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slumber my darling

  • Slumber my darling - Kra
    "Slumber, My Darling, Thy Mother Is Near,Guarding Thy Dreams From All Terror and Fear,Sunlight Has Pass'd and the Twilight Has Gone,Slumber, My Darling, the Night's Coming On.Sweet Visions Attend Thy Sleep,Fondest,"
  • Slumber My Darling - Yo-Yo Ma
    "Slumber my darling Thy mother is near Guarding they dreams From all terror and fear Sunlight has past And the twilight has gone Slumber my darling The night's coming on Sweet visions attend they sleep Fondest"
  • Slumber My Darling - Alison Krauss
    "Album: Appalachian Journey (2000) Slumber, my darling, thy mother is near, Guarding thy dreams from all terror and fear, Sunlight has pass'd and the twilight has gone, Slumber, my darling, the night's"
  • Slumber My Darling - Yo Yo Ma
    "Slumber my darling Thy mother is near Guarding they dreams From all terror and fear Sunlight has past And the twilight has gone Slumber my darling The night's coming on Sweet visions attend they sleep Fondest"
  • Slumber - Die Monster Die
    "Where is your... Where is your master? I can't fly... Fly any faster... I cannot fly any faster In my internal world; Can't even look in your eyes Sometimes I dream I've travelled very far Someplace no"
  • Slumber Queen - Veda Hille
    "there was a woman no head of her own her body was soft her bed was stone twist up the rags for her alone we are all awkward in this world unkown she had fell to sleep obscene as if her life had never been twist"
  • Darling - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Darling Postcards from amsterdam Phone cards from birmingham To tell me only how you miss me We received your telegram Now you say here i am Only when you hold And kiss me Ahhhhh Darling,"
  • Darling - Tom Jones
    "I'm feeling pretty lonesome, I'd call you on the phone some But I don't have a dime. Darling, You're so far behind me, Tomorrow's gonna find me Further down the line. Taking me some paper Pencil in my"
  • Darling - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Don't lie don't lie to me now now I'm erasing you throwing those memories out out to start something new I'm throwing those memories darling don't lie to me darling don't breathe in slowly now darling"
  • Darling - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Paradise in distress Would you recognize me Or identify me Try to hypnotize me With a blindfold on Like an animal Like a demon Like a criminal Hidin' from the light Oh my darling Oh"
  • Darling - Wondermints
    "Darling can you see something inside Can't be denied it's the way that you feel If you want it, you gotta try Taking the best of the lesson you know When the night has turned to dawn I will be gone Where's"
  • Darling - Kingdom Come
    "Thought your heart was strong and free Full of joy, like springtime leaves Then you left, on and on Disbelief, has taught you wrong And now the magic's gone, your fear has won Scared to talk, hiding out You"
  • DARLING DARLING - Mano Negra
    "Je reviendrais un jour chez toi Pour te serrer fort dans mes bras! Tu es partie un beau matin Maintenant je suis plein de chagrin Et j'entan j'entan au loin Le cri du dernier train You"
  • My Darling, My Darling - Faron Young
    "My darling my darling I wanted to call you my darling For many a many a day My darling my darling I flooded and flagged like a starling My courage just melted away Now all at once you've kissed me And"
  • My Darling - Eminem
    "*Yawns Yeah, look If I woulda rap about the crap that's out That's the route you probably want me to take Cause you're just dyin' to know what I think And my take on some other rappers If I was to say"
  • My Darling - Ralph Myerz Feat. Pee Wee
    "You had your chance, but you never called me so I started to get cold and I'm tired of this little romance tired of fake diamonds, fake silver, fake gold. you had your chance, but you didn't grab it so"
  • Suffocated In Slumber - Trauma
    "Suffocated in slumber I won't manage to return to the living Floating suspended in a void Detached fom reality Dull light comes through the window-panes Any contact is impossible I can't distinguish between"
  • Teenage Slumber Party - Screeching Weasel
    "It's 12 o'clock on friday night, and everyone's asleep, We slip our sister's nightgowns on and creep across the street, Loveley wigs conceal our hair now we're tip toeing up the stairs, It's operation"
  • My Darling - Wilco
    "Go back to sleep now My darlin And I'll keep all the bad dreams away Breathe now, think sweet things And I'll think of all the right words to say Because we made you My darlin With the love in each of"
  • My darling - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "(Nasty angel)Keep the light and the night Tears before bedtime Guess you'll never know ??? I'm scared of you When you're not in my arms Raise your legs Embrace the moon I don't run to you When you've got"

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