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slayer Angel of dead

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slayer Angel of dead

  • Face The Slayer - Slayer
    "A misty night, a perfect night Beneath the cold of the frozen star You feel the fright, you know I'm near You never should have come this far I am alive, you can't kill me I will survive eternity Go through"
  • Seal Slayer - Deadlock
    "comrades come on, enter the boat. we are about to start the hunt of our lifes. comrades come on, the hunt is on. lets get us some dead corpses. hunt down the weak, predators of the sea. oh it's my life"
  • Metal Storm / Face The Slayer - Slayer
    "(Lyrics - King; Music - Hanneman, King) A misty night, a perfect night Beneath the cold of the frozen star You feel the fright, you know I'm near You never should have come this far I am alive, you can't"
  • Slayer of souls - Rob Rock
    "Unholy angel cast down from the skyTaking out his vengeance on mankindAncient defier that leads the world astrayThe dragon and his angels on a rampageEvery knee shall bow, every tongue confessSlayer of"
  • Slayer - Gloomy Grim
    "I believe in Death I believe in Diseases I believe in Inhumanity I believe in Injustice I believe in Sorrow I believe in Pain I believe in Murder I believe in Chaos I believe in Slime, Stink and every"
  • Angel Of Death - Slayer
    "Auschwitz, the meaning of pain The why that I want you to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that cleanse you of your life Forced in Like cattle You run Stripped of Your life's worth Human mice, for"
  • The Righteous Slayer - Cryptic Wintermoon
  • Dead Angel - Candlemass
    "You are the gospel that is spread A mighty voice, the rhymes of the dead The bible of the holy rage A broken angel of this age The fire in the flesh God knows I'm still possessed You are the thunder, earth"
  • Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover) - Decapitated
    "murder at your every footstep a childs toy sudden death sniper blazes you through your knees falling down can you feel the heat burn ambushed by the spray of lead count the bullet holes in your head offspring"
  • Dragon Slayer - Pegazus
    "Wielding a sword forged in fire and brimstone Wearing an armor and shield of steel Possessed the heart of a giant A mortal man stands alone and stands fall With no magic or powers to aid him Only with"
  • The Slayer - Refused
    "Turn Off Hail to the deafening End Life For ego reasoning Consumer of selfishness, feel it bleed Death traditions feeds the suffering Acquire by-products, breed the industry Modern death camps, feel their"
  • Viking Slayer - Cruachan
    "I watch the sky turning black And know the time is fast approaching My clan they all look to me I turn away, I face the ocean In the dark I see a fleet of long-ships on the horizon Again the Vikings come,"
  • Slayer Of Kings - Bloodbound
    "Prophets in crystal and visions in mind They're selling the seeds of their own vicious kind And the tale of darkness prevails on and on Wizards of magic and saver of souls Planting the greed of their"
  • Slayer Of Light - Ensiferum
    "I have come to unfold your mind In my veins runs the poison wild In the streams of mountains I flow I have opened the doors for unleashed and endless hate It will burn like the raging green flames Inside"
  • Angel - Type O Negative
    "I'm looking straight in the mirror of truth I am not a model I've lost my youth maybe I see the hell maybe the paradise but one thing I surely know that my spirit will be rised Angel I want to be with"
  • Angel - Unbelievable Truth
    "You built the windows high. And said it would last forever. You stare all night at the empty sky. To keep his thoughts together. To see the angel once again. She came to him back when, his life was full"
  • Angel - Blue October
    "I'm wishing the bath water clean She hides in the back and is unseen I take off the mask that surrounds me Look me in the face What do you see I feel like a boy the age of 13 My body grows up But my mind"
  • Angel - Robbie Williams
    "I sit and wait does an angel contemplate my fate and do they know the places where we go when were grey and old cos Ive been told that salvation lets their wings unfold so when I'm lying in my bed"
  • Face The Slayer - Attak
    "Face the slayer she'll cut you down Try to fight she'll destroy your town She's got the strength but not the right To make you kill or make you fight Her colours blue but her eyes are red For the blood"
  • Goodnight, Demon Slayer - Voltaire
    "Theres a monster that lives neath your bed Oh for crying out loud its a futon on the floor He must be flat as a board Theres a creature that lurks behind the door Though Ive checked there 15 times When"

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