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  • Smile - Aura
    "Yes, I'm a-lonely Machi wa itsumo to kawarazuni Noizu darake no Sugar city Yes, I'm a-lonely Usurete yuku tsuki dake ga Kanashisouni ore o mitsumete iru Setsunai omoi o kokoro no sumi ni Tojikomete mama"
  • Smile - Meg Donnelly
    "And that’s a good mood How you feelin like you gettin in a good groove Feelin better than you’re feelin in a while I just wanna make you smile (smile, smile, smile) You light me up Electricity like every"
  • Smile - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O`Connor - Neil O'Connor I swim across A sea of broken dreams I know that scene drownin's as easy as it seems Yeah I know, I smile and let it go I smile and let it go I smile across I try and dance"
  • Smile - Sheppard
    "Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Let's take a trip, back to the start When I was sitting all alone with half a heart I was wasting, a-wasting, a-wasting,"
  • Smile - Star Search
    "Oliver: Ha Ha Yo It's just one of the days When everything goes wrong (Ah...Ha) Daniel: We've all had that special day When everything goes wrong When you wake up afternoon You know the clock was not on"
  • Your Smile - Lil Wayne
    "Girl why do u blow my mind I think about u all the time like an addict Im So addicted to you (to you) When I see u smile (When I see u smile) Oeh, Drives me wild (Oeh, Drives me wild) And I cant explain"
  • Your Smile - Lil Wayne
    "Girl why do u blow my mind I think about u all the time like an addict Im So addicted to you (to you) When I see u smile (When I see u smile) Oeh, Drives me wild (Oeh, Drives me wild) And I cant explain"
  • Your smile - Bobby Valentino
    "Girl why do you blow my mind?I think about you all the time.Like an addict I'm addicted to you (to you)When I see you smile (when I see you smile)It drives me wild (drive me wild)And I can't explain it"
  • I just smile - Sonic Team
    "Aoi koya de hitori suna o sukutteitaKoboreru suna no yume ha kanashii hoshi no namidaYume kara mezameta toki waKodoku mo kizu moHikari ni kawattaAsa no kaze ga watashi noKami o suiteAshita no yokan made"
  • That's Sweet Smile - Puffy AmiYumi
    "That's Sweet Smile ==Romanji== Anata no koto ga daisuki ni natta yo Ai ni afureta uta ga ii mitai Kimochi o sugu ni tsutaerareru you na Ano hito no you ni jouzu na katachi de Amaku tokesou na koto"
  • Itty Bitty Smile - The Moffatts
    "She's got that itty bitty smile Makes my heart go wild And I feel like a puppet on a string I'd surely walk a mile Even change my style In fact, I'd do almost anything But I'm just too shy To give it a"
  • Smile for me - Massari
    "Yeah just smile Please notice me imma charmaa so most of these girls wanna be with me maybe cause they know that im a baller thousand dollarbottles in the vip ive had enough of the drama all i want is"
  • SMILE - Sentino
    "ona jest SMILE ona jest SMILE ona jest SMILE ona jest SMILE (piosenka po niemiecku)"
  • Smile - Najwajean
    "how do you face the sunshine (x2) how do you face with sunshine put on a great smile make up your eyes with laughter blue never was in style the future is brighter when hards are lighter so smile, smile,"
  • Smile - McFly
    "You don't have to have money,To make it in this world,You don't have to be skinny baby,If you wanna be my girl.Oh you just gotta be happy,But sometimes that's hard (sometimes that hard),To just remember"
  • Smile - Max Mutzke
    "In my world, I'm walking on a tightrope Yes I feel like living here without scope Then you crash into my life, like a bullet From the sky And I knew I have seen So many different faces Yes I knew from Many"
  • Smile - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "Smile for me - smile for me - convincingly Smile for me - smile for me - convincingly. Don't lie - don't lie. Don't lie to me - don't lie. Tell me why - tell me why you grin - People offer you their hands They"
  • Smile - Placebo
    "Don't stare at your face with your nose out of place At the wrinkles where zits used to be And remember that smiling uses less muscles And frowning just makes you look ugly So smile, smile And the"
  • Smile - American Idol
    "Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though its breaking When there are clouds in the sky you get by If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tommorow You'll see the sunlight come"
  • Smile - Terra Naomi
    "on santa monica there's a store that sells trees plants and more a big green forest on the pavement right next to the needle exchange the people walking by their paths may cross but none know why the"

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