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sleeping with beauty

  • Sleeping Beauty - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro: Big Krizz Kalico backwards) Such a cutie Sleeping beauty (Tech N9ne) It was a Saturday night me and my homeboys decided to dip to the movies And you know what? Always on CP time So we enter the"
  • The Sleeping Beauty - Tiamat
    "Alone I sit, I wonder why You dream of love and so do I But in your sleep you cannot see This pain which is always haunting me What I need I'll never feel This world is for me unreal So I drink to darkness"
  • To A Sleeping Beauty - Jimmy Dean
    "Dear daughter I tiptoed to your room tonight And I looked down at you smiling in your sleep You were so lovely my heart nearly broke And I thought how very much like sleeping beauty a little girl is When"
  • Sleeping Beauty ( Nemuri Hime ) - Acid Black Cherry
    "I grew a little stronger with every smile you gave Smile for me once more Hey, your long eyelashes and hair are beautiful Hey, I love your dimples and teeth when you smile Hey, I want to touch the heart"
  • The Revenge Of Sleeping Beauty - Dalbello
    "behind the veil, skin as pale as a virgin fear valvet red, drapes the bed like a curtain mix the elixir she drinks from her vial give her the river that soothes her denial --what have i got to do with"
  • Sleeping Beauty - A Perfect Circle
    "Delusional I believe I can cure it all for you, dear Coax or trick or drive or drag the demons from you Make it right for you sleeping beauty Truly thought I can magically heal you You're far beyond"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Divinyls
    "Still waiting for my ship to come in Still looking for the right kinda friend There are things inside things that can't be denied What am I waiting for A sleeping beauty, so helpless Unlock my fantasy And"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Hepburn
    "me and my friends, well we all agreed.... its the saddest thing, that we've ever seen do yourself a favor, be a saviour, to yourself sleeping beauty (chorus) i hope you wake up soon theres so much"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Groovie Ghoulies
    "Hey sleeping beauty I'm gonna do my duty I'm gonna give you a great big kiss I'm gonna snap you right out of this... Whoever put that spell on you It's me they'll have to answer to, oh yeah I know there"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Billie Myers
    "He waited, he counted the days To see your mother's eyes in you, a smile he knew Everyday was a year to him He felt to helpless, he felt you kicking Did you hear his voice- so gentle, so calming He placed"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Beborn Beton
    "Give me a reason why I should give in I've got nothing more to conceal Call me ignoring or intolerant It's just in the way that you see it Then I recall days gone by And images I left behind No acting"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Lene Lovich
    "Take me, make me, mould me, fold me, shape my body; You could improve me, rebuild-anew me, heat up or cool me, But don't forget to wake me in time.... You know I had a lot on my mind; These tired old eyes"
  • Sleeping Beauty - Miranda Sex Garden
    "how long had she been waiting there, behind her cold and dusty veil? her heart, still beating red and soft and warm, her skin, left hanging off in threads. tales of blood and tears, lie cold on her face, her"
  • Zelda, Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty) - Game Over
    "Her skin, white as the cleanest snow Eyes closed in tranquillity Her heart is calm, her breathing slow On the altar, sleeps for eternity The Valiant will be their sacrifice To breathe life into the cursed"
  • Sleeping Beauty (Acoustic) - A Perfect Circle
    "Delusional, I believed I could cure it All for you dear, coax or trick or drive or Drag the demons from you, make it right for you Sleeping beauty, truly thought I could magically heal you Far beyond a"
  • Only Love (The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty) - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "(Spoken:) Sophie, it's time... Ahaaa... You don't know why I'm crazy I don't know why your blue You messed with my head You messed with the dead Now I'm gonna mess with you I don't know why your lazy I'm"
  • Sleeping bride - Obsidian Voice
    "When nights and days are filled with laughter and thoughts of living everafter a realm of happiness lets me in but then I start to think of him who loved to make me believe in fate which he would conquer"
  • Sleeping With The Fishes, See? - Number Twelve Looks Like You
    "Take my picture I want to have proof of this history, I want the lake in the back and all this beauty in my heart, they like to hide in the marsh. Like a child on a tire swing, they swoop in on an arch"
  • Beauty Queen - Next
    "(Intro) Welcome Ya see, what we wanna talk about today Is dimes that turn to pennies Women that turn to bitches Honeys that turn to hoes I know y'all out there know exacty what I'm talkin' about Somebody"
  • Sleeping - Jen Foster
    "Well, here we are Our final meeting If you told me it would end like this I wouldn't have believed I'd be standing here above you Crying tears upon your face Imagining your eyes would open If only I'd"

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