ain't dissin' I guess I just had to get it outta my system Outta"
  • Take My Heart - Me And My
    "How can people say That I have everything How can people think That my life is complete Without you I have nothing at all I wish I could go on without you But this road is so long They can take my house They"

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