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  • Slowdive - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Get your head down to the ground Shake it all around -- a dirty sound Put your knees into your face And see if you can race -- real slow It's a slowdive -- when you die slow Oh it's a low jive -- do the"
  • Sing - Slowdive
    "(sing where the other boys can't watch you dance) hear you call my name, see you in my mind watch you fall away, i know whats in your mind, calling from behind see you fall away, i know he's here to stay who"
  • Souvlaki Space Station - Slowdive
    "closed doors brings open minds (and i don't want to see you) see you smile, inside (and i don't want to know you) faces, and i've fallen (and i don't want to hear you) wonder why i'm here now in asylum,"
  • When The Sun Hits - Slowdive
    "Sweet thing, I watch you Burn so fast it scares me You burn so fast it scares me mind games don't leave/lose me I've come so far don't lose me It matters where you are As the sun hits, she'll be waiting With"
  • Altogether - Slowdive
    "..eh hem... yah yah yah Sleepy head where did you go? i saw turning but i couldnt catch your eye.. its alright..we're all together.. yah yah yah and this is just a dream it broke my heart but then"
  • Melon Yellow - Slowdive
    "Sitting down i watch you fall away Sun in part i watched you for the day You know I don't believe in death For the sun i watched you for the sun Sitting here i watched you dance Looking for the sun i watched"
  • Dagger - Slowdive
    "The sunshine girl is sleeping She falls and dreams alone And me I am her dagger Too numb to feel her pain The world is full of noise yeah I hear it all the time And me I am your dagger You know I am your"
  • Some Velvet Morning - Slowdive
    "Some velvet morning when I'm straight I'm gonna open up your gate And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra and how she gave me life and how she made it in Some velvet morning when I'm straight Flowers growing"
  • Country Rain - Slowdive
    "she wakes up on her own and opens her eyes the sun tries to burn through the pain she still feels inside i've seen you fall apart i know you wouldn't care but i wish you were mine she looks into his"
  • All Of Us - Slowdive
    "this whole life is all of us this whole dream is all of me minnow lies inside me now no one here is sure he is all of us he is all of us he is all of us he is all of us he looks centuries older he's"
  • Spanish Air - Slowdive
    "Screams that seem unreal Shouts follow the sins There's nothing here for me now The wind blows for as far as I can see I long for the sun The midland air For all that I have There's written in waves I"
  • Celia's Dream - Slowdive
    "She flies She's gone to ride an angel's breath Gone to taste a dream And every time I call her A shadow crawls away But she takes She laughs him all [...there is...] And everything she owes me She gives She"
  • Catch The Breeze - Slowdive
    "feels like all the days are gone just catch the breeze you know you've had your fun rain washes waves down and i, i want the world to cry and i, i watch the winds you fly you can believe in everything you"
  • Ballad Of Sister Sue - Slowdive
    "You tell me I'm lost and I don't seem too sure what to do (x2) There's a fire in my head and I'm blinded by bullets (x2) Dancing to nowhere, I'm losing my head and I'm (x2) And the man at the bar that"
  • Waves - Slowdive
    "watch the waves so far away they're washing cross the paths that i have made leaving all my sins i turn away like soaring birds i watch my sorrows play don't you know i've left and gone away you're knocking"
  • Brighter - Slowdive
    "She don't understand you Her birth made of grain She can now see the sun And everyone said, yeah You're better off dead but She didn't know we were alone And when it all looks brighter Just turn around"
  • The Sadman - Slowdive
    "I know there is It all away It all goes round The house today The reason why You're leasing time The sadman calls He calls for you The (...) (...need to be...) The sadman calls He calls for you The things"
  • Primal - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a [...colours fray...] Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • She Calls - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a (...colours fray...) Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • Shine - Slowdive
    "Shine through the light So my thoughts won't Have to fight For your love Just to see you in me Hurts too much Mind fills with the thought Love you till I caught Fish in the sky Impossible to fly See you"

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