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sleep the night

  • Sleep - The Notwist
    "I was late for the wrong reasons all borders and no light god is a nothing phantom and a pocket light cause it's late for the one reason The sun was up all night and I put my arms around you but to hold"
  • Sleep - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "The day vanishes Withers like trodden grass Our whispers are wafting along by the breeze Through an open passage Absorbed by the night Conjure up the sleep Sleep, sleep stealing through us Cover our eyelids"
  • Sleep - Crack The Sky
    "Oh, I could be a hero I could be a lover of a thousand movie queens I could be a hero I could be anything Caught in the sunrise And I'm blinded by the light Caught in the moonrise And I'm blinded"
  • Sleep - Koffin Kats
    "well you make your bed at night yeah your bustin out all those pills well how many nights has it been oh you know im waiting still well sleep isnt far away well the clock is a laughing face well realities"
  • Sleep - Bang Gang
    "Walking in my sleep at night And you can't have me Can't have me Ever Walking in my sleep So you can't have me Disappeared, gone You have gone out of my dreams Walking in my sleep With my flesh in bed Still"
  • Sleep - Garbage
    "In the middle of the night Head on my pillow Looking like a little ghost Seems like all of the things That you gave me, mother Have all gone up in smoke In the middle of the night You don't know what"
  • Sleep - Shelby Lynne
    "(Shelby Lynne) Sleep. Come on in. I would like for you to spend the night with me. Sleep. Where you been. I have surely missed you since you've been gone. I have walked the dirt and seen the clouds in"
  • Sleep - Amanaska
    "A sign drawn in the sand And a touch of a stranger's hand I wonder what it means Time spinning round and round in this space Then it's gone without a trace I wonder where it goes Deep in the night when"
  • Sleep - Ari Herstand
    "Slipped out of bed Six in the morning I'm all out of dreams 4 hours ago I went to sleep feeling The morning will bring peace Here I melt another day Another way holding just warming your heart as you sleep Frost"
  • Sleep - Lidia Kopania
    "Tell me where you're coming from Did you walk it all alone What kept you going on You can see it in my eyes I've been waiting all my life Waiting just for you So tell me now what's going on I've been waiting"
  • Sleep - Lidia
    "Tell me where you're coming from Did you walk it all alone What kept you going on You can see it in my eyes I've been waiting all my life Waiting just for you So tell me now what's going on I've"
  • Sleep - Boomtown Rats
    "I'm so wired, Very tired, Why can't I Close my eyes. Times speeding It's day, it's night, it's night, it's day And it's time I went to sleep. Chorus: Tired and sick, I'm sick and tired, I'm falling on"
  • Sleep - Nightingale
    "I see the day is coming The night is led astray The dawn of new desires The end of yesterday I walk the road to nowhere Ah, that's what I call home If I only knew what I was heading for, But I don't have"
  • Sleep - Enemy You
    "Light cuts every crack, to here you've brought me back Sun, please go away an let me stay, come back another day Day bleeds into night, night brings me the fight Beyond the hue and cry and cooled lights"
  • Sleep - Archive
    "The enemy is after me again Afraid of the sea and what's down there I need to sleep It's been a whole week Cos tears keep falling into my pool Bright lights driving right into me cold I need to sleep It's"
  • Sleep - She Wants Revenge
    "Right off the bat You just shoot down everything Dark as the night You thrive upon troubled times Right off the bat You just shoot down everything No love in your heart There's no love in your life Anymore Just"
  • Sleep - Nits
    "In the black of the night in the black of the night there's a flashing light shining bright shining bright what happens now to your eyes so suddenly what happens now to your eyes wer reitet so spaet durch"
  • Sleep - Chester French
    "Turn day into the night Face to wash, teeth to floss More coffee down the drain Concerta in my brain But got nothing yet to show I had to read the facts Back to back Book to book Can?t sleep until I?m"
  • Sleep - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Lord Infamous) Please stay sleep, please stay sleep, please stay sleep, you niggas stay sleep Sippin On six murder minutes the sauce i give blood from the cup to the coffin lid grill silence for singin"
  • Sleep - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by George Biondo Please don't talk no more It's just that I'm half asleep And not a sudden case of nasty manner You've been here all night Just waiting for the final line to make this"

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