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slim thug thug

  • Slim thug - Slim Thug
    "Yeah, it's finally here motherfuckersLong-awaited, anticipated debut albumFrom the Dirty South motherfucking Boss, Slim ThuggerThrough all the years, with no motherfucking dealThrough the bootleg shitHere"
  • Thug Lord - Yukmouth
    "* send corrections to the typist Thug Lords Holdin' the chopper in the sky, nigga (Bust Yours) All my niggaz, they down to ride for the (Thug Lords) Nigga that cross me, his ass gon die, my nigga (Bust"
  • Thug alwayz - Krayzie Bone
    "It's 1999 Guess what? The motherfuckin' real thugs is in this motherfucker now (Chorus) 4X Always, always, what am I?, what am I? A thug always, -ways, -ways Uh-huh, uh-huh (Krayzie) Niggas look out And"
  • Executive Thug - Silkk The Shocker
    "(feat. Slay Sean, Short Circuit) What you think Man, I don't fuck with them (ha-ha) No Limit (uh-huh) Ya heard me Ghetto nigga Watch how I spit this shit I don't know what I'ma do next Until then, watch"
  • Thug - School For The Dead
    "Suzy's still woozy from the helicopter flight Pilot new where to land cause she's a search light She's got a notion that something isn't right When the neighbors shut their shudders And the kids stay out"
  • Thug - ZZ Top
    "You look like who you say you are. So scoot over, let me drive your car. Roll down the glasses and give me some wind, lock all the doors, I'm on the loose again, alright. I haven't sat behind a wheel"
  • Watch Yo Back (Slim Thug Diss) - E.S.G.
    "(*talking*) I usually don't get into all that, back and forth Industry shit, but when a nigga push it to the edge I gotta introduce him to my alter ego Alphabet murder, nigga If you know what's good,"
  • ow And Then (feat. Slim Thug) - Big K.R.I.T.
    "Yo! That hatin’ shit is contagious, pimpin’ Ain’t really no vaccine for that shit either Niggas out here talkin’ down Niggas need to be out here tryin’ to get they own money Congratulate a player every"
  • Thug It Up - E.S.G.
    "We thug it up (X4) Well I'ma saucy ass super throwed Southern style gumbo Pimp, I eat jumbo Shrimp, make a dumb ho Limp, cause her back broke up Your back in the track, that poke up Pay for the sack,"
  • Thug For Life - Kool G Rap
    "I'm thug for life, ain't no changin me I'm thug for life, ain't no changin me I pop off guns and live dangerously I'm lot more nigga than you aimin to be My Range bling, platty chain hang to the knee I'm"
  • Gotta Be Thug - Fabolous
    "Yo, Fabolous strive for digits, even connive to get it Niggas can't tell me nothin' dun, the 5 is kitted for Dead Presidents any cat alive can get it I walk around covered in ice like I survived a blizzard got"
  • Thug In The Street - Eve
    "(feat. Drag-On, The LOX) I be the D-R-A-G dash ya niggas foot slim cuz bullets make your feet fast we throw babies in the trash Drag don't play with little gats crib like McDonalds nuttin but Big Macs and"
  • Seem Like A Thug - Silkk The Shocker
    "Uh-huh, yo let me get some of that man Look, I think I can fuck something I'm tryin' to find out what's up with you See, for real What-what (Chorus) Seem like a thug to me You know I like what I see Can"
  • Gotta be a thug - Fabolous
    "Uh huh, Uh huh Fabulous Get it right Uh, yeah Uh, Brooklyn, it won't stop Uh huh Get it right Uh, yeah Uh huh, c'mon Fabulous strives for digits, even connives to get it Niggas can't tell me nothing"
  • Mo Thug - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, it's all about... Mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, it's all about... Mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, it's all about... Mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, mo thug, it's"
  • THUG LIFE - Wac Toja
    "THUG LIFE Moje życie THUG LIFE jak Pac Moje życie THUG LIFE jak Pac Wyjebane mam na każdego psa Wyjebane mam na każdego psa mój Staff jara cały blok mój Staff jara cały blok Wyjebane mam na każdego psa Moje"
  • Rollin' (Feat. Kanye West, Trae The Truth, Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Slim Thug) - The Game
    "Will I ever change in this life? My grandma said I'll never change and she right Y'all think that L.A. gang banging, shit right Well you finna' find out what the game be like /2x Red rag on my rear"
  • Thug Poetry - Spice 1
    "(Intro) Yeah nigga Game from the mind of some real motherfuckin' thugs (thugs) Fetty Chico up in this biAAtch (biaatch) Bloow !! (blooow) (Chorus) 2x You wouldn't believe all the shit I see (just a thug"
  • Thug Girl - Master P
    "Yo Snoop, you and Silkk remember that shit called dumb girl? Well check this shit out, I got one called thug girl. Ha ha ha ha I'm looking for a thug girl Where they at, where they at, where they at where"
  • Thug Girl - South Park
    "f/ Low-G, Pimpstress First Verse: ( Low- G) Course (SPM f/ Low-G) Thug Girl Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl) Thug Girl Thug Girl Thuuuuuuuuuug Girl , (Thug Girl) It's me Low-G sagaterious"

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