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smokie heart daiment

  • Love can change your heart - Smokie
    "I still feel so good, when you touch my hand And a world of fear just fades away Sometimes words come easy, But they don't seem right And I can't say what I feel tonight I'm lonely when you go away I just"
  • Love like a rocket - Smokie
    "I know that my love Don't come with a lot And after my name I got no letters to say Oh how hard I've tried to make it for you girl Just to see you, see you walk away But if it's you want Then it's live"
  • In the middle of a lonely dream - Smokie
    "Can you be so sure of love? Can you stop my heart from breaking And save my tears from falling down? Can you be so sure, my love? You stop my heart from beating You can make my whole world turn around"
  • Run To Me - Smokie
    "Juanita came last night and she cried over and over Uuh Daddy I love you you know and I think it's the moonlight. She looked so fine well she looked allright and she moaned Oh Daddy move over Oh baby you"
  • Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Smokie
    "Walking in the rain, I can't believe the way I'm feeling; Lonely once again, could it be that I'm still dreaming; I thought I heard you talking, But deep inside I know, this heart of mine has left me walking Down"
  • Young Hearts - Smokie
    "Ohhh, take my love, fly with me to universe Search your soul, baby make your feelings heard Ohhh, tears of love, our souvenirs from paradise You stole my heart, see the tears in my eyes Touch my heart,"
  • I can be a heartbreaker, too - Smokie
    "My friends come to tell me something Lately they seen you running Tell me baby are we the talk of the town You told me you spent the nights workin' 'Stead you been out drinkin' and flirtin' Two can play"
  • Heartbreak angel - Smokie
    "Show me a mountain, I will climb Show me a river running wild But don't break this heart Don't waste my time Still you carry on Shooting your lines I've been in high circles, travelled the world Seen lots"
  • For A Few Dollars More - Smokie
    "Rich girl she buys her dreams. It's a rich world behind the scenes. Green eyes they tell it all. The more she takes the harder they fall. She ain't easy and she ain't tough. She's had it good, but then"
  • Mexican Girl - Smokie
    "Juanita came to me last night and she cried over and over, Ooh Daddy I love you you know and I think it's the moonlight, She looked so fine well she looked alright and she moaned, Ooh Daddy move over oh"
  • Oh Carol - Smokie
    "Well I was out cruisin', getting late and I was losin', When I saw you walking my way, So nonchalant, I bet you get what you want, But so do I and I aint losing today. Well your hips were swinging and"
  • Norwegian Girl - Smokie
    "I've been around the world I've seen pretty girls But I swear I've never seen a beauty like you Warmed me with your smile Blue eyes and pretty curls And I swear you're gonna break this boys heart in two So"
  • Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone - Smokie
    "If you want my sympathy Just open your heart to me and you'll get whatever you'll ever need you think that's too hight for you Oh baby, I would die for you When there's nothin' left you know where I'll"
  • Lay Back In The Ray Of Someone - Smokie
    "If you want my sympathy Just open your heart to me You get whatever you ever need. If you think that's too high for you Oh but baby I would die for you When there's nothing left You know where I will be. Oh"
  • Angelina - Smokie
    "Angelina's going out tonight Like a dream clear out of sight When she returns, we'll be as one together Like a diamond in a world of stone She's like the wings, she rides all alone She'll catch the sun,"
  • Chasing shadows - Smokie
    "Tried to carry on by myself This heart of mine don't want no one else My tears of emptiness Cry out for your caress I just can't hide this feeling inside of me So now I'm Chasing shadows in the moonlight"
  • Every little kiss - Smokie
    "Understand what you mean to me My growing hunger for your love I haven't always shown the way I feel A crime I know I'm guilty of But try to understand It's taken me so long to free my mind To open up"
  • I feel love - Smokie
    "I was five years old When I first saw her face I can see her now, school yard was the place And she took my breath away 'Cause I felt love that day I was ten years old When mama said goodbye I was just"
  • It's Your Life - Smokie
    "Who said the web of life is woven in a dream, 'Cause your life is filled with dreams you can't believe. So the only way you live with it is acting every scene, And you play the part so well, that you deceive Now"
  • Needles And ?ins - Smokie
    "I saw her today, I saw her face, It was a face I loved, and I knew, I had to run away, And get down on my knees and pray That they'd go away, And still they begin, Needles and pins, Because of all my pride, The"

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