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slowa perfect one direction

  • Perfect - One Direction
    "("Perfect" to singel pochodzący z płyty "Made In The AM" grupy One Direction. Premierę piosenki amerykański boysband zaplanował na 16 października 2015 roku. "Perfect" to drugi, po "Drag Me Down", utwór"
  • Direction - The Toasters
    "Too mnay people tell me What to do and how to be I got 97 channels but there's nothing on TV Information superhighway Modem is on full May as well hotwire a socket Right into my skull Direction! Direction!"
  • Direction - The Cribs
    "I may be leaving, but it's okay To say what you're feeling, but baby not for free It's called direction So many times I can see That the way that you are is rubbing off on me It's called direction Did"
  • Slowa - Nag
    "Słyszysz co mówię ? siła poezji dwoje ludzi w transie, amnezji patrzą na siebie odwracają wzrok szaleje jak zrobić krok do przodu ha ! mija rok po niebie płynie granatowy smog zwiastujący zmianę pogody pogańskie"
  • One Direction - Sofa Surfers
    "I don't want the dream no more I just want what's at the other side Of the door Tomorrow is a way through today Through the creaking And the weighing down on my head-fettered brain As I fly apart Going"
  • Looking For Direction - Subb
    "Devastated by the echoes Who'd ever thought that I'd know Overwhelmed by the words you said Make no sense in my head Understated more than one time Looking for the perfect line Still trying hard to keep"
  • An Unseen Direction - The Morning Of
    "It's a feeling like fireworks That explode inside my chest Your kiss creates the spark That ignites my very best There's a rumor And I know you know it's true That you've got my heart locked in your room And"
  • Move In the Right Direction - Gossip
    "One step closer and feeling fine Getting better one day at a time I'm moving forward with all my might I'm headed toward a new state of mine So I hold back tears Move in the right direction Face"
  • No Direction - Simply Red
    "Singing hymns on roads and pavements Hungry jims, no-one saves them Walkin' north, talkin' south With firm intention And I don't know what I'm talking about It's firm intention In this dreary life,"
  • No Direction - Bad Religion
    "A sullen figure walks along a dusty road His life was holy and he couldn't bear the Load He left his people and simple life behind He raised his torso and he looked into the sky Shouting his questions,"
  • Right Direction - En Vogue
    "Standing on this dusty road Listening to my radio If you could see me, I'd know you swear I'm a thousand miles from anywhere Well it may seem stong insane to you, baby But I guess it's just what I gotta"
  • Direction: Perfection - Dragonland
    "Just one One more and I'll give in Say Why you stalk me Everlasting crave Fly through the light In nethern realms you will find No more deception Exception Now save your pride Walk this line And I'll"
  • Same Direction - Hoobastank
    "Whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light It seems to me that all of us have lost our patience. 'cause everyone thinks they're right, And nobody thinks that there just might Be more than"
  • Perfect World - Slaughter
    "(Dana Strum, Mark Slaughter) Let's start this party with a little direction Raise your hands, c'mon and stomp your feet We're all lookin' for complete affection Forget your chairs, c'mon get off your seats Let's"
  • Perfect One - Lit
    "I'm an ordinary man With an ordinary life Does she know that I'm alive Man she's really something else You're the perfect one And I don't expect a thing from you at all You're the perfect one And I can't"
  • Perfect One - Sneaker Pimps
    "( Ten to Twenty EP ) Place your mark on me now Hang your star on my form Hold your hope to my arm Place your faith on my charm This is how I would This is all our time to tell This is how we spread over"
  • In Every Direction - So Many Dynamos
    "Everywhere you look, in every direction. It's desolate now, It's creeping me out, It's everywhere you look. In every direction, there's needles in the air. There's one eye aware in every sleeping head, Everywhere"
  • The Wrong Direction - Ugly Americans
    "If you go downtown, Way down to Baltimore Street. You just might see my baby there. Yeah my baby might be someone you meet. Yeah if you go downtown And you take yourself a look around. You just might"
  • No Direction Home - Eldritch
    "We are the age, no restriction shall stop the brave We've got the rage of who's trapped in a fancy cage The rage of the useless scorn of the unaware new born We've got the flame and the fear of the"
  • Perfect - Burn Season
    "I can't be held responsible For anything that I say to you tonight And I won't be help responsible For anything that I want to do to you Expect the unexpected Can tell you've been neglected Like you."

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