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sleeper so do it

  • Sleeper - Recover
    "i can beat this. make it smaller. make it smaller. i can forget just as easy as anyone. fuckin' anyone. if we get caught, gonna tell em it was all your fault. sleep more, lose time, keeps my mind from"
  • Sleeper - Nothingface
    "I tried to tell you There's something dead in me Love lies in moments Still i cannot grasp one fragment I can tell you nothing Answers don't exist Floors, walls my own asylum Shades my eyes from all of"
  • Sleeper - One Man Army
    "Early In The Morning When Your Eyes Are Swollen When Your Hair's A Mess And Your Lips Taste Like A Cigarette Is This Something Am I Lovesick Or Is This Some Kind Of Trick In The Meantime I'll Lay"
  • Sleeper - Pizzicato Five
    "(Nomiya/Takanami) Translators: Andrei Cunha nanimo kamo wasurete shizuka ni nemuru no atarashii koibito no mune de yume miru no shumatsu no date sae camera ni nerawareteru sign nara o-kotowari"
  • Light Sleeper - Saafir
    "I know I'm an emotionally disturbed person People think I'm talkin' to myself when I'm Rehearsin' on the rhyme. A mass productionist, a mass production matador, pan it more to the left, there you go."
  • Sleeper Coach Driver - Reverend Horton Heat
    "I got an eight wheel coach that I'm able to drive I'm always ahead of my time to arive Great big stars I know them all real well I got a few stories I never will tell I know all the cheap stops to save"
  • Big Sleeper - Eskobar
    "You don't have a clue, what someone like me could do I don't have any proof, but I know I'm better than you You seem to follow the rules, but remember, this isn't school You've been looking for the truth,"
  • Light Sleeper - Hawthorne Heights
    "Sleep, sleep little darling I swear I'm not trying to wear you out I'm not trying to drag you down When you fall asleep tonight They'll be waiting for you When you try to close your eyes They'll try not"
  • The Sleeper - John Cale
    "Your mailbox is always empty And your landlord always complains And you try to forget your past But it's just adding to your pain And it's time for one more cigarette Yes, I slept on your satin pillows They"
  • Sleeper Factory - Animal Collective
    "Should I tell you where I wanna be? At the Sleeper Factory Where people sleep in tiny rooms They sleep upon their fronts and on their toes Should I tell you where I wanna go? To a sleepy undertow Drifting"
  • The Sleeper - Sopor Aeternus
    "(by Edgar Allan Poe) At midnight, in the month of June, I stand beneath the mystic moon. An opiate vapor, dewy, dim, Exhales from out her golden rim, And, softly dripping, drop by drop, Upon the quiet"
  • Sleeper - Wavorly
    "When I'm left alone Down at the heart of it My doubt was never a sign of strength I wish I'd known that You were never far I guess I would've known if I would've been awake I've been dreaming life away Sleeper,"
  • Sleeper - Farewell Flight
    "Say goodbye We've been quiet for way too long, keeping silent as our defense See them writing on the wall You see them pressed against the floor You see the fire in their eyes, and yet you feel so"
  • Sleeper - Euphoria
    "<7 in the morning Haven't slept at all, I I've been gazing round the room And round the corners of my mind Feeling every nerve inside my body so tight The strangest things I never used to notice in my life Cause you make me move And you make me want to get closer To the edge of you To the high I'll never get over And you make me fall And you make me want to go deeper You're a wake-up call To this eternal sleeper Streetlights through the blinds they slice the darkness, I see Cobwebs catching light in every corner of me Voices through the walls they speak of you and only You..."
  • Sleeper - Greg Brown
    "It's another happy Aprilto every happy fool.And you move through my dreamslike a trout moves through a pool.Sure I will do anything,but I blush at the reverie.Sleeper come and go with me.And she always"
  • Sleeper - Audioweb
    "I'm only sleeping (x2) Woke up this morning going back to bed Alarm clock ringing in tune with my head The ....................... to leave my boredom ...................... just 'cos I cannot .............. ..........."
  • As The Sleeper Awakes - Soilwork
    "The decision is mine Will I remain the same The cost of getting forced Into something that Used to be a game The fragments of joy The fragments of faith I can still recall When I feel that I'm present,"
  • Light Sleeper - Driveblind
    "This just isn't fair The understatement of the year If I had known Watched you go Would I have been there Thought I'll keep when I sleep So what comes now When I go down so slowly So slowly I know that"
  • Statuesque (It Girl) - Sleeper
    "We should spend the night in a small hotel like this drinking champagne in it we could drive your car through the East End streets to the city and still make a day of it take all I have I've no secrets"
  • Evolutionary Sleeper - Cynic
    "Here's my hand you painted on A circle fades inside a heart Are you expected here You whisper in my ear So I wash my hands 'Till the water burns A circle sits outside a door Are you expected here I whisper"

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