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sleeping at least

  • At Least We're Dreaming - Eve 6
    "When do we get to the part where I can go home Been hiding inside the jungle gym for way to long Waiting for someone to come along and find me Living in apartment that bums me out It don't get better when"
  • At Least - Kelly Price
    "Oh, hmm oh yeah, hmm, hmm, hmm I'm on my way back to Atlanta About to start a new life Cause' I can't take it here It seems like the more we fight The more pressure I'm in this lonely house Sitting high"
  • At Least - Pea Sized
    "Some give you water, some give you wine. The ones you love might say goodbye. Nothing's forever and I don't know why. At least we can cry the whole night long. Babies are born and old people die."
  • At Night Trees Aren't Sleeping - Of Montreal
    "Everything is falling apart, yes I am Watching me watch birds watch people. I wear my bowtie to bed, Because I'm waiting for the gorgeous young man Hiding in the spaces. That darkness hides gorgeous young"
  • Sleeping Alone - Zeke Hunter
    "Long time since since I heard my voice sounding clear like the ring of a bell, Oh baby do you think you can help? Shake the hand of devil as well? Salt walter can’t clear the disease I’m here on my knees Pray"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro: Big Krizz Kalico backwards) Such a cutie Sleeping beauty (Tech N9ne) It was a Saturday night me and my homeboys decided to dip to the movies And you know what? Always on CP time So we enter the"
  • Sleeping - Qntal
    "Weep you no more sad fountains What need you flow so fast? Look how the snowy mountains Heaven's sun doth gently waste But my sun's heavenly eyes View not your weeping That now lies sleeping Softly, now"
  • Sleeping - Tiamat
    "Cover from W.A.S.PTouch, touch in the flame's desiresFeeling the pain's denial,And your fingers in the fireLook, look in the candle lightSee in the flame of lifeAnd my spell is our lieTaste the loveThe"
  • Sleeping - W.A.S.P.
    "Touch... Touching the flame's designs Feeling the flame's denial And your finger's in the fire Look... Looking at the candle light Seeing the flame of life In my sparely lite twilight Taste the"
  • Sleeping - Jen Foster
    "Well, here we are Our final meeting If you told me it would end like this I wouldn't have believed I'd be standing here above you Crying tears upon your face Imagining your eyes would open If only I'd"
  • Sleeping - Band, The
    "Band, The Stage Fright Sleeping Intro: f/c c, eb/bb bb, bb/f f F c/e dm7 f7/c For the life we chose in the evening we rose, Bbmaj9 a7 a7/c# dm7 f6/c f6 Just long enough to be lovers again. Bb "
  • Sleeping - The Band
    "For the life we chose in the evening we rose, Just long enough to be lovers again. And for nothing more, the world was too sore to live in. Sad old ships, a morning eclipse, I spent my whole life guessing, Then"
  • At Least I’m Dancing - Ron Gallo
    "Utwór 'At Least I’M Dancing' z albumu 'Foreground Music' od Ron Gallo (premiera 3 marca 2023r.)"
  • At Least (Little Things) - Kelly Price
    "Oh, hmm oh yeah, hmm, hmm, hmm I'm on way back to Atlanta About to start a new life Cause I can't take it here It seems the more we fight The more the pressure I'm in this lonely house Sitting high up"
  • At Least For Now - Justin Bieber
    "Utwór ”At Least For Now” pochodzi z albumu ”Changes” Justina Biebera. Justin Bieber swoje nowe dzieło zapowiedział na 14 lutego 2020 roku."
  • At Least We Tried - Moby
    "oh my baby, don't cry oh my babe, just say goodbye oh now baby, don't cry oh my babe, at least we tried at least we tried to make it but in these days I'm so confused oh my love, at least we had it let"
  • At Least It Was - Emiliana Torrini
    "I thought I saw you on the train I hid behind some men I had never seen you look so good I'm glad you're doing well I went out for a walk today To think of things unsaid Of course I found I'd said too"
  • At least i'm honest - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "I'd tell you a lie if I told you thatI wouldn't tell you the truthI'd stand in the way of a runaway trainIf it came towards youWell maybe not if there wasI'm a coward I have to confessBut at least I'm"
  • At Least A Chance - Viper
    "Four billion faces Are searching for their dreams Fighting for a better way Despite how hard it seems Oh! Do you remember Those words from long ago That inspired us to progress To make our future grow Life"
  • At Least I Tried - Useless ID
    "How come first love always last a life time? 8 years ago. First time that I saw you. Ever since then I had my yearly thought of how shy of me to never come and tell you that... Many days that I remember"

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