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sleeping atblast turning page')

  • Sleeping - Rick Astley
    "I Toss And Turn, I'm Turning RoundBut I Cannot SleepI'm Hypnotized, I'm ParalysedBy A Different BeatI Hear Your Voice, Getting Louder NowYet So Out Of ReachBut I'm Mistaken It's Only The Echo Of YouAnd"
  • Turning Me On - Tommy Page
    "By t. page/l. russell brown I can't keep my eyes off you Face to face, you're a dream come true Make me shake, the way you do Sexually, I'm attracted to you Chorus: You're really, really turning me"
  • Turning Gray - Windsor Drive
    "Will you turn away? Will you feed the pain? When I'm all alone. When I turn to stone. There is nothing left. But the bitter best. Of a broken heart. Of a broken heart. Im a victim of. What I"
  • Page of life - Vangelis
    "Born from the skywe are born to this landfrom a dream so far away I was sent to your heartwith the stars shiningwe are asked to live as one lovenever forget, this isTrust me to be singletwe will sing on"
  • Page Of Life - Jon & Vangelis
    "Born from the sky, We are born to this land. From a dream, so far away, I was sent to your heart. With the stars shining, We are asked to live as one love. Never forget, this is. Trust me to be singlet, We"
  • Turn The Page - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "You chose with age To speak with a prima ballerina's rage And speak of all the kingdoms That would swoop down Stick around Then proceed to ignore you No flash pot pan, guitar man Or resurrected Apollo"
  • Sleeping Late - Ivy
    "Twisting, turning Twisting, and turning 'round This thing is burning And all I want is another match Twisting and turning This thing is burning down Twisted-minded Smiling now as I watch it drown What's"
  • No Turning Back - Dubaldo Marie Claire
    "NO TURNING BACK (Marie Claire D'Ubaldo) When you called, I was sleeping when you called, I was dreaming I was walking in a garden I was talking with eucalyptus When you called, I was crying when you called,"
  • Page - 12012
    "Doumou na kono chi o urandeta Shinwa no naka no gyakuzai no juujika o Mizuumi wa hamon o hirogete daizai no batsu o tsuki ni inoru konya Tojikomete tojikomete kusari de jiyuu o ubai kakushita honnou In"
  • Sleeping With Heaven - Daisy Chainsaw
  • Sleeping By Myself - Eddie Vedder
    "I should have known there was someone else Down below I always kept it to myself Now I believe in nothing Not today as I move myself out of your sight I'll be sleeping by myself tonight I could never"
  • Turning Into Randolph Scott - Leo Kottke
    "CHORUS Turning into Randolph Scott Some things never change Dried-up, extraordinary - Alkalai on the range Once she was a humid child nodding toward a place sleeping in her vegetables legumes for a face Once"
  • Turning - Les Miserables
    "(The women of Paris mourn their lost loved ones.) Women Did you see them Going off to fight? Children of the barricade Who didn't last the night? Did you see them Lying where they died? Someone used"
  • Turning - Chris De Burgh
    "Flying, I thought I'd never learn that flying I thought I'd spend my whole life trying, For flying is that ancient art of keeping one foot on the ground... Lying, I thought I'd never keep from lying, I"
  • Turning - Breaking Pangaea
    "This is how it's hurting me again. This is what it feels like. It makes me wonder, makes me want to see from the outside. It makes me wonder, makes me want to know if there's any other way. The other side"
  • Waiting For The Turning Point - Superjoint Ritual
    "It's inside,I felt it then,I feel it now,I feel it now the turning point,Waiting for it(like) a time bomb I'm waiting for the turning point,to lead my life from endless rage to rip out the page,expect"
  • Page By Page - Assuck
    "Along with the art of conquest and domination, we have developed the absolute science of ignorance and bound it in text of generations of the unthinking. Between the lines of a one sided history, reads"
  • Woman Driving, Man Sleeping - eels
    "Woman driving, man sleeping With a suitcase on the rack White lines shooting by On the pavement like the sky Looking straight ahead into the black Woman driving, man sleeping There's no radio to play Sitting"
  • Sleeping in my head - East 17
    "Youve been, youve been sleeping in my head Tossing and turning in my bed Ive been thinking I really like the thought that Youve been, youve been sleeping in my head Youre all that Ive ever wanted Youve"
  • Sleeping - Qntal
    "Weep you no more sad fountains What need you flow so fast? Look how the snowy mountains Heaven's sun doth gently waste But my sun's heavenly eyes View not your weeping That now lies sleeping Softly, now"

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