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sleep awake

  • Sleep Awake - Mother Mother
    "Protecting you.. protecting me.. I throw the evidence into a trunk and drop it in the sea. Lie awake.. I sleep awake.. I sleep with one eye on the bedroom door, the other on the cake.. Protecting me..eee.. protecting"
  • Awake - Finch
    "One devotion to an empty moment. Can't you stay tonight? Silence broken with words unspoken. Now she's on her knees (no more) "Feeling so useless, can I beg for one more?" she said Taking with arms wide"
  • Awake - Sometimes Never
    "I remember innocence Like it was yesterday Like it might come back to tomorrow I remember being so small Nothing mattered at all The years seemed to last forever If only growing old was just a dream I"
  • Awake - Assemblage 23
    "I am lost The footprints that I left have disappeared For now I am driving blind Accelerate Without a destination to welcome me This road is just an endless loop CHORUS Every time I close my eyes The"
  • Sleep Keeps Me Awake - Michelle Shocked
    "Sleep comes creeping in At four in the morning Sneaking up the stairs Shoes in her hands Don't you know what time it is? Oh, I've been worried about you, lollie I think the least that you could do was Phone"
  • Sleep - Bracket
    "I had a dream last night Woke up and I was still asleep I felt the bed bugs bite You thought that I was counting sheep But I was wide awake, was wide awake all night Was wide awake, was wide awake, was"
  • Sleep - Nightingale
    "I see the day is coming The night is led astray The dawn of new desires The end of yesterday I walk the road to nowhere Ah, that's what I call home If I only knew what I was heading for, But I don't have"
  • Sleep - Anja Garbarek
    "And it is so strange With these eyes out into darkness And it is so strange All they want to do is sleep And it is so strange They want to sleep through silence And it is so strange 'Cause I am wide awake And"
  • Sleep - Paradigma
    "Light is dim In fact, it is naught Spring went into summer, Yet summer stepped aside As autumn took its place Then autumn died And winter came to stay Beyond the waste remains of Autumns decayed suit Neither"
  • Sleep - Chester French
    "Turn day into the night Face to wash, teeth to floss More coffee down the drain Concerta in my brain But got nothing yet to show I had to read the facts Back to back Book to book Can?t sleep until I?m"
  • Sleep - Phish
    "I can't describe the feeling whenI'm in my bed asleep and thenI wake up with a vision blurredAnd all my efforts are deteredTo reconstruct this image lostThere're certain things my mind must doand even"
  • Sleep - Tupac
    "(feat. Young Buck, Chamillionaire) Quit starin' at me like a infa red nigga Don't fall to sleep You can get ya cash on nigga if ya peep Other niggaz close they eyes Seein' dreams in they sleep"
  • Sleep - 2Pac
    "(feat. Young Buck, Chamillionaire) [2Pac:] Quit starin' at me like a infa red nigga Don't fall to sleep You can get ya cash on nigga if ya peep Other niggaz close they eyes Seein' dreams in they"
  • Finally Awake - Hoobastank
    "I've been going through the motions Watching things pass me by Sleep-walking through my life But you came along and shook my world up No longer scared to try, my eyes are open wide And I never felt like"
  • Wide Awake - Kenna
    "I can't speak and I can't breathe and no words are comin out of me I can't tell if I'm upside down or if I'm just goin round and round I trap myself in idioms with the battles raging in my head I can't"
  • Wide Awake - Audioslave
    "You can a look a hurricane right in the eye 1200 people dead or left to die Follow the leaders, we're in an eye for an eye we'll all be blind Death for murder and this I'm sure in this uncertain time So"
  • Stay Awake - The Echoing Green
    ""Doesn't look like they'll be closing down tonight..." On your street of dreams what you see Isn't always what you get Life is not as dark as it may seem You see your dream, it isn't over yet I"
  • Stay Awake - Ellie Goulding
    "Take my faith in your hands, we have a lot that hasn't near begun Something is calling us, we’re breaking free, I’m curious, I need to see. Like a flash before our eyes, rolling to the night, And if it"
  • Sister Awake - The Tea Party
    "When the winter was over She returned there to find him And her memories filled her with light She remembered the beauty She remembered desires And her memories filled her with light I am the sun in"
  • Wide Awake - Katy Perry
    "I'm wide awake /2x I'm wide awake Yeah, I was in the dark I was falling hard With an open heart I'm wide awake How did I read the stars so wrong I'm wide awake And now it's clear to me That everything"

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